Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1952, August Part 2

  • Detective Comics 186
  • Marvel Family 74
  • Strange Adventures 23
  • Superman 77
  • Phantom Stranger 1


Detective Comics: Batman, Impossible But True, Robotman


Ah, tricky tricky little Batman. You see Robin got caught by a band of crooks and was forced to promise that he and Robin would not set foot in Gotham for a week. But Bruce is too smart for those rats! He commissions a flying bat-cave and flies over the city, taking away guns by use of an electromagnet, then he makes it so the only escape for this gang is the river, in which B&R are swimming. He appeared in court via television, but in the end it seemed like there was no way Batman could stop the crime without breaking his word, for the flying Bat-cave was shot from the sky. But the Dynamic duo landed on the Post Office which belong to the federal gov, not Gotham city.


Poor Roy, he finally came across something he has no explanation for. A man comes into his office and claims he can duplicate anything. he does this with a diamond, an van goh, bills, and a gun. At the end Roy didn’t get to bust a faker, as the man claimed he was truly a psychologist from Mars and he came to study earthmen’s reactions. He then threw a smoke pellet and vanished. Roy is left wondering what the truth is.


Magico is a mind reader in a circus. Some crooks see his act and decide that they need to capture him and have him read Robotman’s mind. Magico tell them it’s trick and he can’t really read minds, but they refuse to believe it. Robotman happens to overhear (what luck) and so sneaks into talk to Magico. Together they come up with a plan that ends up with the crooks gassed on the floor out cold, and Magico collecting a hefty reward.


Marvel Family


Dexter is back, and he has found a load of metal under ground with his new detection device. Him and Mary, Billy, and Freddy dig for it, but find not a new source of any metal but a long tube. Out of the tube came strange lizard men. They were easily beaten back by the Marvels. But later that night they returned and captured many humans, dragging them through the tube- which was connected to the past. Billy and the others search for the tube which had been moved and went through it in their kid forms (for nothing can effect them as Marvels) They were caught as soon as they exited the tunnel and fed into a strange machine that turned them into the lizard men as well! As lizards they could not speak clearly enough to call their lightning down. So they threw a rock with a note back to Dexter and he helped run them through the machine again, turning them back into kids. Then the Mighty Marvels destroyed the lizard men and freed the humans and everyone returned home. The marvels then smashed the tunnel beyond repair.


Strange Adventures


Hmm, At least I can always count on Captain Comet to be interesting. In his normal identity of Adam Blake, the Captain sees a man who had been going through ever book in the library and offered to help him find what he was looking for. He was rudely rebuffed. His curiosity now aroused Adam read the mind of the man to find that he was memorizing everything with his photographic memory. Adam followed the man and found hundred with an identical appearance. He sabotaged their ship and followed the directions of their ship to a planet. On this planet he found that the only inhabitants were old, feeble, having to rely upon robots for everything. They were knowledge parasites, who stole all the knowledge from a world- and then destroyed it. When Captain Comet is discovered they try to kill him, but finding out how the bots were powered he takes them all down. When Adam turns them off he finds all the living inhabitants are dead. Returning home he finds the police had to shoot the men who he had stranded on earth- they too were just robots.




If only my friend Jor-el could be here now– to see what a great man his son turned out to be. That’s the last line of the first story this issue, and I adore it. You may know this about me but I love Superman, and I know how much it would mean to him to make Jor-el happy. The speaker of the sentence was a great scientist who did indeed know Clark’s bioparents. In the days before the death of Krypton Jor-el was looking for a safe place he could send his people. The scientist visited Krypton to talk about his world with Jor-el. He got to the doomed planet by means of a matter radio. He still had the radio, and after publishing a book about krypton, crooks found the machine. The most Super-feat Kal pulled this story was to speed faster than the radio waves from Metropolis to Central City.


Kryptonite, deadly and dangerous to our hero strikes again. Tricked into going near the radioactive element , but still unable to be harmed, Superman is held captive for days in it’s presence. Weak from the exposure and lack of food he uses his x-ray vision to burn the floor under the kryptonite, freeing himself. But his mind had been harmed from being around the stone too long. Not knowing who he was Superman switches clothes with a scarecrow and becomes a hobo called Bud. He later retrieves his blue and red suit because wonder of wonders he knows who he is while the moon is shining. Living two lives in a way he hasn’t before; Bud Mack becomes a famous baseball star While Superman only has time to stop the crimes around him before returning to being Bud. Finally the crooks who had trapped him previously figure out that Bud is Superman and attack him during a game. Weakened Superman crashing into a radiotherapy machine, which allows his memory to fully return. Now knowing who he is Superman takes the crooks in and in his final appearance as Bud Mack quits his team.


Lois is sent to report on some relics that had just been recovered. One of them was a wampum belt that showed Superman with an arrow in his shoulder. Lois was kind of offended and said that it couldn’t possibly be true and that she would prove it. So she went to her second assignment, where a scientist had claimed to make a time machine. So she went in and poofed away to the past, but a native maiden took her place in 1952. Perry asked Clark to follow and help her and Clark agreed, on the condition that they print the story at once so Superman could join them. Getting to the past Clark has taken the place of John Smith, and Lois, Pocahontas. Clark goes out scouting and find Lois tied to a pole and a ceremony being preformed. He scares away the natives and talks to Lois, telling her that they thought she was the native maid that had been sent into the future and were trying to drive out the evil spirits that had changed her to a white woman. They then stained her skin with berries. The whole Pocahontas saves John Smith thing happens and then Superman appears to save the natives from a rock slide. The chief was tempted to shoot Superman when he first appeared, and Lois basically laughed that the arrow could possible hurt him. So when Superman was leaving she shot the arrow into his shoulder. It was later reveled that the arrow actually hit the man who was trying to entice war with the natives and the two are grabbed by the timeline to go back home. The story ends with Perry Telling Lois she needn’t have gone for there was another wampum that showed Pocahontas shooting Superman and asked if that was what happened. “Exactly! Except it wasn’t Pocahontas, and it wasn’t Superman”


Phantom Stranger


As you can tell by the number 1 up there this is the first issue of Phantom Stranger, and As I haven’t mentioned him before you might have guessed that this is his first appearance. Now I know nothing about this character, so it’s all new to me.


I guess I won’t miss Terry much. Phantom Stranger seems to have tales similar to his. A woman is told by a ‘ghost’ that she is cursed to die because of her ancestor sent them to the grave. Phantom has her fake her death, and when her cousin comes in directly after the ‘gunshot’ he sees the traces of spirit gum and then accuses him with only that as proof but the guy looses his head and tries to kill Phantom. At the end of the tale he is thanked and then vanishes.


The second story has PS debunk several more visitations. A plane crashed you see and everyone upon the flight perished. A business man who was being blackmailed appeared at his attackers home and tried to get the papers, then the horseman seemingly rode and broke a horse named roughneck, and finally a dead man went to his fiance, saying that they could only be together in death. Putting the ‘ghost’ in a head lock PS shone a light on his face to show it was the waiter the fiance of the dead man had seen embezzling. He faked the other visitations to through anyone off his trail.


A man whose name I have already forgotten is driving down a road. he and his companion decide they are lost and head to a nearby house to ask for directions. The man heads inside and finds that the occupant had lured him here and planned to kill him. Phantom appeared (out of mid air like usual) and showed the man that all of the magic the occupant had used was stage trickery. But I don’t think the resident of the house realized this for he was talking about sacrificing PS and the man in order to gain Immortality. While trying to kill Phantom the would be killer ran into some wires that helped work his trick filled home and perished.

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