Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953, January Part 1

  • Action Comics 176
  • Adventure Comics 185
  • All-Star Western 69
  • Captain Marvel Jr 117
  • Detective Comics 191


Action Comics: Superman, Congo Bill, Tommy Tomorrow, Vigilante



Superman swoops in and captures two crooks, nothing odd about that. But it was odd when he requested the reward money for the two. Superman had never asked for money before, and at first it was thought that he got the money for charity. But he told Lois that he was tired of not making any money himself, and as she got paid for what she did why shouldn’t he? Well it goes on like this, Superman even put and ad in the paper saying he would do any job, providing it was legal. Lois got mad at Supes and decided to marry Clark. He made a fantastic safe, one that displayed how much was inside and was completely burgle proof. Of course this was a ruse, as he had gather the money to make him self the target of the million dollar man; a thief who only went in on jobs that would net at least a thousand. Swooning over the man of steel again, the engagement was off.


Congo Bill

Once Bill had been hurt in a trap, and was unable to move. His life was saved by a tame tiger named Mingo who lived in the area. Mingo brought him water and cleaned his wound and soon Bill was able to go home. Weeks later he stopped a party who were out to kill Mingo, as he had turned man-eater. Bill told them that he would bring back the killer, and turned them back. Two smugglers were trying to get past the area and had bought a tiger that looked like Mingo in order to kill Bill. They released him near Bill, knowing the tiger would attack. But even though the tigers looked the same, Bill was able to tell this was an old tiger, while Mingo was young. So he killed the man eater and then he and Mingo played a little trick on the smugglers, who could not tell that Mingo was not their tiger.


Tommy Tomorrow

A man claimed to have invented a radio that could transport both people an object to other places in space. He used it first on a vase and then a man. A television screen showed the both arrive. While this was much for the greater good, it harmed Tommy, whose boss was thinking of disbanding the planeteers as space travel was sure to become obsolete. Here I would like to say that’s stupid. Space travel would become less prevalent, but not completely disappear. There would be people who would refuse to travel by radio, and the need for Planeteers would sky rocket, as criminals would try to use the space roads to transport their goods. But it was a fake, the radio that is. He faked it because he wanted to buy out some of the space lines for cheap.



People in this town were getting upset over a statue that depicted a local legend, and were going to tear it down. The legend was of three deputies that each had a handicap, but together they were the most fearsome lawmen of the time. To protect the statue, and because he though it was true, Vig decided to corral this gang he was hunting while having each of the handicaps. First he goes out deaf: they trip over a line he had tied to his fingers to alert anyone of being near. Then he went out mute. I was like well that’s easy, but they had to make it a little tough for him (the writers that is) so the crooks end up locking him on a phone station and he uses Morse code to get out and call help. Then he went out blind. This is tough, I mean I bet you can take on a situation depending on the circumstances, but without help, or other super senses, I bet it would be impossible to be a regular crimefighter while blind. But he takes the tires of his bike, and rides the rails, he spreads the ground with nut shells, and rigs his bike up with black pepper, so it blinds the crooks. It just goes to show what you can do if you’ve got the brains and equipment.


Adventure Comics: Superboy, Aquaman, Johnny Quick, Green Arrow



Mr. Lang is out on another expedition, when he sees a unicorn. Shocked he takes a picture, and then finds more amazing creatures, such as a roc, a dragon, and a griffin. He takes pictures of them all and hurries back to camp. No one believes him, but they send a wire out anyway. But his pictures fail to turn out and he is labeled as a fraud and his expedition is ordered home. Only his friend the geologist, and a skeptic stay with him. Superboy knows Mr. Lang wouldn’t pull something like this deliberately and so goes to his aid. He finds the creatures, but they were paper mache and other such substances. He then finds an antelope with horns that had grown together, and places a giant squid in the marsh, and lets them be found. He magnifies a lizard into a dragon, and many such things. But these pictures didn’t turn out either. So Superboy starts looking in the arctic ice, hoping that there were once such creatures. He finds one, and brings it back to life with heat and a ‘super massage’ The griffin he had found scared the bejebbus out of the geologist, who had made the fake creatures and attempted to defraud Lang so he could have access to the land, which was rich in radium- the reason the pictures fogged.



A stoolie had tipped off the Coast Guard that a gang of crooks were looking to hire an expert swimmer to retrieve the treasure they had dropped in the sea. So he applied for the job. Sadly the criminals had learned about the stoolie and knew Aquaman was in the group of potential swimmers. So they made their test almost impossible. The released an eel and asked they catch it. Aquaman figured out it was a trick almost to late, as he was already holding the eel. When he let it go it stayed still and another man grabbed it. Realizing the man would be killed he began to make it look as though all the swimmers were Aquaman. One rode a sea cow, several swam faster than is possible for a human, one was pushed out of the sea t do fantastic tricks by a dolphin. Understandably the crooks freaked, and it gave the coast guard enough time to arrive.


