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First off I would like to say that I missed this highly important character in my 1941 post so I will add him here. My only excuses are that 1941 was a busy year, and also that they called him Charles not Doiby, like who tf is Charles?

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Charles “Doiby” Dickles is a dear. He’s a cab driver in Metropolis, and his cab’s name is Goitrude. Doiby speaks with a heavy Brooklyn accent and his weapon of choice is a wrench. He is the first and only person so far that Alan Scott has told his secret ID to. Doiby can summon his friend by shooting up a green rocket from his car.

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Giganta is a large gorilla, super evolved by a machine into a strong, tall, red head. I don’t really recall her first arc, but it involved the evolution machine going crazy, changing everyone into cave people and transforming the world with them. Giganta is currently on Reform Island

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What can I say, Earth-s likes to keep things simple. The two of Sivana’s children that look like him are evil and the handsome two are good. Beautia sometimes tries to be bad for her dad though. I don’t know who Georgia and Jr’s mother is, but the other two come from Sivana’s union with the queen of Venus. Jr is an enemy of Captain Marvel Jr and Georgia fights Mary.

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I was hesitant to include this character, as she will never appear again, however I loved her so much that I’m going to. Mary Dudley is the niece of Uncle Dudley, and like her uncle she has no powers. She wears a homemade costume and goes by Freckles Marvel. She is a dear friend of Mary Batson.

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As we now have every member of this team and this post is still quite short I will tell you about the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Formed of the Star Spangled-Kid, Stripsey, Green Arrow, Speedy, Crimson Avenger, Shining Knight, and the Vigilante (with Wing helping at times) this team is only active on Earth-two. I know we’ll see them again, but it won’t be for some time. The interesting thing about the way the stories are written is that it consists of five parts. In every issue they would split apart, so they didn’t really have the team dynamic. They would only work together for about 2-3 pages at the end.

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Louise Grant was the only important character these years for Marvel. Being in love with her boss, Mark Mason a PI, she donned a floor length ball gown, heels, and a domino mask in order to fight crime with him. (Isn’t it the most sensible outfit you’ve ever seen?) Of course Mark fell in love with the glamorous Blonde Phantom and continues to ignore his quiet secretary.

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