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Other than the man of steel, we had many great characters first appear this year, the first I’m going to mention is Giovanni Zatara. you may be familiar with his daughter, Zatanna Zatara, but she was not though of for many years. The Zatara’s speak words backwards to produce magical results, apparently this is all hypnotism,  and can be prevented and broken by blinding him. I say apparently, because many of the things he does cannot be achieved by such means. How does hypnotism allow one to fly a bullet back to the gun it was shot from? Either way let’s hear it for the first master of mysticism!

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Now I mentioned Lois Lane in the last post, but I feel she deserves better than just a line or two in conjunction with Clark. Lois is smart, brave (sometimes to the point of stupidity), curious, and competitive. I have to admire a girl who gets out of a fire and her first thought will be- I need to write this now. She takes her job very seriously, and is much more than some love interest. I have a friend that sees her only as an annoying hanger on, and yes, sometimes there are stories that make her seem that way. As a whole though, she is a wonder. Also I love that the woman she was based upon, Joanne, ended up marrying Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel.


Lee Travis, otherwise known as the Crimson Avenger, is the next member f the Dcverse I want to talk about. Like Clark, Travis was a reporter, apparently he was more successful as he had his own chauffeur. Wing How has known about his bosses other identity from the beginning, and was even well known to drive the Avenger to cases. How no one guessed that Travis was the Avenger I don’t know because Wing didn’t get a costume for many years. They were also members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

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This next character changed identities many times during the years he was active, at first he went by his own name Tex Thompson, and went on adventures and fought crime. He had to fake his death at one point and then went by the name Mr. America, this is his most well known ID, though he changed his name again during the war to Americommando.

Note: Some of these characters’ wiki pages state they are from new earth, but as new earth was not created until 1985, I count these versions as earth-two. This is simply the history adopted during crisis.

Next post will be about the characters introduced in 1939- this time including some from Marvel (formally Atlas and Timely Comics)

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