Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1952, November Part 1

  • Action Comics 174
  • Adventure Comics 182
  • Captain Marvel Adventures 138
  • Captain Marvel Jr 115
  • Detective Comics 189

Pictures can be found here:

Action Comics: Superman, Congo Bill, Tommy Tomorrow, Vigilante


The thing about kyrptonite is that you never know how the tale is gonna go with it. People less versed in the Superman mythos believe it simply weakens him, and could possibly kill the man of steel. Ha! This is a prime example of they mysteries of the green element. Not even going into red, or gold, or any of the other kryptonites.

During a session in court a piece of kryptonite is stolen, Superman manages to catch the criminals but the stone was lost. Turns out it had fallen into an experimenting scientist’s lab, and helped to form a powerful twine that even Superman couldn’t break, though it had none of kryptonite’s normal effects. Using the twine to pull jobs, and I have to admit they’re clever, I don’t think I could figure out a way to rob a bank with a piece of string. But then, I don’t dedicate my time to figuring out how to be an outlaw. But they run into a slight Superman problem and so trick him into being tied to a post with Lois. They know he could break the post, but not without hurting the reporter. Playing a hunch Superman had Lois spill milk over the bonds when someone came to feed her; Because the twine had disappeared from a previous crime scene when a milk train had crashed. Luck he was correct and somehow milk dissolved their bonds. Superman was a bit mean when he caught the crooks and this is the reason why.

(I can put pictures on here, but it’s a longer process than I’d like. I’ll continue to put the title pages and covers on tumblr, but you might get a panel or so here.)

Congo Bill

Hmm, what to say about this one. This guy runs a safari where the animals are tame and play dead to impress those the customers show the pictures to. A business rival hires the man to kill the guys newest customer. Bill happens to see that the animals the man is supposed to be ‘hunting’ are far from tame, and begins saving his life from afar. But eventually the guide realizes what is going on, and tries to have his customer kill Bill.  Then Bill uses the tame animals from the preserve to trap the guide, and trick him into confessing. I mean what would you do if faced with lions and elephants?

Tommy Tomorrow  

People have always searched for eternal life and youth, perhaps it is in our very genetics. To quote “humans always want what’s not good for them” I don’t remember where that’s from though, and I can’t seem to find it. If someone knows please shoot it my way so I can credit properly.

In this tale a man appearing to be around 25 claimed to have been marooned on a small planetoid for 30 years. He confronts the man who had inherited his wealth when his ship had crashed. In the end Tommy and the man convinced the man to turn over his ill gotten wealth and write a confession about trying to kill the man and his wife. Of course, there was nothing that gave the man eternal youth. He was the son of the marooned couple, who decided to stay on their planetiod while their son left to learn about the universe.


Born to a long line of sharp shooters Betty May was determined to be as good as her family, but she couldn’t seem to shoot for beans. A gun man from another county taught her to shoot, and I mean shoot she even out shot the Vig! Or so we thought. Because of her stance and the fact that her shooting should not have worked by all the rules of a gunsmith Vig knew it was faked and investigated. However she wouldn’t listen to Vig and retrieved her ancestral guns from the museum. Her teacher than tried to steal them and Vig had to stop them. Betty gives up sharpshooting in the end, but you know I think she’ll go back to it. I mean she’s been working on it for years.

Adventure Comics: Superboy, Aquaman, Johnny Quick, Green Arrow


Hm, the title page and cover proposed that Clark would be the one being made out to be a hick. You would think by now I would know by now not to take those literally. Will I ever learn. Well, what truly happened was Clark was invited to Metropolis with a friend of his but they didn’t know that it was because the friend’s rich uncle was trying to choose an heir. The other nephew however did know as he over heard his uncle talking. The other nephew wanted to play fair, but his friend wanted to make sure his friend got the inheritance.

