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1952, July Part 2 (last)

  • Plastic Man, 36
  • Superboy, 20
  • Star-Spangled Comics, 130
  • Strange Adventures, 22
  • Whiz Comics, 147
  • Wonder Woman 54

Okay, so while splitting this into two post I accidentally deleted this section and cannot get it back. R.I.P. But since I have already put these away I’m gonna pull up their wiki pages and see what I can tell you. I mean I only read them like two weeks ago it shouldn’t be too hard.


Plastic Man


There was only one story in this issue that was legible. It happens with these older comics. So this one had to do with aliens that could turn invisible at will, they landed but since no one could see them the ship was left alone. Then they began to steal things, watches,  chairs, stuff like that. Then they try to abduct Woozy, because they want to study him and shit. Plas saves his friend but the next day a young couple is snatched. Plas offers Woozy instead of the couple. Then he pretends to be the ropes tying Woozy up. Just a question, how would Woozy not know the ropes were his friend? I mean, really. Everyone saved and the aliens; afraid of our hero had flown away, the tale ends.




So in the first story there is a man who claims to be able to summon the dead. Same old same old. Well when Clark goes to see the man he makes Jor-el appear (Clark’s biodad in case you’ve forgotten/don’t know) Clark is startled and believes his identity is out. Still he finds out that they are fakes (surprise surprise) by finding the real will that they had planted a false version of. Even though he thinks they will revel his identity Clark feels he can’t let his get away with jipping people, so he goes to confront them. Turns out they thought some other boy was Superboy because he happened to look at a place as it was effected by his x-ray vision. And they thought the other kid disguised him self as Clark. I have no idea why they thought that.


Second was a bike safety story. Some may say it’s a bit hokey but as a person who lives in a town where we seem to have a curse of death I know it pays to be careful. Sure reflectors, horns, and lights won’t save you when a car crashes onto the sidewalk  and hits a building, killing two, but they do help in the everyday accidents.


Who loves Greek mythology? I do! So when a man starts to ‘grow’ men from ‘dragon teeth’ I was excited. Of course it was a hoax, some big crime boss figured if he got enough guys in the prison he could break out. I wonder how he got everyone to agree to go to jail for him. I mean he probably offered to split the loot with them, but this was a lot of people, and they had to know that their roman disguises wouldn’t hold up and they’d be jailed for their previous crimes too.


Star-Spangled Comics: Terry Thirteen, Robin the Boy Wonder


This is the last issue of Star Spangled Comics, so I don’t know the next time I’ll see Terry Thirteen, or have a solo adventure of Robin’s. So Terry start off this issue and some dude is returning his license plate cause it has a 13 in it. Terry shrugs it off as a superstitious man but soon finds that everyone in this town is afraid of the number. So Terry decides to prove it silly by connecting himself in as many ways as possible. He has a few close calls but eventually proves that the fear was being heighten by a man who had killed his partner and left him on block 13 and didn’t want anyone to find him.


Dick Grayson was suspected of being Robin by some crook, and so a bomb was planted. Thanks to the placing of some trash cans Robin was unhurt except for his ears, and he was temporarily deaf. Thinking Robin to be easy to kill now that his ears were injured the crook lured Robin to a warehouse. He was more than unnerved when Robin counted off his shots, even when his back was turned. Dick had his hand on a pane of glass and felt it every time a shot went off. Careless because of his shock the crook got to close and Robin took him down.


I’m sorry I have failed you. There is no summery for this story on the wiki, and I don’t recall what “The Battling Balladeer” was about and I can’t seem to find it else where. Oh well I’m sure you’ll all get your fill of Tomahawk as he currently appears bimonthly in his own comic. 

Okay, so I felt I couldn’t leave it like this. I pulled out the issue. As soon as I looked at the picture I remembered the tale. Balladeer, they couldn’t use Bard? Oh well this way I learned a new word. There was a man who had written an unflattering song about one of the British commanders, and he was arrested for libel. So Tomahawk decided that the best way to save him was to prove the things in the song could happen. This involved putting hats on animals and tripping the commander into the mud so he looks like a pig. As we leave the Balladeer is singing a new song, about how Tomahawk made a fool of the red coats.


Strange Adventures: Captain Comet


Now if I’m remembering this one correctly Adam’s noticed that a planet had come out of it’s alignment and was moving in an unexpected way. And he’s somehow summoned to a council who monitors the universe and they ask him to stop the planet, and mention that his friend was on the planet too. So he heads out there are finds a world with a lot less oxygen than ours that is populated by crystalline beings. They had trapped Adams friend with a mind control device and so they had a battle of wills for a while. When he freed her he sent a shockwave into the ground which broke the creatures and the guardians moved the planet back to where is was meant to be.


Whiz Comics: Captain Marvel, Ibis the Invincible


In this tale there was a nomadic group that had to keep constantly on the move because a genie would wreak havoc unless the did. They told their tale to Cap, but were not believed. You would think a boy who can harness the power of the gods would be more open minded eh? Still, after he asks the nomads to stay in this one town, saying he’d protect them he sees the genie. “Holy Moly” Anyway, so he then builds them a town so no one else will be hurt and tricks the genie into an  over large bottle buy means of having Billy climb into a ‘cave’ where the genie followed him and then he speed of mercuryed out of the bottle.


So here what happens; Ibis and Taia are sailing along with this ship and they see a wonderful island in front of them, landed with many luscious looking fruits. So the captain sends a few men to gather some of it. While on the island the first mate tries some of the fruit, and hears a bone-chilling voice announce that unless he brings the captain’s jewels to the island he will die. Ibis recognizes that the fruit is evil and makes to Ibistick push it overboard before any other may taste it. Later they hear the first mate going through the captain’s quarters, now forty years older than he had been that afternoon. He confesses his tale to them and Ibis soars them back to the island. The sorcerer took advantage when they split up and forced Taia to bite into a fruit. He demanded the Ibistick, and he would give her the antidote. Once the wand was in his hand he wished for Ibis to age a thousand years in an instant, and as you may recall any harm wished on Ibis backfires. Using his magic to find a cure, he then returns all three to the ship as the island vanishes, unable to exist with out the magic of the now dead sorcerer.


Wonder Woman


The first tale was weird, in that a person I expect to be portrayed as good was evil. Time travel, wizards, and the like are expected by this time. King Arthur and Lancelot end up in 1952, having been sent away by Merlin- who wanted to marry Guinevere and rule Camelot. Steve and Wonder Woman head to the past with Paula’s help and defeat Merlin (no big)


This one brought up so many questions. A race of invisible aliens were abducting humans (like you do). Di figured out that if she wore special contact lenses she could see them. She stopped their ship in a part of the ozone which absorbed ultraviolet light, which the aliens were made of. They then completely dissolved leaving me to ask- if they were just light how could they hold things? Steer a ship? What would their planet have been like? Also, why did they steal a bridge, and buildings? I just hope for a follow up.


Like all the other heroes WW has a fan club. There is a rule in this club that is you find out WW’s Identity you are no longer allowed to be in the group. Going to see her club Wonder Woman finds a young woman crying because she had discovered that Wonder Woman was Diana Prince. Di felt like she couldn’t lie to the girl and set out to trick her into believing she had been wrong. She finally worked it so that a mannequin of herself put on an ice skating show while Di sat next to the girl. She ran fast enough not to be seen, and merely pushed the fake onto the ice. I don’t see how she expected for it to work, but some crooks shot at it and gave Di time to get back on the ice.

Favorite Issue this month is: Superboy!


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