Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1952, October Part Two

  • Detective Comics 188
  • Marvel Family 76
  • Master Comics 130
  • Phantom Stranger 2
  • Strange Adventures 25

Detective Comics: Batman, Impossible But True, Robotman

The villain was quite clever here, I mean, it did turn out to be the guy I suspected, but his methods were clever. The big foe here was backing a littler guy called Hook. Hook started sending threats to Batman to back off or he would kill them- in the Bat Cave. Then he showed them he was serious by spraying Batman with a formula that catches fire after a while and putting deadly gas in the batmoblie’s tires in a way that it would ease out in a cooler area. Batman thought they were just warning attacks, for there were small signs of them.  When The Bat caught Hook he brought him into the cave, so that he would tell them where the hidden bomb was out of fear for his own life. Barley in time Bruce realized that Hook was the bomb. He took off his new fake arm and manged to deactivate it. Turns out Hook had been asking for a bigger cut, and seeing that he was almost killed testified against the man.

Poor Robotman! He was taken off guard and ended up being taken apart by a crook, and they made it so that he had to obey all the radio impulses they sent out. And the made him steal again and again. I would hate not being in control of my body! yech! Anyway he tells them that they can’t make him steal from the charity fair that was going on, and they’re like-oh yeah? and send him over. Robotman knew there was going to be radio coverage of the fair and with the impulses disrupted he was able to repair himself, and head back to rund up the criminals.

Well that was sad. The man pictured above had enslaved his people by conning them into believing that he had power over life and death. Roy expressed his disbelief and the man said he would kill a man three times and bring him back to life. If Roy could not defraud him, then he would die. The man first ran into a forest fire. Awful way to go. The second time he jumped into a volcano, how traditional. Finally the man was about to leap off a cliff in to the ocean while weight heavily down. Roy stopped it and ripped off a mask from the condemned man that made him look like the first, who had died in the fire. The men had played along because they were condemned to die anyway. But it’s awful that those two men walked calmly into death and Roy couldn’t save them.

Marvel Family

Mr. Morris has created a factory to develop Atomic peace time inventions. Such as an oven and a truck and ect. Anyway there were small green men that lived in the factory, the claimed to be good gremlins, and said they’d help keep things safe. But really they were aliens sent to steal our inventions. The family follows the aliens home and find that the theft was ordered to enrich one of the race now that he cannot sell the atomic weapons as he used to. The Marvel Family end up presenting the inventions on behalf of Earth, and we win all the prizes at the fair. We promise to send them the blueprints, and they go home as happy campers.

Captain Marvel Jr

There is a robbery which makes CMJr suggest that the cop cars get radios (omg they didn’t have that system yet?) And it ruins one of Sivana Jr’s plans. So He goes into the police station and hypnotizes the guy at the mic to order all cars to one place while his boys robbed a bank. CM2 then follows the cars, because he figures theres something big going on. then he hurries back to the station and finds the hypnotized guy. Figuring Sivana jr had something to do with it he goes after him. He knew where he was because he’s been keeping an eye on him. And he takes the robbers to jail, and Sivana jr goes back to reform school. They place an iron door around the radio room, to make sure that such interference could not be done again.


The girl pictured above is names Myra. Her uncle tells her and some guests that he plans to bury a human under his new summer home, to make it last, but that a shadow could be used as a substitute. As a joke Myra has her shadow ‘buried’  And later a shadow being comes after her, telling her that she would die 40 days after losing her shadow. PS appears and shows her how the trick was pulled off- mirrors, and a prepared room. He takes her out and proves she still has a shadow. In order to cheer her up her friends throw a shadow party, where they wear morph suits, and put on a shadow show and stuff. There was a trick  where it made it seem like someone could leave their shadow behind. Returning later to investigate the trick PS tells her how it was pulled off, and then a man in a blue morph suit tried to kill them both. Surprise Surprise it was the uncle. Obviously. It was his house with the trick room, he threw the shadow party, and he had her entire fortune to gain.

I really don’t get Phantom Stranger. He’s painted as this mysterious guy who only comes when he’s needed and then vanishes into the dark, but in this story he’s just standing on the street and when the mc of the story walks by he’s all ‘hey Adam’. Adam didn’t know him of course, as he has amnesia, and didn’t seem to know him after the tale either so maybe it does make sense, nm ignore me. Adam wakes up in this dude’s basement and is told he was created to kill an enemy of mankind. But like I said amnesia. When he thwarted Adam’s first attempt to kill the man Adam rushed back to his ‘creator’ and PS followed. In the struggle that followed Adam received a blow that returned his memory. The guy was a criminal that Adam and the man he was sent to kill were trying to expose.

What do you mean you don’t have a mystical cult that tries to sacrifice men to the moon god in your area? I thought they were everywhere! Part of this group see a man named Mark sketching them, he’s an artist, he thought it looked cool. So they start trying to kill him and PS helps him trap the cult.

Strange Adventures: Captain Comet

When everyone awoke they found a day was missing. Mostly is was by satellite, and things that run on timers that alerted the world, and then they checked the stars. Looking in the mind of Captain Comet we see what had happened. A race of aliens had invaded, and made the planet sleep with their somnoray, only Adam’s futuristic body evolving to accommodate the new environmental factor kept them from bombarding us with enough rays that we slept forever. They wanted to take over own planet because we had an abundance of and element they didn’t in this case, aluminum. But after a short battle (they were expecting no resistance after all) Adam used their own rays against them and sent them home at such a speed that they would crash before they wake.

Fav issue: Detective Comics

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