Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1952, August Part 1

  • Action Comics 171
  • Adventure Comics 179
  • Batman 72
  • Captain Marvel Adventures 135
  • Captain Marvel Jr 112


Lois Lane has cut her hair. This is exciting to me because this is the haircut she has when we finally switch to earth-one, it is yet another sign of the upcoming silver age


Action Comics: Superman, Congo Bill, Tommy Tomorrow, Vigilante


I was reading the Superman section just fine until he was talking to some dude and responded when the guy called him Superman. Maybe drawing him as Kent was a mistake, or maybe Clark thought he could trust this military dude but I am so thoroughly distracted from the plot right now. Give me a second.
Okay. Superman was putting together a time-capsule so the people of the future would know about his amazing abilities. He decided to put in a recording revealing his secret identity, as it wouldn’t need to be a secret in the year 5000 when it was opened. However after the military attacked him in order to film some videos for the capsule he was missing a section of his memory and the recording was gone. So he went over all the tests again to see if they might have caused his memory lapse to find out was really Lois’s fault as she used a man that looked like Clark in order to get into the base. The shock of seeing ‘Clark’ made his memory skip, and he did find the recording.



I’ve mentioned before that I really like how these heroes care about everyone the come across and don’t just charge into things like some I could name. Congo Bill has some crooks escape the boat he had them on and they fled to a small island nearby. On this island was a silent movie actor and he was in charge of this native tribe there because they thought his stunts were so cool. The crooks recognize him and dare him to pull some stunts which of course were pulled by stuntmen in the films. Bill took his place and scared the crooks back to the boat and saved the old actor’s reputation


Oh man, you can hide from anything but yourself. this guy sabotages his spaceship for the insurance money, the captain perishes while trying to save the ship. Suddenly a transparent version of the lost ship begins to follow the saboteur from planitoid to planitoid. Tommy goes to investigate and finds the captain alive and well. He had formed a light reflecting device to scare the crook into confessing. Tommy thought this was great and ‘helped’ the saboteur get away from the ship, but was really helping to scare the wits out of the guy.


Not a big thing this story, but I have to point out that while amazing this can be done with make-up putting some on will not make an effective disguise if you’re going to be working hard under hot sun, or if it’s a long mission and you don’t have time to re apply all the time. Also this is 1952, I don’t think that make-up was as advanced as today, judging by movies. Now for the actual tale. Vig is lured into a mirconation inside of Mexico where firearms are illegal. He has to pay a large fine for shooting at the outlaws he came to get (at their shoes, this is Greg after all) since he doesn’t have any money he has to work in the fields. He makes a disguiseĀ out of a candle to protect his identity and contacts Stuff. With the Vigcycle and Stuff’s help they manage to fulfill Greg’s debt. Then Vig and Stuff trick the outlaws into leaving the micronation by pretending to be a prospector who had just hit rich. Once out Vig roped ’em.


Adventure Comics: Superboy, Aquaman, Johnny Quick, Green Arrow


In order to save a man’s life Superboy made it look as though his invention actually worked. This led to a swindler forming a inventor’s foundation. He then tricked Superboy into helping these inventors gadgets work, for lives would have been lost. The swindler than sold stock in these false inventions. Superboy asked the swindler to go up in the fake helicopter and pretended he wasn’t going to save him to get back the rights. Then he showed the inventors how their works could help society


Maybe it’s just that I didn’t read this all at once but this tale seemed unusually short, even for an Aquaman tale. There was a group of scientists who were attempting to prove that an island had been previously been landed upon and had supported the castaways. But others were trying to wreck their plans. Aquaman helped them get to the island with the help of his sea friends and ended up catching the crooks, discovering that there was gold on the island that the crooks had been smuggling all the while.


In this story Johnny not so much recreated, but used some tricks of Paul Bunyan to capture some crooks. Instead of smashing down trees with a single blow he tied a rope to an ax and became a human saw, later he made a river run backwards by spinning a log over it’s surface.


