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Alright! We have some Marvel again! Only two though, so don’t get too happy.

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Madeline Joyce is Miss America, it sound like she just won a beauty pageant- but I assure you that’s not so. Her uncle was involved in mysterious electrical experiments, and Madeline got caught in one of them and was sent into a coma. When she awoke she was super strong and could fly. When she was not fighting crime she was a mousy girl with thick glasses. Who does she remind you of? All kidding aside her stories were good, and I understand why she was one of the few Marvel heroes to get their own comic.

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The first destroyer was a man known as Kevin Marlow. He was trying to spy for American forces as a reporter when he was captured and ended up in a camp with many others. A scientist gave him a version of the Super-soldier serum and it gave him similar abilities to our Captain. After this he broke out, would don a costume designed to scare and fight Nazi foes. He later posed as a Nazi officer and gave orders that he would undo at night.

Now back to DC.

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Like most Wonder Woman villains Priscilla Rich is not truly evil. She was a woman with deep insecurities, and at some point her mind broke and she developed two personalities. One was kind, if a bit reserved- the other… Well that was the Cheetah. Vicious, jealous, down right mean, the Cheetah hates Wonder Woman and any other that she feels may be superior to herself. Currently Priscilla is on reform island, but we know it wont be long before the Cheetah resurfaces.

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Not very scary. But did he put Billy through a lot of trouble! Mister Mind is actually a very good villain, despite his lack of imposing features. His story was also one of the longest and earliest recurring stories I’ve read- maybe the first. He is a telepathic and genius member of a worm-like race from the planet Venus. At this point in time he is dead, and stuffed in a museum. I think that’s weird. Earth-s

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Ah, a man I adore. This is Alfred- Batman’s Alfred. I was shocked he wasn’t in earlier stories for where is our dark knight without his trusted butler? So first thing his last name is Beagle instead of Pennyworth. I don’t know why they changed it, I’ll look that up when I see Pennyworth in print. Second, this Alfred didn’t raise Bruce, but just kinda sprung on him when Bruce was an adult, saying that he was going to be his new butler. Alfred really didn’t take no for an answer and was soon let into the secret. Third Alfred entertains ideas of being a detective himself and had several adventures by himself, where he ended up looking much better at it then he is. This Alfred isn’t tough in anyway, unlike some versions of the man I’ve seen. Even though he’s different than the Alfreds I have known before I adore Alfred.

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Another cute dude, this is Uncle Dudley or Uncle Marvel as you may know him. He appeared first in Mary Marvel stories as a funny old man who claimed to be her uncle. He was lying, and Mary knew he was lying, but she thought he was so cute that she’d let him pretend. He formed a detective agency called Shazam Inc, and would ask for his ‘niece and nephew’s’ help. They always did, because all the profits for Shazam Inc went to war bonds, and later charity. Earth-s

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This dude is a real creep. He is a Wonder Woman villain called Doctor Psycho, real name unknown. His girlfriend framed him so he would go to jail and she could marry another, this caused a psychotic break, and a long lasting hatred of women. I’d feel bad, and be angry at Marva (his girlfriend), of he hadn’t later gained hypnosis powers and kept Marva as a slave and used her to commit crimes. Psycho is able to change shape if he has a channel to draw the ectoplasam though. This is the role Marva plays, and any other woman he happens to trap.


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