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Hey look some Marvel! Oh, and I might not mention the universe the characters are from any more- check the tags!

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Matthew “Doc” Masters was an outlaw as a child. When he was brought in he reformed and learned medicine. He took the Hippocratic oath and  said he’d never wield a gun again. He moved back out west to where no one knew his past. But when the girl he loved was kidnapped he avoided his oaths by taking up a new identity; The Black Rider. Doc Masters will never wield a gun, but the Rider is held to no such thing and will come to the aid of any who need him.

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Now I need you to note the cowhide vest. For a good while it’s the only way you can tell him apart from our next character. They have the morals, personality, and skills. Both also have many origins, I’ll tell you them as they come along. Blaine Colt’s first origin was that he refused to use guns, because he was worried that he might kill someone in a fit of rage. A henchman of the sheriff whipped Blaine because apparently his not wanting to use guns was bad. Blaine’s father went to confront the man and got killed. In revenge he killed the sheriff and his lackey. He is sought by the law, and often has a more difficult time because of his outlaw status. He is known as Kid Colt.

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Last one for Marvel. And I mean until we get to where I’m currently reading. They did not have the character numbers DC did at this point like yowza. This is Clay Harder, otherwise known as the Two-gun Kid. I suggest that you read the notes on chronology on this page.

Two-gun is another of those with too many origins. His first was that as a child he found that he was a natural gun fighter when he was messing around with his father’s gun (holy shit keep guns away from kids!) and his father made him promise never to shoot a gun. Now his father was the sheriff, and he got shot during a time when some outlaws came to loot the place. His dad told him he was allowed to shoot for good as he lay dying. He took his feather’s gun and the gun of his killer, and so became the Two-gun kid. I should mention, though you probably realized all of these characters are set in the wild west.

Now for DC

Image result for vicki vale 1952

Although she hasn’t been in a ton of stories at this point I think Vicki Vale deserves a mention don’t you? As you may know she is a reporter and one of Bruce Wayne’s many love interests. You may remember her from the 1990’s film “Batman”. If Vicki appears in the issue, it’s almost a guarantee that he’ll be worried about his identity.

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From the green and the question marks I bet you guys can guess who this is! Right, the Riddler, also known as Edward Nigma. Unfortunately we haven’t seen a whole lot of this iconic villain, but as he has no Earth-two counterpoint that makes each story he appears in Earth-one; the first for Batman. The Riddler tries to trick and play out of trouble, and his riddles are generally rigged.

Related image

Meredith (going by Merry) had a rather complicated superhero name. She was “Merry the girl of a thousand gimmicks” but it was changed simply to Gimmick Girl. She is the adopted sister of the Star-spangled Kid. She found out his identity when he used a handkerchief she had given him to stop a crook (long story). She then appeared at his side for a couple issues while Stripsy had a broken leg, and then Syl became the side character and Merry had her own stories while the boy faded to the background.

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Ohiyeasha was Sioux, and a detective. He was known as Pow-wow Smith to all the white men because apparently Ohiyeasha is too hard to say. Rasist fucks. I had to stop reading these tales for reasons like this. When he was a boy he was sent to a white man’s school to learn ‘civilized’ ways. I have to flinch heartily at this. I know that kids were sent from their families to these schools to “better” them. Also his stories were set when westward expansion was still going on and If I was Ohiyeasha- I would not be so helpful to the white man.

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Last but not least for these years is Roy Raymond (sr.). Unlike most of the people I have introduced you to he both has no powers and does not regularly fight crime. He has a Tv show, Impossible but True, where he tells his audience about strange and hard to believe facts. Many times people get on the show to try to hoax him, and he delights in proving them fake.

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