Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1952, August Part 3 (last)

  • Tomahawk 12
  • Whiz Comics 148
  • World’s Finest 59




I’m kinda iffy on a lot of the stories where Tomahawk and Dan are with a tribe, they are not overtly racist, but it bothers me that Tomahawk has to save them so often. Sure Pow-wow helps white men often so it’s not one sided but… still. Anyway, a man was trying to trick a tribe into believing he had the power to command anything and be obeyed. Truly he was just in league with everyone who obeyed him, but there was a moment when it looked like he had gotten Tom too.


In this story a man named Kerrn was looked down upon by the people of his town because he was a foreigner, spoke broken English and was unable to trap or hunt. This wouldn’t have normally caught Tomahawks attention, but as the town was trapped by a hostile tribe Dan and his friend rode in. Tomahawk listened to the man and told the villagers that Kerrn would save the town. The next day Tomahawk and Kerrn met with the chief. Using his abilities as a ventriloquist Kerrn made it seem as though the chief was admitting that he didn’t start the war for the good of his tribe. The medicine man decided that it was because sometimes a man’s conscious is louder than his voice.


*Grins evilly* now I know the British are our allies, and from what I can tell they didn’t treat the colonies as badly as some other suppressed people are, but I still like revolutionary tales. Even with the crap that goes on in my country the ideals we were founded upon are strong and true. So seeing Tomahawk twist a raid by some natives to his advantage so he could capture the Governor and force him to pardon a vast number of those the redcoat considered traitors, was a blast.


Whiz Comics: Captain Marvel, Ibis the Invinicible


Billy starts off this issue telling us that a penny is worth more than a bag of gold. You see representatives of an alien race had come by and offered to buy all of our copper. People went a little mad. Phone wires were torn down and every scrap was being sold to the aliens. When Captain Marvel realized that there was no power and that with how quickly the copper mines were being drowned out, he was horrified. He rushed out and found an uninhabited planet that was rich in copper and showed it to the aliens, therefore saving civilization.


In an unspecified land there was a massive plague of locusts. Wanting to help Ibis first visits the Locust Idol of the land and asks it if it has any control over the plague. It replies in the negative. So Ibis and Taia find the locusts with the Ibistick and wish a cloud of poison around it- to no avail. Ibis Then captures a few and in taking them t the head scientist f the land he discovers they are radio controlled robots. When the scientist leaves to tell his president the swarm attacked, and Ibis discovers his wand is gone. The two take cover in the basement and survive the robots attack.Ibis then proves that the scientist had stolen the Ibistick and was responsible for the locusts in the first place.


World’s Finest: Superman, Green Arrow, Batman


So Luthor goes to this guys laboratory and steals some super magnets. He rigs up this trap globe that when Superman picks it up it sets off it’s device that will make it so if the globe hits the ground again it’ll explode (poison gas too so he can’t just let it go of in Antarctica) So Superman is stuck with this big globe. Because he doesn’t want to panic anyone he doesn’t tell them and Lois chews him out for being self-centered.But anyway after finding ways to foil Luther’s attempts at crimes he decides he really needs to loose the globe. So he makes a super mirror out of a cliff face and takes Luthor and himself high into the sky. and lets go. Luthor laughs and is all- you won’t let it crash and Superman was like yeah… and then he starts to panic’oh he miscalculated, now he doesn’t have time to save them!’ So Luthor is scared and rips out the device and then he and his cronies go to jail. because they weren’t really gonna hit Metropolis- it was a mirage made by the huge mirror he made.


Okay so it starts off by showing us how cool their arrowlab is again and how picky they are about their arrows. Then they go to a dedication ceremony where the two of them are supposed to shoot a tree. Pretty easy for them eh? except the arrow vanished before it reached it’s target. Turns out some crooks had been using that tree to store their loot and sprayed it with a chemical to dissolve the arrow so they could have time to recover their loot. These guys are idiots. They should have let G.A. shoot the bloody tree and then come back later- not draw attention to themselves!


Why must they taunt the Joker so? It’ll just make him madder for next time. So Joker brings in specialists to help his crimes, a sword sallower, a female impersonator, and Bruce Wayne. He gets Bruce to help him by kidnapping Dick. (I might start having to record those) Bruce is an expert Slingshot-er and Joker wants him to shoot diamonds off the ship into a little boat nearby. Bruce palms the diamonds and ‘misses’ shooting a piece of crystal with note in it to harbor patrol. I have no idea when Batman could have written a note and placed it in crystal. Then Batman arrived and he traps the Joker. They point out that the Joker could have escaped them by breaking the porthole.

Will’s favorite issue this month is: Superman!


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