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1952, July Part 1

Alright, this is where I was when I began this blog, lets see what I had that mid 1952. Because these can get long I’m going to post about approximately five at a time. So Part one has:

  • Action Comics,  issue 170
  • Adventure Comics, 178
  • Captain Marvel Adventures, 134
  • Detective Comics, 185
  • Marvel Family, 73

Action Comics: Superman, Tommy Tomorrow, Congo Bill, and Vigilante.


Superman decided that an artist, who had gone mad, was too great an asset to human kind to remain that way. So he began to make all the paintings come true. A crook caught on to this and turned it to his advantage, making the artist paint Superman helping criminals, or sitting on the moon. I like these types of stories, because the heroes of the golden age were able to help on a one on one basis, i feel that modern comics are too focused on massive feats.


Tommy however had to deal with a machine that could predict the future, such as Tommy would perish in two days. Tommy was skeptical, and guess what- he didn’t die. He proved the machine false, and once again I guessed the motive and method.


Congo Bill was faced with the fact that gold ensured by his company had seemingly turned to lead mid-flight. he daringly snuck on to the next shipment and the plane landed in the middle of the plains where the grass was ten feet high (holy shit). They had the camp hidden by woven nets of grass, Bill escaped by weaving fresh grass into the nets to spell sos. apparently fresh grass reflects more light, and people landed and saved Bill and the gold. I love Congo Bill adventures because they are possible, and you usually learn something from reading them.


Another crazy collector in Vigilante, this one collects handcuffs.Some criminals almost escaped because he would knock out the one transporting the prisoner so he could take the cuffs. Vig ended up pretending to be a criminal himself with some special extra hard to get out of cuffs. So the collector had to bring Vig with him to his hideout. He probably could have escaped if he wasn’t so determined to get the cuffs on our boy, as he followed him after Vig broke out. I think the moral has to do with obsession.


Adventure Comics: Superboy, Aquaman, Johnny Quick, and Green Arrow


The Superboy tale in this issue involved a gang who were trying to find out SB’s ID. They knew he went to Smallville High, and narrowed down the class he was in. Then pretending to be a scientist one of the men tricked the teacher into locking the students in lead helmets. Deprived of his sight Clark was still able to stop the crimes of the gang by using his other senses. I greatly adore stories where our heroes are resourceful, and this tale was chock full of that.


Look, I like amnesia stories as much as the next person, but comics go way overboard. And seriously, humoring someone when they have delusions is not really the best way to help them, is it? because that also comes up often. And another thing I get wanting to be authentic, but to film a movie you don’t need real treasure. Yep, an actor hits his head and believes he is the pirate captain he plays, everyone plays along and he tries to steal the treasure. But this isn’t really an amnesia story, the guy is faking to get the gold. Also people need to stop trying to drown Aquaman, he’s AQUAMAN.


Uh-oh, Tubby’s nephew is in town and the energetic rascal causes some trouble for our king of speed. A criminal tells the kid to pull some stunts that keep Johnny busy. Quick tells the kid that he’s been tricked and the two of them go after the outlaws.


A scientist announced to the world that he had found and ape that could read, write, and speak English. Unfortunately the Ape turned to crime, drawing plans for thefts on a blackboard in his cage. GA and Roy discover that the ape wasn’t actually drawing, but that the chalk appeared when the light hit it. The voice from the ape was a radio in his collar. GA begins using the man’s own ideas against him, and infuriated the scientist unlocks the ape’s cage and tries to flee with him. Unknowing of the dangers around him the ape went directly into phone wires and both perished.

Captain Marvel Adventures


Sivana is at it again. Sections of Fawcett are vanishing at night, Billy discovers that Sivana is shrinking portions of the town and stealing them Cap tries to stop them, but Sivana threatens to smash the people. Billy then hides in the next section to be shrunk, but find that if he turns into Cap, he will smash the town around him. So he runs away from the area and then changes. Sivana surrenders and Fawcett is restored.


It’s funny, who would think that the human lessons would be taught not by the young boy, but usually by the talking tiger. Perhaps it’s because Billy is Captain Marvel, and heroes in this time period lack flaws, but the fact that the one making the most human mistakes is Mr. Tawny- well its interesting to say the least. In this tale Mr. Tawny invents bouncing shoes, which turn out to be hazardous. For half a second he considers keeping the money, but in the end does the right thing and returns his profits to his jipped customers.


You know even though the other stories aren’t very dark the light-hearted Marvel Family stories are a lot of fun. Billy and Mr.Morris go to the north pole in order to direct plane flying over, but they don’t notice that they broke away from the land and are floating south. Once they notice Cap simply pushes the ice flow back north.

Detective Comics: Batman, Robotman, Impossible But True


Gee I really like the Batman story in this one. Bruce ends up having his belt fall off and he had to get it back because it had a disk with his identity in it. But that wasn’t what made the story good. The story mostly followed the belt as it went from person to person, always saving a life around it. I think it’s cool to see how something so simple as a belt with some pouches was able to save so many lives.


An inventor died. He never realized his life’s ambition to make a Robotman himself. He had three fully functional bots, but they couldn’t think on their own. After his death the robots fell into the wrong hands and the crooks used remote control to use the new robotmen for evil. Paul Dennis tricked them into thinking he was one of their robots in order to capture them. I think his job would have been easier if he had simply told the cops that there were some impostors going around.


In Impossible but True a man claimed to have found Aladdin’s lamp. He immediately told the public he was going on Roy’s show and summoned shooting stars to prove his claim. On the official broadcast he asked for a large diamond, and then destroyed the lamp. Roy allowed him to leave so he could lead Roy and the police to his hide out. Turns out the whole thing was a hoax to smuggle the diamond and have no one question it’s origins.


Marvel Family


Marvel Family is one of the very few comics that have one story for the entire issue. This time King Kull the beastman who has sworn to kill all of the human race has a fantastic machine that destroys the Earth’s crust. Because of his concussion proof suit even the mighty Marvels were unable to harm the villain and make him stop his machine. Mary ended up spinning him until the centrifugal  force ripped off his suit while Jr smashed the machine. Cap undid the damage already done. And so the Earth was saved

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