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More 40s, early 50s


Shortly after I began this blog I gained access to more comics, ones that I had already read the years for. Instead of putting this blog on hiatus while I tried to read about 300 more comics. I decided to put a post here before I begin to publish the monthly reviews.

The Comics I got were Blackhawk, Military Comics, Modern Comics, National Comics, and a few more Whiz Comics.

I don’t like the early Blackhawks stories, at least not the ones in Military Comics. As a whole I’m not overly fond of war comics- though I have liked what I’ve read of Sgt Fury. The fearless and faultless leader who all girls fall madly for, and the highly racist comic relief places these stories near the bottom for me. As I have so many comics I actually like, and decades left to go I have decided not to continue reading these tales. I’ll pick them back up with Blackhawk 108, when DC buys the characters.

As for Whiz Comics I don’t think much, if anything is going to change before I get back to 1952, so that leaves National Comics as Modern Comics is Military comics but renamed.

The only section I have deemed important in these is Uncle Sam, the embodiment of American pride. Super strong, super fast, Invulnerable, nothing can stand up against this mighty man. Most of the tales seem to feature him over coming prejudice or showing people what America is truly about.

Now before we get truly started, let’s run over who is active right now.

Earth-two: Aquaman, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Vigilante, Johnny Quick, Green Arrow, Speedy, Robotman,

Earth-one: Captain Comet, Congo Bill, Roy Raymond, Dr. Thirteen, Tomahawk, Tommy Tomorrow, Superboy

Earth-s: Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel Jr, Mary Marvel,

Earth-Quality: Plastic Man

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