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Image result for earth two catwoman

Not what you expected when I said Catwoman eh?


Image result for catwoman earth two

Where I am now has her in the well known purple dress green cape combo, but that first picture was her first costume. At first she was just a random thief but Dc realized what they had rather early on. Even from her first appearance Bruce thought she was beautiful and ‘accidentally’ let her go. Of course he was engaged to Julie at the time and let her go more as a second chance more than anything. After that she would appear, steal something, and inevitably loose her loot to the Batman. But she was rarely caught and sent to jail. In the fifties she came out of her amnesia in which she had created the persona of Catwoman. Currently she runs a pet shop, and sometimes dons her costume again to help Batman.

Image result for the spirit denny colt

This is Denny Colt. The most well known creation of Will Eisner, after whom the highest of comic awards is named. He is also known as the Spirit. This is because Denny was a cop and on a case he died. It trues out that the poison wasn’t fatal and Denny took to wearing a mask and fighting crime this way so he didn’t have to bother with the rules of the police force. The polie commisioner and his daughter know his true identity, and the Spirit lives off of bounties from those he brings in. He lives under his grave, where he has a pretty sweet set up. It looks like a normal house once you’re in it, and add to the mystery for his crooks since he just disappears there. One other fellow knows who he is and that is Ebony White.

Image result for ebony white spirit

Drawn with ‘black face’ and speaking in a stereotypical accent Ebony was a pretty racist character. Still for the time he wasn’t too bad. He had his own personality, the fact he was a black kid wasn’t his whole identity, and he wasn’t always played for comic relief. And I have to admit I think the way he calls Denny Mista’ Spirit Boss is cute. Both characters belong to Earth-Spirit.

Image result for billy batson

Ah yes, Fawcett Publications most well known character, Billy Batson aka Captain Marvel. Given powers by the mighty Shazam when he speaks the word he is transformed into the invulnerable adult. His powers include great wisdom, speed, strength, and flight. There are some problems as Dc considered Captain Marvel a rip off of Superman, to the point that they even used the same gags many times. Still he was the first superhero who was a child and not a side-kick. Fawcett produced characters for Earth-S.

Image result for johnny thunder dc

This is Johnny Thunder, I had never heard of him before I reached this year. Being really dumb, but with amazing power he was played mostly for laughs. When Johnny say Say you, which sounds like the magic words cei-u everything he say will happen for the next hour. This is because of his Thunderbolt genie whose name is Yz. He was with the Navy for a short time, but while everything turns out alright in the end Johnny’s stories are crazy.

Image result for ibis taia

This is Prince Ibis and his wife the Princess Taia. Do you see that picture, do you know what is wrong with it? I’ll give you a hint. They are Egyptian. That’s right those two should be black! I know they fix it for the later versions of the characters, but the Earth-S versions… Well anyway origins. Ibis has a magic wand known as the Ibistick, that can basically do anything. Often times the Ibistick will be stolen and is usually recovered because if any harm is wished for by the wands wielder upon Ibis the wand with attack the wielder instead. They are a really good couple actually, Taia holds just as much of the wand’s loyalty and they respect each other. Yes sometimes Ibis will be a bit over protective, but when it comes down to it he knows Taia can usually be a great help to his plans.

Image result for congo bill

This is William Glenmorgan, and I will never call him that again. He is Congo Bill (or Congorrila, but lets keep that a secret fr those that don’t know yet). Congo Bill is a member of Earth-one, and he’s an adventurer. He can track with the best, fight like a tiger, and smart as a whip. Bill is an insurance investigator, and if you try to fraud him he will find out. His time off is usually spent in the Congo, and he is often asked for help from those who have heard of his achievements.

Image result for mr scarlet

Mr. Scarlet was another creation of Fawcett’s which puts him firmly on Earth-S. The kid pictured is Pinky his side kick. While Scarlet’s real name was Brian Butler, Pinky was just Pinky. Brian was a PI, and not a very well know one. He rarely got payed, because Mr.Scarlet was needed to crack the case. Neither hero had any powers.

Image result for bullet man girl

This is Jim Barr and Susan Kent, other wise known as Bullet Man and Bullet Girl. Jim invented their bullet helmets which gave them the ability to fly and attracted any bullets that were shot at them. At first Only Jim fought crime, but shortly after his girlfriend discovered his double ID she borrowed his spare helmet and joined him. (much as Hawkgirl did) The Bullets belong to Earth-S

Image result for spy smasher

Also a resident of Earth-S was Spy Smasher. He took out fifth columnists, he tracked down spies, he helped protect the military’s most dangerous secrets. By day he was Alan Armstrong, not really much of anybody, his biggest claim to fame was that his girlfriend’s father was a general. I don’t really know how it happened, but Spy Smasher was entrusted with the most difficult of missions and highly trusted by every member of the military. When the War ended he became Crime Smasher, now wearing no costume and as a PI. Apparently the fact he was Spy Smasher is still a secret, but I mean Spy, Crime, Alan who are you kidding?

Image result for sivana

Last person this entry, also earth-s, the villain Sivana. This is the arch-foe of Captain Marvel. Pure evil he wants to rule the world and enslave all the people. Fawcett isn’t exactly known for being subtle. The problem is that Sivana is brilliant. Also that he knows Billy is Cap, and is away that if he can just kill the kid the world’s mightiest mortal would be gone.

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