Oh this was a good one. G.A. and Roy went out to stop a train robbery, with Roy in civvies. Roy fell down a gulch and Ollie believed him dead, as did the world. But in reality our boy archer had merely bumped his head during the fall and lost his memory. An ex-sheriff heard that there was a new kid in town who could do wonders with a bow. in an effort to help the Emerald Archer he set out to train the boy ‘Joe Rivers’. Joe later put on an expadition in an attempt t get G.A’s attention. Seeing him shoot Ollie knew it was Roy. He took the boy out to stop the same train jackers as before and Roy took another blow that brought his memory back




In the entry tale of this issue Batman and Robin ended up on a deserted island with some notorious criminals. Robinson Crusoe isn’t as big a part of life in this time period I don’t think, because I have literally read a story based on it twelve times already. Not that I don’t think it’s an interesting tale, but there is so much out there to use! Still I suppose there is something to a tale where the heroes who use tools for their powers have those lost. Because they are very resourceful heroes.


This story starts off with Batman and Robin heading to a party. They belong to a club where each of the members wear a mask in their work, such as deep sea divers, test pilots, and firemen. So when robberies begin to be pulled across town by a man wearing different kinds of masks, suspicion falls on the club. In a way that was correct, for it was the club’s gate keeper who was truly the thief. He wore the masks not just to throw suspicion on the others, but to hide his very thick glasses as well.


There is a club in which membership requires you to die and come back. Well people start to be killed in the same way they died before. The blame is placed upon Little Doughy, a man who had been rejected from the club because of his criminal record. But Bruce recognized that the members were being killed with the help of their habits and an outsider wouldn’t know them. So he dies by taking an exotic poison and has Robin bring him back (seriously? there must have been a safer way.) They later got in a fight with the killer and Batman’s hand ended up covered in red ink. It was one of the already ‘murdered’ men, an accountant who was embezzling.


Captain Marvel Adventures


There is a character in this issue whose name is Dexter. He has appeared once before and lives in the same neighborhood as Billy. Dexter’s neighbors look up and see there are two suns so they go to Dexter the boy scientist for an explanation. Dexter determines they are on another planet and figures out exactly where. then with a new ultra powerful radio he contacts Whiz (Billy’s radio station) and tells Cap where t find them. Hurrying across space he finds that a section of this planet had been switched with a section of Earth. Finding the only structure left on this bombed out world he finds a scientist, the last survivor of this planet’s great war. He want’s the people of Fawcett to stay and pioneer his home. Captain Marvel counts the votes and find it tied. It is up to Billy if they stay or go. Then Dexter tells Billy that there is radioactivity everywhere the scientist as aghast, for his people were immune. Cap finds a sub with some more survivors, and his neighborhood is brought back.


These stories can be high-larious, so this wildlife guide is going around with some kids and it like that a ___ and that’s a ___ but he couldn’t identify these creatures and he gets all distressed over it. They are crawling all over him and he’s just saying, ‘oh how will I tell the scientific community that I don’t know what these are! Cap then comes and smashes them, which makes the dude upset for now they can’t be studied. Cap goes to his friend Doc Quartz and finds more of the creatures escaping from the lab. Quartz explains that the creatures are microbes, grown to large size. Cap is like ‘ok, but make sure more don’t escape’ and when he comes back to see how everything is going the microbes have taken over the lab and imprisoned Quartz. So Cap and Quartz make a reducing solution and shrink the microbes back to their normal size.


Dexter devolved a time machine and he and his neighbor go into the past. Billy is worried because they went to the time of the dinosaurs, he gets there to find that the dinosaurs are afraid of humans having never seen such things. Dexter gets plenty of pictures and is having a grand time until a pterodactyl steals their time machine and smashes it. Then they find other humans and Dexter is super confused for no humans lived in this time period. Cap goes looking and finds another time machine and then the three from 1952 go home and so do the scientists from 2999.


Captain Marvel Jr


Leroy Marks (one of Freddy’s roommates) and Freddy head a boxing match and see the boxer Nolan be doped at the fight. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a true loss Nolan felt downhearted and said he’d never fight again. Professor Edgewise (Another of Freddy’s Roommates, this one an eccentric and forgetful inventor) gave Nolan something to pep him up, because of a slight mess up it sent him back in time. Jr followed by way of the rock of eternity (the center of the universe from where any time or place can be accessed). Nolan was in the coliseum as a gladiator. Jr saved him and many other sacrifices from the hungry lions, and Nero agreed to free them if one of the gladiators beat Nero’s top fighter. Even though the odds were stacked against him in that his opponent had armor and a weapon where Nolan didn’t Nolan still took him down with one blow. Returning to his time Nolan goes on to fight the champion and win.
The other tales in this issue are illegible.

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