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1952, October Part Three (last)

  • Superman 78
  • Tomahawk 13
  • Whiz Comics 150
  • World’s Finest Comics 60


Jor-el once created a serum and tested it on a Kyrptonian beast. It gave the being gain an insatiable hunger for the base minerals and elements. It was too strong to contain so the people of Krypton trapped the beast on their moon, ironically allowing it to survive the planet’s end. Set free from Krypton’s gravity the satellite drifted though space, eventually finding earth. Seeking a new source of food it leaped, and being upon Earth gained the powers of Superman in addition to it’s already mighty self. Stronger than Superman, fast, able to fly, and able to eat it’s way out of almost anything, this is the toughest foes he has yet to face. Finally he decides he must toss the beast into space, but by this time it has eaten a few bombs and a single jar might cause it to explode. Before the evacuation can truly get underway the heat from the creature sets the bombs off. In order to protect the people Clark stretches his cape and covers it, holding the explosion in his hands.

Gdi Clark. You are supposed to be smart, obviously the attacks on the strongest men in Metropolis are some crooks way if testing to see if they’re you. And you didn’t resolve it! They still think there is a chance the Clark Kent is Superman. UGH! Not gonna get into it, not a very good tale.

According to the wiki this is and Earth-two tale, however as all the Superboy tales are Earth-one I believe this to be as well. This is the first tale to have Lana as an adult! Lana comes to Metropolis to become a reporter. She goes to her old friend Clark Kent and he gets her a job at the planet. She begins writing a series called ‘I remember Superboy’ Which seems to be entirely about reporting on his old feats. I imagine that those had been reported upon at the time so I don’t see how it would be a good seller , but hey what do I know? So anyway Lana realizes that in one of the previous crimes the crook had hid his camera, and Lana knew it was pointing in the alley where Superboy appeared from , so she assumed she could find out his identity from it. So she goes to see the crook and finds his camera. Then Lois shows up and tries to convince Lana not to reveal who Superman is. Unfortunately the crook over hears this and kidnaps the girls, asking other criminals for a cool grand to view the vid. Clark finds the unfinished piece by Lana and figures out what she did and follows. As he can’t risk Lois and Lana by just stealing the tape, he instead does a video of his own and double exposes the one the crook took so that it looks like both Clark and Superboy are in the same place. While he is being mobbed by the criminals who had payed to see Superboy’s identity Clark darted in and saved his girls. Lana got transferred to another paper.


Stopping with a friendly tribe that had wished words with him Tom and Dan end up staying for a while and Dan finds that Tomahawk is secretly training Dawn Hunter, the chief’s son, and not just with weapons and skills, but also their secrets. Dan is hurt and figures that figures that Dawn must be replacing him. When they leave Dan secretly follows not wanting anything to happen to his friend. He is surprised to see Dawn disguised as himself. Long story short Dawn needed to recapture a totem of his people and Tom thought it would be safer to approach without them knowing his companion was of an enemy tribe.

Tomahawk was helping some travelers and as he scouted ahead he found out there was going to be a war party after them so they change paths over to an abandoned fort. After a small skirmish there were a few serious wounds. The bugler gave a few tips about a man who was in shock, and Tom deduced he was a doctor. From a newspaper clipping that just happened to be there (rolls eyes) he finds out that he had been a doctor but abandoned the practice after he lost a patient. Tom says he is gonna operate on the wounded, because it was better to try to save a life, then be sure they would pass. At the last minute- inspired by Tom- he does the operations himself.

Dan and Tom were heading to alert an American fort that the redcoats were moving in, but when they got to the fort, they found it had already been taken over. While running from the British forces they had alerted they were hidden by a woman who was mostly neutral. While leaving her property the soldiers damaged a gate that was apparently very important. So she and her father went solidly rebel, gathering a few men and helping set up an ambush to get some guns. They staged such a ruckus that the British believed there to be a large group attacking, and they called the retreat after the girl’s father blew up the road by tossing a hot iron into an ammunition wagon. The woman chased off the rest by knocking over her beehives. No one stands up to a swarm of angry bees.

Whiz Comics: Captain Marvel, Ibis the Invincible

Billy is being shown around an atomic base (because somehow a ten year old has clearance) and they get an alert about atomic activity in the amazon. Cap heads out to see what’s what and he finds out that a super-intelligent race of wasps and a super-intelligent race of ants have declared war, and have tiny atom bombs.


He ends up sneaking into the place the bombs are made and tossing the wasp king into the reactor. The resulting explosion also kills the ant king, and the other ants and wasps gain peace and start the UI. United Insects.

Um, so short tale, focuses more on making Taia jealous than on the actual danger. You think a story about thinking plants would be more important than the fact that the person they had to save was a beautiful woman. You know I’m getting a bit tired of this time period in some ways.

World’s Finest Comics: Superman, Green Arrow, Batman

First thought HOW THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT¬†PHOTOSYNTHESIS TO BREAK DOWN A MOUNTAIN! Secondly I’ll tell you of the tale. A swindler though it would be good feather in his cap if he could con J. Wilber Wolfingham. You might remember me mentioning him before as a Superman villain, and a con man himself. ¬†As an added snub Superman helped to make the con succeed. Superman was asked to help with some experiment that involved tying rockets to him and smashing large, tough, objects. Idk. But the swindler made it look as though his machine was doing the destruction.

and the machine was based on photosynthesis, if you need me to explain my outburst up there. So Wilber purchases it and begins producing them. Then Clark is set to wright about the new machine and sets out to see it at work, only it doesn’t! So Superman does some work and finds out Wolfingham is selling them and gets suspicious. (also he calls him Wolfie) But by not charging in and just watching he figures that there is a chance that Wilber has now truly gone straight. So he finds a new way to use the machines (apparently they can produce heat?) And Wilbur might not show up again.

GA and Speedy find out that one of their friends, a native chief had been banished from his tribe in disgrace because he believed the tales inscribed on a new totem pole that was found. It described five fabulous feats preformed by the chief’s ancestors. In order to prove them possible GA decides to replicate them. He uses his trick arrows of course, but he does explain how the original feats were achieved.

A man worked all his life (in the black market) to achieve great wealth and when he felt he had accumulated enough he went out to buy objects he coveted. Unfortunately he was turned away from all of his treasures because they held more value than what money could pay to their owners. Pissed off the rich man decided to steal what he had tried to purchase. Through outrageous plans (such as buying a circus and loosing the lions) he began to put his plan into motion. Because Batman was becoming an irritant to him he shelled out a bunch of dough to try to find out Batman’s identity. By stealing a famous autograph collection and using a signature of Bruce Wayne’s he planned to prove they were one in the same. However he became careless when he thought that he was about to unmask the bat, and got caught. But the signatures were right next to each other, and so the rich man thought he had won none the less. But because Batman signs with his left hand and Bruce with his right, his identity remained secret.

So if you are reading these as I’m publishing them then you are aware we’ve had some problems with pictures. Well good news starting with the next post all the pictures will be hosted on another site where I don’t have to pay to post them. Look for the link at the top!

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