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letter to Marvel

To whom it may concern:

I am a long time fan of comics, especially yours. I have heard that you are experiencing lower sale volumes than you expect, and I want to tell you what my side of the comic fandom want. First off, we love the characters. If we just wanted superheroes we’d go to Image. It’s daunting to get involved in Marvel, but you have Wolverine, Spider-man, Iron Man, people we love. You need to put more into character development. This isn’t the forties, we want to know who these people are.

Second you are doing too many events. I know events are big sale boosters, but this many feels rushed, it breaks the immersion into the world. Also, if you don’t have the quieter moments we wont care about the events. Look at Hunger Games, a lot of people were killed, but we only really cared about Prim in that last explosion. Because that’s who Katniss cared about. Without the connection we had there, it would have been nothing. I am often told that the reason people don’t like the Harry Potter movies as much as the books is we don’t get to see the daily lives of the trio as much.

Look, fans are strange beings, we do want to see characters we like, beaten and broken. But we also want to see them being put back together. It’s called Hurt/Comfort, and it is like a drug to my people. We want to see the cuddles, kisses, and therapy that follow. That’s another thing. You don’t seem to have any super therapists, I think that should change, because a lot of your characters need help. I would be interested in a series where villains have a court appointed therapist. People say that Marvel makes heroes and DC makes villains, show them they’re wrong. Teach them who your villains are.

It’s good to see X-23 become Wolverine and others take on similar names. It shows a growth in your world. Yes, we love Logan, but he doesn’t have to come back for his spirit to still be here. Show him in flashbacks, when people go to the past, in alternate universes. You rely too much on the revival of characters, yes, we miss them but that helps us connect to the characters who miss them as well.

I’m not saying give up your action side, it’s fun to see things explode and have battles in space, but to me it’s not a good reason to subscribe. I can see those things anywhere, but where can I find a family like the FF? There is a reason they were such a hit in the 1960s, such a thing had never been seen in comics before, their bonds, and emotions about what had happened to them. Times have changed, but what people want really hasn’t. We want to read about people we can connect to, found families, and true friendships.

Mostly I feel that you are trying too hard. So many events in so little time bleeds of desperation. Cancelling titles so soon gives us no time to connect, let them run longer, we don’t want to see new tiles every month because you feel the old one wasn’t getting enough views. Shock factor is also a poor way to sell things. It’s crappy writing, and most of the stories involving it fall short. The whole Captain America and Magneto thing? It goes against the very core of their beings. Even if they claim to have changed, the Holocaust survivor would not join with Hydra. Remember who you have, build upon it, don’t change it all at once.

Sincerely- A fan

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