Dc Comics · Golden Age · Marvel

1953, January Part 3 (last)

  • Tomahawk 15
  • Whiz Comics 153
  • Wonder Woman 57
  • World’s Finest 62


  • Kid Colt Outlaw 24



The Mohawks, the tribe around Wigwam Mountain, say that there are wild men who live near the peak, and refuse to climb, or even get to near it. Well Tomahawk and Dan were nearby when a pack of redcoats saw them, the needed to get to Fort Narrows in order to tell them of the how close the British were. Escaping the lobster backs was harder than if it was just that party, as the Mohawks were allies to the British. The two escaped by climbing the mountain, where they knew it was less likely to be followed. But as they climbed the found the wild men, and they pushed Tomahawk back down hill to his enemies. Dan was able to explain what was going on, and as the wild men were truly kids that had run up there to hide from the British seven years ago, they were pleased to help save the fort. The redcoats were planning to send a raft downstream loaded with explosives, and break the fort wall. They put Tom on the raft as well. Dan and the wildmen sent a red-hot arrow to the boat, knowing it would blow the powder. Tom was able to free himself with the knife, but in the confusion Dan and the wild men were captured, while Tom was now free. But Tom brought back reinforcements, and they fought the British off- even saving the three captives, though Tom literally had to jump on to the raft about to explode, and carry the three bound people while he swam the river.

Fort Bold was in an area that was cut off from the world, I guess this one is set much later, for Tom and Dan were sent to tell the Redcoat general that the war was over. On the way there the managed to lose all of their equipment, so we got to see them traverse the land truly on their own. The reach the fort to find  the general knew, but he was planning on taking over the area for himself. He imprisoned Tom and Dan, with plans to kill them. Tom called for one of the natives who worked for the general and gave him the letter he was sent to give. When Tom and Dan were to be killed the natives turned on the man.

The two frontier’s men save a caravan, and then head into town. They over hear that a man is looking for a boy that fit Dan’s description, and tells him he has inherited a great fortune. Dan wants to give it up at once, but Tom has seen something odd and asks him to keep on so he can investigate. Stealing around the estate he finds tracks and follows them. There he finds the real heir, who the man who ran these estates for the previous owner had tried to kill. The lawyer was in it with him, and as they need to sign the property to the boy before killing him, the grabbed Dan, who the Lawyer had seen when they saved the caravan. Tom went to get reinforcements from a nearby tribe and, using guerrilla tactics soon had every one in on the crime wrapped up.

Whiz Comics

So we only had Captain Marvel in this one, and it was an interesting tale. Billy hears a stick up happening and steps in, but it isn’t a regular hold up for the crook was a skeleton! He was dressed all in black, and wielded a large scythe. He then declared that he would make everyone a living dead, and would then kill them if they didn’t pay up. The next day everyone was a skeleton! Looking like everybody else Billy followed the dude after he made an announcement over the air and found it was a ray machine that was turned on the world. Billy was caught, and the man tried to kill him with a ray but the ray broke the gag before it killed the kid. You can guess what happened next.


Wonder Woman


WW is racing one of her Amazon sisters over the ocean, but just as she passes her the other girl vanishes. Wonder Woman goes to the girls lab in order to see if anything she was working on might explain it. The girl had been researching earthquakes, and had developed a seismograph powerful enough to tell days before where and when a shaker would occur. She had also deduced that all quakes had the same origin, to which WW went. She was caught in a giant bubble, which was made of vibrations and rendered helpless. There were a sub-surface people who wanted to wreck the top layer, and rule the world. Wonder Woman was able to free herself by matching the vibration of her prison by hitting her bracelets together. Then she stole the earthquake machine and as they shot at her they hit the machine and they all died from the explosion.


While testing the World’s first atomic sub the thing vanished , right off the radar screen. Coming back empty handed form looking in to this she find the city overgrown. All plant life had become accelerated, and was crushing the city. She goes back to where the sub vanished from and soon found an underwater ufo. uso? Whatever; a saucer. So she was captured and brought into Atlantis. (I should count how many different Atlantises there have been) Apparently they had deliberately sunk them selves to avoid the pointless wars of the area, but now that the earth is reaching their level of tech, the needed to wipe out all the surface people. Wonder Woman told them that it was possible to live in peace, and they need not fight. Scoffing the leader said that it she allowed them to shoot her they would believe it. So she stood before a firing squad. As they shot the leader believed her words, and regretted sending her to die. But she just bounced them off ’cause you know, Wonder Woman.


