Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953, January Part 2

  • Marvel Family 79
  • Plastic Man 39
  • Strange Adventures 28
  • Superboy 23
  • Superman 80

Marvel Family

An Egyptian pyramid was found at the bottom of the sea, and to make it easier for the scientist the Marvel Family lifted it and placed it on land. In thanks Billy and the other kids were allowed to join in the expedition. The kids are a bit nervous about the warnings on the walls, but were assured that all pyramids have them. But when the final warning was given by Shazam and so Billy tried to stop him, but it was too late. The mummy was released. It began to release a variety of horrors on the world. Using  a device that made them mute the mummy was able to enslave the kids, and make them build a new base after they had destroyed the old one. They pretended to die from exhaustion and they were wrapped up like mummies and left. They wrecked the device that kept the mute and freed  they resealed the mummy with the help of Shazam.

Plastic Man

Plastic Man is really getting into the horror genre right now, not that they are truly scary, the word just meant ‘featuring the supernatural’ at the time. In the first tale a man escapes our hero and rents a haunted house as a hideout. There is a staircase in the house that no one goes up and comes down. In an effort to escape once Plas found his he went up the stair and Plas saw him being dragged by skeletons. Then the house burned down, and left no evidence.

In the Woozy tale he was bragging to some kid about being a great FBI man and he got sent to the local haunted house. He got his foot stuck and asked for the kid to bring reinforcements. So he brought the town’s women, turns out it was where their husbands sneaked away to play cards.

A gang of counterfeiters were giving the FBI the run around and every person sent after them had vanished. So they sent Plas after them. He found a man that seemed likely and sent Woozy in to ask for a glass of water. Woozy snooped and found large piles of bills so he called in his friend. But Eel was too slow to save Woozy who vanished in a flash of light. The counterfeiter claimed that he was in the fourth dimension. He pulled him back after the threats, but he was horribly disfigured. All three ended up over there and Plas realized the boss must have a way to go back without being harmed, so he tricks him, hits him, and steals the device, sending them all home

There was a local legend about an old lord who used to rule the area, and hunt down his serfs with his dogs. There have long been tales about his ghost haunting the area. A man runs screaming into the town, claiming he was being chased by this man, and the whole town is frightened. Later Plas has to save a woman who is being attacked by the ghost. Later it turns out the first man was trying to scare people off so he could buy the land which he found had oil. The woman he had tried to kill was his own sister the bastard! I mean I get mad at my sibs sometimes, but I would never!

Strange Adventures

What could be more fearsome than an invisible enemy? Closes eyes and thinks longingly of Susan Storm. 1961 can not get here fast enough. But anyway, this planet decides to make earth the place where they dump their criminals, who are more advanced than us. Once here they use a ray to turn invisible, and begin to steal our radioactive elements, so they can power a ship. Captain Comet shoots then with a paint gun and brings them back to their planet, threatening the council about using inhabited planets.


Clark comes home to find a lawyer with his folks. Because of where he was found this man believed Clark to be the lost heir of this fortune. Of course the Kents knew this wasn’t true, as well- Clark is kinda an alien. So Clark starts getting a bunch of spending money and the like, but he refuses to spend a dime as it’s not his. People think Clark is being stingy as he refuses to donate to the new hospital, and he asks Superboy to do everything for him for free. Because he had been so fortunate he began to gather up every foundling to find the real heir.  Using his x-ray vision he is able to find the boy and return to his own life

Superboy volunteered to take over some classes at the local college so the profs could take a break. When he got there the prominent English Prof refused to see him, because he felt a child with so little experience could not be a good teacher.  He is generally very rude about it. So when a fire is started and the teachers glasses found near the scene Most people would have suspected him. When SB went to return them the man put them on and seemed to see perfectly. But the glasses were fogged from radiation from the lab where the  fire had been.  Superboy figured the man was blind, and he didn’t want Superboy there because he feared that he would reveal that he was blind. But the radiation in the glasses healed the growth that had impaired his vision.

As you all know Clark has many amazing powers, being unable to control them is a little bit dangerous, don’t you think? That’s what happens in this story. When trying to put out a fire Superboy can’t seem to do anything right, and the man opts for the firefighters to do the actual job. Things continue along this path, when he tries to catch some crooks he ends up in China, all his powers are too strong for him to control. He eventually figures out that it is a meteor that crashed nearby. It contained some sort of reverse kyrptonite, which strengthened him. So Clark retrieved a large chunk of kyrptonite that had once troubled him, so he had thrown it in the sea. The two elements balanced each other out and he was able to throw them both into space,  returning to our normal Superboy.


You all know how Clark came to be on Earth. Well a similar instance happened before the man of steel this story. A man crashes to Earth in a rocket, and he has a note that says For Halk-Kar Chart of space course to be followed so my son can reach Earth. Clark recognized the handwriting as that of Jor-el, and formed the conclusion that Halk was his brother. As Halk had no memories, he accepted this. But the problem was that Halk’s powers were not as strong as Superman’s. Clark tried to keep this hidden, as he felt it would hurt his brother’s pride if his kid brother was stronger. Then Halk got captured, and the gangster threatened to kill him if Superman came back to Metropolis. He agreed, planning a way to trap them, but Halk was upset and broke the wire holding him, releasing the electricity. Superman thought Halk dead, but it only recovered his memories. He was not from Krypton, but a nearby planet and when he had crashed on Krypton Jor-el fixed his rocket and gave him a path to safety. Halk and Superman build a new ship and Halk goes home.

Big-noise was a sound man. He could make the most realistic sound effects you would ever hear, but when he was fired he turned his talents to crime. He used the sound of a bull elephant to make the circus go crazy, and made it sound like the museum was falling down. The he held the city ransom, and let loose a horrendous noise he claimed would stop only if they paid. The did eventually, unable to take the sound. But Superman already had a plan that would make him turn himself in. When he had seen Big-Noise before he melted the filling in a cavity, and had the dentist fix it with a tiny receiver. Then Superman pretended to be his conscious, and drove him to returning the money and going to jail.

So this last tale made me think of my all time favorite author. Her name is Tamora Pierce, and she is phenomenal. You can find her here:

A volcano was set to erupt and so Superman made an escape valve for the lava that wouldn’t harm the town it was near- but after the eruption was done beings of flame shot out, and they set everything around them afire. Water didn’t put them out, but it did scare them away for a time. It was Lois who noticed that they were like children, wanting to play, and frightened of the world they had been shoved into. So Superman lit himself on fire and led them back to their home below, and then sealed the exit.

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