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Dinah Drake was inspired by the  vast amount of heroes before her to become a costumed vigilante. She originally worked under cover as a villain, but her cover was soon blown by Johnny Thunder, whose tales she first appeared in. Later she began appearing in her own stories. She is an owner of a flower shop, and one of her good friends is Larry Lawrence the detective. She once summoned a cloud of canaries to slow her fall, but that is the only time she has shown powers.


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Now we have Dinah we have the entire roster thus far of the JSA. *has party* So far the roster has consisted of:

  • Doctor Fate
  • Doctor Mid-Nite
  • Flash
  • Green Lantern
  • Hourman
  • Sandman
  • Wildcat
  • Atom
  • Black Canary
  • Johnny Thunder
  • Spectre
  • Wonder Woman

With Batman and Superman as honorary members. Not all of them are on the team at the same time of course, but most of them have worked together now, except for Wildcat who has only been in one issue. Like the Seven Soldiers they work separately and then come together in the end to trounce the villain. In later issues they split into pairs instead of going alone.

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Rose and Thorn are Rose Canton, not that they know that. Thorn is Rose’s other personality and a villain. Rose doesn’t know and is not to be blamed for Thorn’s actions. Thorn is a villain of the Flash.

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You’ve heard of Harley Quinn, but have you heard of Harlequin? This is Molly Mayne, Alan Scott’s secretary; she is in love with the Green Lantern. She became a villain because she thought it was the only way to get his attention, but she never hurt anyone. Later it was revealed that she secretly worked for the Cia? Fbi? eh some government agency.  She has glasses that can cast illusions, or make bright lights. If you only read one story with her I suggest Green Lantern vol 1 issue 31. It’s awesome.

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Thomas Haukins is known as Tomahawk, and his young friend is Dan Hunter. He gained his name first by how much his birth name sounds like the weapon, and also his great skill with a tomahawk. They are both frontiers men, and fight under General Washington in the revolutionary war. Dan had his town destroyed in a raid, and he decided to travel with Tom. They are put on New earth according to the wiki with leaning to Earth-two, but I’m gonna tag them as Earth-one.

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Mr Tawny is a good friend of Captain Marvel and the Marvel family. He is a tiger, who can walk like a man and speak English. He learned these skills from a hermit who lived in his jungle. Mr. Tawny decided to join civilization, and though people were afraid at first, now he is an upstanding member of the community.

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Not much to say here. Mister Atom is a nuclear powered robot, who wants to take over the world. He is an enemy of Captain Marvel, and a tough one to beat.

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This is Colonel Thomas Tomorrow, he is a member of the Planeteers (basically a space cop) His early adventures were put in Earth-54, but he has since been moved to Earth-one. The only difference is that 54 was set in the 60s and one is set in the 21st century.

Sorry I was so late on posting this I was sick, and then I remembered I had Sims, so….

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