In the middle of a normal conversation Wonder Woman is drawn into the past, where a man claims she is the princess and that she had changed her form as she was a witch. She was chained in a basement, and she was told to go though many tasks to prove she was innocent of the charge of sorcery. First she was tied and sunk in a pond, as she freed herself and swam up she completed the task. Other tests were such as jumping off a cliff, and a witch would fly, but she made a parachute out of her lasso. Finally she sees Leonardo Da Vinci, and talking to him she finds out that he brought her here to save the real princess, who was at his house. But putting Wonder Woman through the tasks had been a ruse, as they had found the princess and taken her back. Laughing they tied Wonder Woman and her friends to lightning rods on a roof during a storm, stating it they were not hit they were witches. She bounced the lightning bot off her bracelets and aimed it to free the other two, and seeing this amazing feat the people revolted against the man setting the tasks.


World’s Finest



A man devised a teleporter, but it needed a formula to work. Knowing his invention could be used for evil he separated the formula into seven, and sent them all over. Luthor burst into the lab just as the man smashed his machine. Lex built him self a machine exactly the same, but he needed the formula, so he captured Lois, and made Superman retrive them. The highest place, the lowest place, the biggest crater, the hottest place, the coldest place, and the safest place were the clues he had to work with, and he returned with all seven. But Luthor declared he wasn’t going to release Lois till he was sure that machine worked. This sagged Superman’s spirits, because one of the sections was a fake, and Lois was about to suffocate. So he hurriedly made another machine and used it to pull Lois out of her containment. Then he went to town on Luthor and his men.


Green Arrow

A magician had a run of bad luck, that made him a failure. Seeing how glad the crowd that had just jeered him was to see Green Arrow, his mind broke, and he turned to crime. Using his talents for evil seemed to work for him- at first. Then GA announced that he would be using magic arrows to catch him. Slightly worried, as those archers are tricky, he brought one of the arrows to his hideout. Following the tracker in the arrow they soon found the man. They seemed to fly via invisible arrows and string, and copied them self with lifelike balloons. The man began to pop the balloons, which caused his undoing, as they were full of red pepper. Speedy and GA had taken precautions to protect themselves of course.



A criminal, who was obsessed with the Black Knight was harmed when he pulled a job, and stole some fabulous jewels and believed himself to be the Black Knight. Knowing he likely wouldn’t remember the hiding place if he was brought back to normal his men, and the police are forced to humor him. So the crooks went to raid a movie set, but Batman, Robin, and the police were dressed as King Arthur and his knights, and they beat them away. Later Batman and Robin sneaked into the Black Knight’s castle, but were caught. Batman challenged them to a joust, as was his right as a knight. Batman won, despite the foul play leveled at him. Since it was such a surprising win it was suggested that there be a crowing ceremony, for which the head must be bared. Batman used a smoke pellet and claimed it was Merlin. Changing costumes quickly he scared the man with modern inventions, and made him give up the jewels.


Kid Colt Outlaw


Kid saw a bunch of people fleeing a town and found out that all decent folks are leaving a town called Tombstone as it was ran by some ass. Seeing all of the kids and widows leaving he changed his mind and went to free the town. He sneaked in, taking out several people as he did so. He figured that any one he could count on would be in the jail and switches places with one, asking him to find the wagon train, and send back gunmen. Meanwhile Kid and a friend he made in the jail start smashing the town.


Kid is staying with a tribe, and everyone got a bunch in from their traps, except one guy, so he says Kid stole them. One of the others stand up for kid being like, dude I saw your traps you didn’t even set them. There was a fight and Howling Wolf (the man with no pelts) was exiled. So he began attacking groups in the area, and letting it look like another tribe had done so. Soon the war drums were pounding. Kid went to both chiefs, and asked to borrow a tracker from both so they could find Howling Wolf, and have it proved to both tribes. The find him, he fights Kid, dies, and war is averted.


Yuck. A dirty judge. This dude liked to hang people for the silliest reasons and worked with a gang of criminals who were in jail during the day, but robbing at night. Perfect alibi. People were too scared to confront the man, for fear of hanging them selves. So Kid hears ’bout this and heads into town to see if it’s true. He starts a fight when he sees some random Joes being sentenced to die for stealing their own horses. Little did he know that this made people stand up when he was going to be hung the next day.

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