Dc Comics · Golden Age

1950, 1951

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Last one folks!

Image result for captain comet

Adam Blake was born a thousand years too early. He is a huge evolutionary leap, a mutant. (yes they call him that on page. Bet they don’t nowadays.) He has amazing mental ability, photographic memory, telepathy, and many such skills. He took the name Captain Comet, and doesn’t limit his heroics to Earth. Many times he takes his Cometeer into space to deal with injustice there.

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Killer Moth, oh I’m so scared! like seriously guys, why a moth? Drury Walker decided to become a reverse Batman, helping escape the law for half their loot. His ‘Mothsignal’ is shown in ultra violet light and can only be seen with special glasses. Currently he’s a bit of a laughing stock as he can’t seem to beat Batman.

Image result for floyd lawton 1950

Another big name here folks! Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot has recently appeared on both the small and big screens in addition to his comic appearances. He hasn’t been around much yet, but I know who he will grow to be. He starts off trying to do the vigilante thing himself, gets his own signal, gains a reputation. He wanted to work with the Batman in order to ‘miss’ and kill the costumed man. Then his own masked counter part- Deadshot- would retire in disgrace and the town would be open for crooks. Obviously the plan fails and Floyd ends up in jail while Batman still soars the skies.

Image result for lana lang 1951

Lana Lang is a big character in the Superman Mythos, actually I’m surprised she came in so late. She appears in Superboy tales as his love interest/ person who wants to know his identity. She lives next door to Clark and her parents often leave her with the Kents when they go out of town.

Image result for dr thirteen

Terry Thirteen is a ghostbreaker, meaning he disproves hauntings and other paranormal phenomena. His family is said to be cursed to die in horrific ways, and so his father set him on the path to disprove the supernatural.

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