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1952, November Part 3 (last)

  • Whiz Comics 151
  • Wonder Woman 56
  • World’s Finest Comics 61


  • Kid Colt Outlaw 23
  • War Combat 5


Whiz Comics: Captain Marvel, Ibis the Invincible

Captain Marvel


One of Billy’s friends has discovered a new cure, like penicillin. Unfortunately there was no disease that it cured. So he didn’t really mind when the culture was stolen. But the thief went looking for something the ultracillin would cure and discovered an ancient dancing Plague. Cap found out what he was planning and dropped him off in jail, but the thief already had a sample of the virus and spread it out the window. Soon everyone was dancing uncontrollably, which sounds silly, but was really dangerous. Cap goes to see the guy and he demands a million for the cure, Cap starts dancing and the thief lowers his guard so Cap can grab the Ultracillin. Silly thief, germs don’t harm Captain Marvel.



River spirits have always been a part of lore, and often they don’t get along with humans. In this story Ibis and Taia hear about a river flooding, risking many towns and a power plant along the way. He reinforces the dam, and barricades around each town, angering the river spirit who had sworn man would never harness his power. So it left the river and tried to kill Ibis. The Prince than banished the spirit to a slow ice clogged river in the north, where he would have not the strength to harm.


Wonder Woman


Amazing. I mean, I adored and loved Wondy before but now… Wow. This issue was gold guys. Read/Buy it if you can.

First tale has Wonder Woman called out to a small town where the kids had become overly interested in racing cars. Before she even spoke to the mayor she had to stop some kids from having a headlong collision. When she was doing that though someone shot at her. She was shot at again when she was at the gas station. She went out to the desert to make a safe place where the kids could race and two men tried to run her down. As she ducked and let the car run over her she heard something odd and so punched out the gas tank, spilling gold all over the ground- and not the black kind. They were attacking her because they though she had figured out before that they were hiding stolen gold in the kids’ cars, but of course she hadn’t and well, they really brought their own demise. What man can stand up to the mighty amazon?


Which brings us to the next story. Poor Steve, Wonder Woman’s fiance and good friend. In this story he begins to feel as though he is unworthy of Wonder Woman, as people tease him because his girlfriend is stronger than him. She saves his life three times in the first half, and then Steve drops their engagement until he can prove he is as good as her in the same ways she saved him. First he wanted to bounce bullets off of a glove he made. WW knew the glove was strong enough, but Steve wouldn’t be fast enough to catch the bullets, so she moving fast enough not to be seen made the bullets hit her bracelet and bounce into the glove. Then he wanted to lasso a car, which was no problem except he wanted to make the car stop. Wonder Woman used such skill in tossing her own lasso inside of Steve’s so it couldn’t be seen and holding the car while he tied his lasso securely. (I don’t know it you have ever tried to toss a lasso at all, but it’s hard. I am so impressed.) Lastly he wanted to fly a plane as fast as WW. At this point I’m like- dude that’s mostly because of her plane- but what ev.  So he took his newly developed jet and set off. Di lifted the plane into the atmosphere and held it there as the Earth turned.


Then WW was convinced to host a telethon to sent underprivileged kids to camp. This good cause was set up by a group of criminals who wanted to have a day where they knew they would be free of Wonder Woman. Somehow though Wonder Woman was still capturing crooks even though she was on live television. As a last resort a man pledged 10000 is WW would pick it up in person. So she goes and shakes his hand and finds out that is a dummy rigged to explode if she removes her hand, but she’ll be shot it she doesn’t. So she pulls her hand away. Boom! The crook celebrates until he’s captured by WW, see it was a dummy of her that was holding the other dummy’s hand, one she made to take care of the telethon while she did her other job.


World’s Finest: Superman, Green Arrow, Batman



This is odd considering later versions of Superman are solar powered. Of course that isn’t true of this Clark, but the point remains the same. Our hero is unable to go into the sunlight for a few days because a meteor that smashed into the sun was made of kryptonite and so left him weak in it’s rays. But he has a life to live! People to save! Well he is able to get to work alright, by burrowing under the ground, but preforming at the rodeo seems out of the question. He inhales and draws a cloud over the place so he can work in shade the smarty. But his behavior strikes some criminals as odd and the figure out he doesn’t want to go into the sun. So follows Clark trying to prevent crimes done in the sunlight. Finally to prevent him the bring a large mirror that they send light onto him when he approaches. He cleverly beats them and gets them sent to jail and then makes his own mirror to shield him as he goes into space and destroys the meteor that missed the sun and was going to hit Earth.


Green Arrow

This I feel is a precursor to many popular villains of Ollie’s as in this issue he is faced with a pair of master archers. Lucky Charm and Rabbits were not originally bowmen, but escaping from GA and Speedy they get stranded upon an island, and there learn the tricks of the trade. When they are rescued they run Oliver ragged with their crimes, and the two can’t seem to get any clues on the new archers. Finally Lucky Charm challenges GA and by exposing the way the man was cheating he was able to win the bout and send the two to jail.



By placing a bug in the Joker’s car Batman gained valuable information that allowed him to capture another crook, for which he gave credit to the clown Prince. Angered at being put on the right side of the law he plans to make it so that Batman becomes a criminal by cheating, stealing, and then killing. He puts his plan into place by kidnapping Robin, and threatening to kill him if Batman does not comply. So Batman heads out and becomes a cheat, by cheating death- being unharmed when he jumped out of an airplane. Joker is mad, but gives it to him, then he sends Batman out to steal. During this time he decides to pull a job himself, as at least he’d get some loot as Batman is busy. Batman went and stopped the Joke and the papers declared that he had ‘stolen’ the Joker’s thunder. In order to make sure he actually went through with what the Joker meant this time the clown went with Batman to a circus. And Batman killed alright, he killed the audience with laughter as he put on a show the like of which had never been seen before. He dropped the Joker off with the police and dressed like him, went and picked up Robin.


Kid Colt Outlaw


Colt was chased off by the sheriff of this town, but he tired of it, the running, the hiding so in the morning he turned back, intending to turn himself in a get a fair trail once and for all.  However he wasn’t the only outlaw in the area, and the sheriff was shot and killed. Of course the towns people though Kid Colt did it, and were going to lynch him. He managed to get free and attacked the group really responsible for the sheriff’s death. Then he offered to stay and stand trial, but was told he couldn’t expect a fair trail in this area and that he should ride on.


Duel in Durango! Hey, I know that place. Go there almost every day. Kid is just riding along and he sees these jack asses tying to kidnap a kid, and so steps in. Apparently the boy’s father had found some treasure and wouldn’t give up the location, so they were trying to capture his son so as to have leverage. Colt thinks that’s stupid and heads off to free the man. Kid has friends in Durango, where he’s being held. He beats up this guy that tries to kill him and takes his clothes and then slips the prisoner a file. In the morning he come back with some hardware and they blast their way out. Father and child are reunited in a very cute panel.


The human body is remarkable! I mean it’s not likely, but it could heal from the injuries that Kid Colt sustained this story. He was in a town where it was so peaceful not even the sheriff wore guns. So when Kid sees some crooks he warns them away, and they attack him, stampeding their horses over his prone body. He managed to shoot them as they rode off and saved the bank. The town protected him, helped to heal him, but something pulled Kid back to the road after he healed. He found the bastard who had hurt him, even though he remembered nothing of his previous life. They saw he didn’t know them and threatened him, played with him. But one of their blows woke his memories and he was able to take them all down.

Fave Ish: Wonder Woman

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