First he convinced his friend (the other nephew) that Clark’s friend was trying to smarm up to the uncle, by letting him ‘overhear’ that he needed the better seats at the game because of his poor eye sight. Then the holds were lifted, and they really tried to make a fool of Clark’s friend. Superboy obviously didn’t let them, turning it around each time, as he do. So Clark decides to remove outside influences and strand the two in the middle of the ocean with a tiny island, only big enough for one. Eventually they help each other and find out about the tricks that had been played, and both get written into the will.


I don’t know about you, but if Aquaman tells me something is safe I’m gonna believe him, and so I totally agree with the people who got on a ship-restaurant when a typhoon was due to hit. Maybe I should start at the beginning. Because their restaurant was so profitable the land owner took it back from them, intending to continue one himself. As a final measure he sold the couple land that was underwater. Aquaman happened by, and built them a ship out of downed ships and made power go to it through his eels. When he saw the storm was coming he sealed up every crack with seas sponges and blubber fish. Then as the storm hit he pulled the ship under water, where the sea was as still as a summer day.

Johnny Quick

Johnny spots a fire and rushes to put it out, finding a circus caravan trapped by the flames. They lamet that even though the fire didn’t get them water would for the town the had been heading for (their last as they were too broke to continue) was flooding. They wished they could do something to help, and Johnny said he’d be back to see if he could. Things were bad in the town, they were low on sandbags and people were spooking. So Johnny rigged up a wire bridge and the circus people were able to cross. In their colorful costumes they helped in two ways, they calmed the people and were able to lend man power while Johnny gathered up more sandbags. With the town saved Johnny suggested the circus would have no problem getting work when the news of their deeds got out.

Green Arrow

Think comics are too out there? Some people agree with you, like the editor of the paper that prints the Purple Archer comics. In an effort to prove that all his feats are possible the artist asks GA to achieve the stunts that his character pulled. Some were easy enough but then some crooks figured out what the Emerald Archer was doing and changed the strip to have the Purple Archer shoot an arrow faster than sound. Oliver was dumbfounded, and had no idea how he could pull it off. There wasn’t a bow in the world that could handle the pull required. Committing a crime while Ollie was trying to figure it out, he managed by using the steel cable that was the telephone wire, and shot down their plane with his amazing move. Finally the editor was convinced that the stories were not to fantastic- but I’d like to see them pulled out irl. I guess I’m just a septic (Does that make me Scully? bc I adore Scully)

Captain Marvel Adventures

So Billy has solved the mystery of flying saucers. Pa Potter, Billy’s neighbor goes out to look for some and lo and behold, one comes down. Captain Marvel goes to greet them, and they say that they are here to help us and that they are slaves and their masters- and then they were disintegrated. Cap gets in the ship and follows the others to the arctic, where the ships are being loaded with ice. Enough has been taken that Earth begins to wobble as it is now off balance. So Cap takes a mountain from the moon to stabilize us.  He then goes to the home world of the ice thieves, and find out their planet is too close to their sun and so they steal ice to keep it cool. Cap beats up the king, has him form a democracy and abolish slavery, and then he pushes the planet into a cooler orbit.

There was this business man who wanted to own all the buildings in the area. There was only one guy holding out and he refused to sell. So in order to get the property he sends the other man a cursed suit of armor. It comes to life and tries to kill Billy, who changes and smashes it. The business man sees this and goes into the shop reassembling the armor around the shop keeper. Setting out to kill and rob it keeps Cap at bay by threatening to run into things and kill the man inside. Cap turns back into Billy and Billy traps the armor in sticky tar and then Cap tears the armor away from the shopkeeper and he forces a confession out of the businessman.

Final tale this ish features the notorious Sivana. Billy seems to truly have gotten the final word in as he now has a sensor ring that signals when Sivana is near. Sivana decides that as long as he can’t rule the world life is not worth living so when Cap chases him from one of his schemes he smashes his helicopter into a cliff-face. Two days later the scientist is buried. And Billy’s ring goes off. He sees Sivana who tells him that he is a ghost and has returns to atone for his misdeeds. Believing him, Billy tosses the ring and celebrates the earth being free of that menace. Only for Sivana, who is not a ghost, to attack him. Sivana gets distracted by a siren and Billy frees his mouth with a random bottle of acid. Then Sivana is sent to jail after he is shown that the sensor ring was the siren he had heard.

