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Now this version of Aquaman has no secret ID, his father literally named him Aquaman. His dad knew how much his child loved the sea and preformed an operation to make his son be able to live underwater. Aquaman was not born with his ability to speak with fish and other sea life but learned from long practice. Sadly he is the only recurring character in his stories, which makes them a little boring.


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Johnny Chambers turns to Johnny Quick when he speaks his magic formula and gains super speed and also it allows him to fly.  He’s a camera man, free lance I think there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to what he and Tubby film. Tubby is his friend, and also the only person who knows his ID.

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All hail. 1941 also brings us the powerful Amazon. Steve Trevor crashed near Paradise Isle and he was brought on to the place (Never setting foot upon it of course as that would cause all Amazons to loose their immortality) Diana fell in love with the comatose soldier and when he was to be reaturned a tournament took place which was to allow the most powerful amazon to go to man’s world and help fight injustice and hate. Di won of course and was given the outfit made by Aphrodite. It wouldn’t be til several years that  she would get her iconic lasso of truth. Once in Man’s world she met a woman who looked exactly like her named Diana Prince. She was crying because she was to be stationed away from her fiance. Wonder Woman decided to take her place as an Army nurse and Diana Prince went away. Wonder Woman took over her life.

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Dr. Charles McNider is the first Doctor Mid-nite. He suffered a terrible accident which caused him to become blind. Later he noticed that if there was no light, he could see- like and owl. So he designed some glasses that would allow him to see, and instead of continuing his work as a doctor he took the fact that no one would expect it and began to fight crime. Charles is a member of the JSA.

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Oliver Queen and Roy Harper are the Green Arrow and Speedy. Roy had been stranded on a mesa when his plane crashed. A native that lived up there adopted him and taught him to shoot. Oliver being a very rich man, was kidnapped and brought to the mesa til his captors had the ransom money. Like Carter who was introduced last year, Oliver was a collector of ancient weapons, so when Roy helped him escape they made bows and both could shoot fantastically. Roy wanted to help avenger the death of his foster father, the native that had taught him to shoot, as he had been killed by the criminals looking for a place to hold Ollie. Getting back to Star City Oliver adopted Roy and they began to fight crime as they thought they were a good team. They are members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

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Sir Justin does not technically have a last name but he uses the name of Arthur. Most people know him by the name of the Shining Knight. He was born in the time of King Arthur and Merlin gave him impregnable armor and a sword which can cut though anything. His horse Winged Victory, was also a gift for the magician, and like the name implies, he can fly. Justin and Victory end up in the 1940s after being frozen in the ocean. Justin works at a museum. He is a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory

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Ted Knight is a member of the JSA, and the original Starman. Like other heroes before him Ted was a rich playboy, but he pretended to be a hypochondriac, and feigned illness when his star rod lets him know he’s being summoned. His star rod is his only means of powers, it charges at night and allows him to fly and have gravity based powers.

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Pictured above is the Star-Spangled Kid and his friend Stripsey. You may also know them as Sylvester Pemberton and his chauffeur Pat Dugan. Syl is a genius rich kid whose father constantly bemoans about how bad of a man his son is, with his nose in books and not interested in manly things. Pat is his best friend and together they fight crime. Pat is often thought of as just the brawn to their duo, but while is not as educated as the Kid Stripsey proves clever and imaginative on multiple occasions. They are members of the Seven Soldiers.

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This is Greg Sanders, interesting fellow in that he is a singer in his downtime, the Prairie Troubadour. He is also the first Vigilante, but don’t confuse him with the latter versions, apparently they are very different. Vig fight how he dresses, like a western cowboy. He can handle a ‘hoss’ better than just about anyone, and rope and shoot to those same praises. He shares his ID with his sidekick, Stuff the Chinatown Kid. He is a member of the seven soldiers.

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John Sargent had the good fortune to have the first item he consciously touched be the ruby of life. Later speaking an incantation over the stone made it so that as long as he had the stone  anything he touched would obey him. To conceal his powers he took up the name Sargon the Sorcerer, and pretends to be a stage magician.Image result for human bomb dc

Roy Lincoln is the Human Bomb. A scientist; he developed a powerful explosive, but before he could bring it in to be patented some crooks high-jacked him, wanting the bomb to blow safes for them. Thinking quickly Roy swallowed the explosive, which was in pill form. It dissolved into his blood steam giving him it’s might in his hands. Roy also had a friend named Thorckmortn, who ended up with the power of the bomb in his feet. Roy made gloves and socks that protect from their powers, but when trouble strikes- the gloves are off. Earth-Quality

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Eel O’brian was a notorious gangster, who felt that the world was a tough place. But after a job went wrong a random stranger brought Eel into his home and saved his life. He soon discovered that he was now a plastic man, who could stretch and shape himself to other forms with ease. As a way of repaying the stranger who helped him Plas decided to join the fight against crime, sometimes going undercover as Eel. Nowadays (1952) Plas is a member of the FBI, and is called out for the most difficult missions. Earth-Quality

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So I haven’t been bring up every Batman villain that has appeared thus far, for example Clayface, and the Scarecrow have both appeared, but they have both been one-offs. Now Oswald Cobblepot is far from a one-off. It is possible that at this point he is the Batman Villain who has showed up the most. Usually featuring bird themed crimes, and using his trick umbrellas the Penguin gives the Dynamic Duo all sorts of trouble.

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Captain Marvel Jr is the second member of the Marvel Family to appear. Instead of saying Shazam like Billy or any of the others he says Captain Marvel, for that is from whom he got his powers. His abilities are exactly the same as Captain Marvel’s. His other form is that of Freddy Freeman, a crippled newsboy. Earth-S.

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Sandra Knight is the Phantom Lady and another member of Earth-Quality. She had no special powers and her only real tool is a blacklight flightlight, which when turned on put a path of darkness before it. In her normal life she is a socialite.


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Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are the most well know Marvel characters yet, as I’m sure you’re aware. Steve volunteered to test a powerful serum, and it gave him enhanced skills and strength. In the very same issue that Cap appeared in Bucky Barnes walked into his tent and discovered the costumed crime fighter was his friend. Captain America tales continued on after the war, these stories have been retconned into other people, such as Jeff Mace- The Patriot and William Burnside- the Spirit of ’76

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Jeff Mace
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The Whizzer has one of those origin stories that make you go ‘really, did they even have science?’ Robert Frank was bit by a cobra when he and his father landed in Africa. In order to save his life he needed a blood transfusion. So they gave him the blood of a mongoose. And somehow this gave his super speed????

There are a few I will admit that I am not bringing up purely because while I may have deemed the character of import, they formed no lasting memory on me.

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