Johnny Quick

Asked to follow Johnny Quick as Johnny Chambers while he delivered presents as Santa, our hero had to do a bit of quick thinking. He decided to give his friend Tubby his formula, mixed in with a bunch of other numbers of course. But Tubby had stopped to eat before going to the costume shop and he accidentally gave the list to a different Santa! This was a man who was down on his luck and had decided to rent a suit so he could steal gifts. Fate worked it that so when he tried to steal from one of those red cross Santas he saved his life and dropped the bucket on accident. Then he swiped a big bag from another Santa, but by this time Johnny was one the case, and he tricked the other guy into heading for the tree, and Johnny tripped him with the lights. The hour had worn down, and the thief had lost his speed. As it happened the man he had robbed was a criminal himself, and had already stolen the bag before. The man who had been as fast as Johnny was offered a job from the man who had been stolen from, and given a reward for helping to catch the thief. Christmas magic at it’s finest.


Green Arrow

There was a slight accident in the Arrowlab which put the microfilm records in danger, so while they were waiting on repairs they decided to keep the film in the Arrowcar. Only when they were saving the day the films spilled from the car, and after they gathered them up one was missing. Soon the ex-convicts from the film- who had been straight since leaving jail- began showing up again. Thankfully as a precaution Oliver had put his own picture in the film, and a man showed up to blackmail him. Rude. Anyway, Oliver and the ex-cons came up with a plan and were able to take down the blackmailers. Ollie then destroyed the part of the film with them on it, as he trusted them to stay on the straight and narrow.


All-Star Western


Johnny Thunder

So there was this actor, and he thought Johnny was kinda lame. Who couldn’t learn to shoot and ride and rope like him after all? While trying to prove this point to some ladies he dressed up as the western hero and pulled a few tricks such as shooting a dime in mid-air. While he was showing off his riding prowess, a bee stung his horse and it took him to the edge of town. He was jumped by a man with a grudge against Thunder. Thankfully the real Johnny was there, as he was keeping an eye on the actor to see exactly what he would do. So when the actor ran, the real Johnny stepped in and trounced the guy. While fleeing the fight the actor came across a bank robbery, and once more gave into fear. Johnny stopped the bandits and then came to see the actor. Who told him he would never again pretend to be him, and that it took more than it seemed to be him.

Captain Marvel Jr

Though technically not the last Issue this is the last I have so say goodbye to this title

Professor Edgewise suddenly recalled he had to be in London in five minutes, so Jr flew him across the pond to his meeting. It was a gathering of scientists that were trying to make a stockpile of fantastic inventions. But one of their members was killed, and before the killer got away Jr saw it was a nine foot tall wolf. But it did not just kill the man , but stole the blueprints of his invention as well. Later the wolf also tried to kill Edgewise, but of course Jr was on hand. The Professor was unharmed, but his papers too were stolen. While lamenting this with the other scientist one of them slipped, and mentioned what the invention was, even though he had been yet to be told.

A radio ham got contacted by a ship full of aliens and told his friend, CMJ. So Jr went out to meet them as the arrived, but saw nothing. He returned to his friend, and had to stop a fire at his gas pump. The Ham figured someone had shot at it as a way to make him pay for pulling a hoax. But then the aliens contacted them again, saying they were in rough, hilly ground with a river and cavernous walls. So CMJ flies over to the Grand Canyon, but again finds nothing. The eventually do find the beings from outer space, they are tiny insect like beings, and the place they landed was a flower box.

You remember Leroy Marks, right? Freddy’s practical joker roommate. Well he finds a book that tells him how to pull some masterful ones. While showing it off to Freddy and the rest he summons a practical joker demon, who would wreck havoc for the next 12 hours. When Jr tries to stop him he is changed to have green hair, freckles, and an adorable upturned nose. When people saw him they couldn’t help laughing. Ashamed he tried to make the demon undo it, but he said the only way for that to happen was for a human to trick him. So when the demon ran into one of Leroy’s tricks CMJ was put back to normal.


Detective Comics: Batman, Impossible but True, Robotman



Legal killers, through out history there have been many, and this time there was one in Gotham. He killed men who were wanted dead or alive and gathered up the rewards. Gordon was a little skeptical of him, but as it was all legal there was nothing he could do. IT turns out the executioner was helping break men out of prison so he could kill them and get the reward. It was to build up his reputation so that when this one crook did get free he could fake his death, and they would split the crook’s loot. Having figured out a little of this plan Batman took the crook’s place, and broke jail for him. But because Batman hadn’t know about the papers in the crooks jacket that told the location of the loot he ran into serious trouble. Having all the money already he decided to just kill the crook right off. Good thing Batman is so aware, as he wore a bullet proof vest under his disguise.


Impossible but True

Kinda lame this tale. A guy was trying to convince Roy that this gun could never miss, using a sharpshooter to cover him. The best part about it was that he was trying to sell these regular guns to the mob. But, I bet he’s a little glad that all the mob was caught by Roy stepping in, because I don’t think they could have gotten away with it.



So I have had a long talk about this topic before, to my friends and family, but I want your input as well. If Robotman were to die, and come back as a ghost would he look like Robert Crane? Would he look like a robot? Would he look like Paul Dennis? Yes in this tale Robotman is lead into a trap, which kills him. But his ghost comes back to haunt the gang who killed him. But of course these are all tricks, and they only thought they killed him. But using a special body, kites with goblins and the like painted on them, and a smoke machine he scared them into giving up their boss.

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