Captain Marvel Jr

Are we at war again already? Some dude called the Mongol Monster is destroying our ammunition dumps. And he’s all, ‘I’m gonna destroy the allied nations’ I’m like ‘dude, chill’ But anyway CMJ sees the news about the dumps and goes to one near him, saves it from the fireballs that rained down upon it and followed the one that fled home. The Mongol Monster kills the guy that lead CMJ and then tried to kill our boy blue. While fighting him some more fireballs were sent out and Jr had to go stop those. When he came bad the monster was hiding, so he became Freddy because he figured that he would come out if only a crippled boy was around. But unfortunately he was knocked out before he could say the name and put in one of the fireballs. Because it’s soundproof the lightning didn’t come to change him, and he had to steer the ball back to it’s base as Freddy. As it exploded he shouted out “Captain Marvel” and became CMJ again. The monster was killed in the blast.

Not quite sure if this counts as a character death an survival, but I’m gonna tag it any way. Hundreds of reports have been coming in about flying saucers, and because many come from the army CMJ goes to check it out. He finds one and smashes it, getting covered in goop. As he is going home he is followed by one of the saucers, which are giant eyes. It watches him go home and to bed and then uses something to still his heart and slow his brain and as it’s about to steal him away Leroy comes in. There are some sad panels where everyone is mourning, but the eye comes back,  wraps Freddy’s body in it’s eyelashes and rushes away with him. He is presented to a man with a thousand eyes as the most powerful weapon on Earth. He doesn’t believe it and he grabs down at Freddy, who wakes and shouts the name. Then he fights and kills the idol. and CMJ flies home. Everyone is pleased to have Freddy back.

Fire, dangerous, beautiful, both harmful, and helpful. This story reminds us that modern civilization can’t survive without it. While stopping a building fire Freddy pisses off a fire demon who curses him to have all fires around him die. Soon he realizes that the oven won’t work, the heater, power plants, cars, even pipes, matches and cigarettes! Fleeing society so as not to cause harm Freddy is found by the demon who came to laugh. But getting to close to Freddy made his own flame go out and he held the demon by the tail until the curse was lifted.

Detective Comics: Batman, Impossible But True, Robotman


Knowing the littlest things can solve the largest of crimes. This one was only solved because of a fountain pen. Crooks were disappearing from the underworld, not a bad thing eh? Except they were highly wanted men and they were being hidden in a secret underwater base, deeper than any human had ever managed before. Batman and Robin followed in their batosphere (slams head against wall) and are unable to follow because of the depth. Because they were posing a threat the hideout the man who runs it captured Batman ans Robin and took them down into his hideout, to be hunted for sport. Batman noticed that his pen still wrote however and knew that if they were truly under that much water, the pressure would stop up the pen. So he just heads out the airlock, boom. The thing they followed was a decoy, that was made to head to a chasm and drop.

Impossible but True

Nobody can live below freezing, nobody human at least (and at this point in comics Hi Bobby!) but a man did try to prove to Roy that he was indeed able to do so. It was a hoax, carefully crafted in order to steal platinum from a hospital, (you’d have to read the tale I don’t want to explain) using dry ice.


The crooks in most of these tales are so dumb. I hope that if faced with the same circumstances I would be smart enough to figure it out. So Robotman was having a hard time with this gang because they just split up whenever he approached. So he and the scientist pretended that there had been and accident and Robotman was now made of gold. Point one, if he was, he could switch out the parts- he doesn’t have to stay gold. Two is he thinks he is too weak to fight crime, and made of gold, why would he walk in a regular path everyday. (trap, trap, trap) Third, as they are cutting him up, don’t they realize it doesn’t cut like gold? if it’s just gilt paint wouldn’t they see the steel as they sawed? Anyway, he had traps in each part of him, timed gasses, an electric pulse, etc… and so they were caught.

Fav Issue: Action Comics

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