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1939 DC


Alright, alright, the one you’ve all been waiting for: Batman

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For those of you who live under a rock, I’ll tell his origin. Bruce Wayne is a filthy rich kid with filthy rich parents, his parents are killed in front of him and he devotes his life to fighting crime. Earth-two Batman is not half as dark as his later counter parts, punning along side his side-kick Robin and grinning as he kicks butt. Bruce has no powers himself, but years of training make him the world’s greatest detective.

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Now for one of my favorites, the original Red Tornado. Abigail Hunkel was a comedy character, and not even the mc of the section she appeared in. Scribbly, a young cartoonist was friends with her son- and she appeared in his stories. Eventually she put on a pot and began to fight crime with her young daughter and Scribbly’s kid brother. Mostly played for jokes this mom of two did a lot of good for her neighborhood, and is a great character.

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You’ve probably heard of the Sandman before, most likely because of Neil Gailman who took the character and rose him to notoriety. Wes Dodds began as a detective like vigilante, who used a gas gun and gas mask as protection. To let the police know he had been there he took to pouring sand at the scene, he was sometimes accompanied by his girlfriend, whose name I cannot recall at the moment. However everything changed very suddenly. His costume, his method of fighting, who he fought with as he gained a sidekick named Sandy at this point. There is no explanation given and I would think it was an entirely different character if I hadn’t checked.

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Dan Garret, sometimes written as Garrett, is the first Blue Beetle. He originally belonged to Fox comics, but was later brought into Dc. He took a mysterious medicine called 2x which gave him strength for 24 hours. His powers fluctuated as often as his rights were sold, switching to charlton, quality, and many others through the years. During the hight of the war he was sent on several missions to defeat the japs and nazis, but outside of that time period he has been considered a criminal, much like Spider-man. He is a rookie cop, and his partner hate Blue, and his girlfriend is a reporter.

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