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We’ll start with Marvel shall we with Claire Voyant, the Original Black Widow. Just so you know most of these Marvel characters wont get fleshed out for a few more decades, sorry their descriptions are going to be so sketchy.

Image result for black widow 1941 comic

First off you have no idea how hard it is to find a picture from the 40s of this woman. I’m posting pictures that are of their first appearance, so showing what she looks like in the 2000s would be pointless. Claire was murdered, and Satan had her come back to Earth to bring evil doers to him. She could kill with a look and was only ever seen by her victims.

Image result for makkari hurricane

This is the Hurricane, the first speedster on this blog, and possibly earth 616. Apparently he’s an Eternal called Makkari, but in his early adventures he was simply the god Mercury.

Image result for original vision aarkus

This alien looking guy is the original Vision. He lives in another dimension and can be brought to ours through smoke. Inevitably every time he comes he helps bring a criminal to justice.

Now for Dc

Related image

Here we have Kent Nelson, the first Doctor Fate. Trained in magic and given powerful objects by the Ancient Nabu, Kent uses his powers to fight crime and save Inza Cramer- his future wife- from danger. Unlike Lois Inza knows her boyfriend is the man that wears the helmet, and they often talk about cases together. Fate will go on to be a staring member of the JSA.

Image result for joker 1941

So how many of you know this guy? Honestly, he’s far from my favorite Batman villain but to quote Kingsley “you can’t deny he’s got flair” He’s also not how I expected, like everyone else he has changes through the years. I mean he’s still nuts, but he pulls crimes more like the Prankster and not the creepy murdering clown he becomes.

Image result for spectre jim corrigan

This one’s not as well known. Jim Corrigan was a police officer who got killed by a criminal and his body was sunk in the river in a barrel of concrete. Upon waking from his death Jim was a ghost. He was given the option to stay or return to earth, and he came back. As no one knew he was dead he continued on with his life, but with strange new powers and having left his fiance because he was dead. Jim will eventually help found the JSA.

Image result for jay garrick 1941

Looky, another speedster! This one even has a name you know: The Flash. No, not Barry or Wally, this is Jay Garrick the Earth-two Flash. Listen, at this point in time if it’s DC and I don’t say otherwise, assume it’s Earth-two. Jay gained his remarkable speed when he was experimenting with hard water and his experiment exploded. He told his girlfriend Joan Williams at once, but she was the only one. She brings him several cases through the years and at this point in time I think they are the best comic couple.

Image result for rex tyler 1941

If you’re watching Legends of Tomorrow than you probably also know who this is. Rex Tyler, Hourman. He’s called Hourman because he takes either a pill, or a dose of gas, or stands under a ray (depending on the writer) and it gives him enhanced powers for the next hour.

Image result for alan scott 1941

Yet another big name. 1940 was a huge boom for names you still hear today, as this is Alan Scott, the First Green Lantern. Now he doesn’t have the same power source as the other lanterns, so don’t go connecting him with them too closely. He also has a vastly different weakness than them, namely, wood. His ring can’t affect it, nor protect him from it. Otherwise his powers are very similar to the more well known lanterns.

Image result for hawkman shiera

Carter and Shiera Hall, yes her name was Shiera in earth-two. Carter was an ancient weapon collector and he happened to find a dagger that when he touched it brought back his memories of his past life as Khufu. Originally he fought with a wide variety of weapons before his trademark mace came into play Later he learned how to talk with birds and taught Shiera as well. It took her a very long time to become Hawkgirl, and she did not join the JSA with him.

Image result for dick grayson 1942

Robin, the first Robin. I’ using first and Original a lot I’ve noticed, stupid legacy characters. This is Dick Grayson. If you know a Robin it’s probably him. He was the child of two trapeze artists who died when Tony, oh damn I forgot his last name it starts with a Z weakened the ropes with acid. Seeing the poor orphan boy Bruce took the kid home and it wasn’t long after that when Dick learned the identity of the Bat. At first Bruce didn’t want to bring the kid along but he figured he had a right to get at his parents killer. Robin saved Batman’s life in that first case and so the Boy Wonder was here to stay.

Image result for al pratt dc

This is Al Pratt; he is the first Atom. At first he had no powers to speak of, and being short he was picked on a lot. A world champion boxer taught him to fight and to keep people from knowing he was the one fighting crime he took up the blue hood. Later; again with no explanation he gained super strength. He is a founding member of the JSA.

Now this is getting really long. Join us next time for the rest of the 1940 debuts: Catwoman, Denny Colt, Billy Batson, Johnny Thunder and his Lightning bolt, Ibis, Congo Bill, Mr. Scarlet, Bullet Man and Bullet girl, Spy Smasher, and Sivana.

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