Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953, February

  • Action Comics 177
  • Batman 75
  • Detective Comics 192
  • Phantom Stranger 4
  • Strange Adventures 29

Action Comics


This Nazi guy had gather up a bunch of weapons that they had developed during the war, but hadn’t had time to build. He began to send them into Metropolis to rob for them. A few times they actually got the loot as the machines, well they didn’t beat Superman, more shocked him enough that they were able to get away. Still this entire time the nazi dude was all- don’t worry I have a secret weapon. I was actually excited. But they had just captured Lois… If Superman left a spot then she would blow up. So Superman used his x-ray vision to blow up their ammunition as they escaped, and timed it so their trap turned off just before they came back to, I dunno, mock him?

Congo Bill

There is this group of Arabic raiders, and in order to catch them Bill pretend to be a lone raider himself, and gets recruited into the group. Now I’m all for this, but either don’t use a disguise or use one that won’t come away, reveling that you are a white dude, and probably a member of the police. He managed to reverse the ambush the gang was planning by scaring the camels with kittens.

Tommy Tomorrow

While on space patrol Tommy and his partner find an escape pod full of children, who claim  to be from the Planet Zura. Since there is no Zura Tommy decides to start from Mars and ask every planet if these kids are theirs. Sure that makes sense. Of course the officials are gonna recognize every kid on the planet. Anyway, the kids fix the engine to go faster, turn them selves invisible with a ray, and then make a machine to walk through walls. That’s how long it takes the Planeteers to figure out these kids aren’t from our system. They find out where the kids were ejected and were able to track down the ‘rents.


Interesting. This story is about a bunch of times his bandanna saved his life. I liked that each of these seemed rather plausible. Like he used it to slide down a powerline, or made it into a parachute with a note for the police.


There is a town entirely inhabited by criminals. They manage this by using an old law about mining towns. Well two of Batman’s prey head for this town, and Gordon sends them after them. The crooks were going to be turned away, because Batman was following them, but they convinced the others that together the town could take the Bat. They actually has some pretty cool things set up, wire mesh around all the roofs, radio damping, and the like. But when it came to it, the crooks weren’t really willing to go after Batman, saving themselves some hurt rather than help these newbies who had endangered them.

There was a man who gambled with death many times a day. He contacted Vicki to publicize himself and show of his trick house. For example, there were two phones, sometimes one would be deadly, sometimes the other and he lived in the place rigged to kill him. Batman had to stop a theft of the place once and met the man, and he was passing by when the gambler died. But, Batman knew that the man he had known as the gambler was not the dead man, from his shoes. The whole thing was a hoax for some man to kill his partner.

This last one is considered an earth-one story, as Gorilla Boss doesn’t have an earth-two counterpoint. Like the Riddler. Now Gorilla Boss was a regular thug who was sent to jail by Batman and Robin- chill right? so he was put to death, but one of his henchmen moved his brain into the body of a gorilla. He then preformed a bunch of crimes that required the humongous strength of his new form. But his ultimate plan was to put his brain in the Batman’s body, and have Batman be stuck in the gorilla. Well, the managed to capture Batman, but as they thought he was unconscious they did not restrain him. He knocked out the doctor, made himself up to look like him, and dressed the doctor in the Batman outfit. Gorilla Boss woke, figured the operation had failed and went out to kill the ‘batman’ next to him. Robin saved the doctor who was dressed like Batman, and Gorilla Boss is presumed dead.

Detective Comics


So the ‘Phantom Eye’ starts showing a bunch of crimes in progress crying out about how Batman and the police aren’t doing their jobs. This goes on for several weeks, and eventually Batman does show up at one of these crimes, but, it’s not Bruce. The imposter’s mask gets removed during the fight and the world believes that this other wealthy dude is the Bat. Bruce and Dick spend a while trying to prove who they are, but to no avail. The fake begins to pack, saying that now his identity is reveled he needed to leave and get a new identity. Batman hides himself among the treasures the fake Batman is taking, and then takes him down. Of course the Phantom Eye was the fake Batman, but the real rich man was tied in the cellar with his son.

Impossible But True

Would you ever think that Roy would let someone who was so obviously fake on the show? Well in this story he did. His secretary was bewildered, as she could see though most of them. But he did it for a good cause, as he had found out that his show was going to be used to instruct a gang of crooks. He had to let everyone on because he didn’t know who was the crook. But with the fore warning they were able to stop the robbery.


For some charity or another Robotman decided to lent out his services for the day. But Robert didn’t know the man who had won was a crook. While he didn’t have Robotman do anything illegal, he gained profits from the actions. But our hero is not stupid and figured it out. So instead of digging them into the bank, he dug them into the jail. Then his owner (for the day) told him to bring him to his men, and they were reunited in prison.

Phantom Stranger

So there were some thrill seekers who were heading to a house that was rumored to be haunted. They heard about hairy figures being summoned. Once there the chick finds a book on sorcery and starts one of the rituals, and one of the green hairy beasts appears before her, but as he candle goes out it vanishes. Phantom Stranger suggests that they all try the ritual and they find out that it is not a ghost but a being from another dimension, and they bring back the previous owner of the house and then burn the book.

This horn player died, and it was very sad as he was great at his job, and in memory they leave his seat open when they play. They was this kid who wanted in the band, and when they were playing one night he took that seat. No one got mad though, for he not only played just like their dead friend, but acted like him too. It became rumored that he was possessed. So PS hypnotized  him and asked him some questions, name address and the like, and he answered as the dead man, then the lead singer tried to kill him as he had his friend because he was too popular. Oh and he wasn’t possessed after all, he was just a very suggestible person.

There was an artist. He typically painted mystical beings, and some rather gruesome scenes. Well one night he dreamed of a roc capturing a woman and killing her. He painted it, and the next day a woman was stolen by what seemed to be a large bird, and she died. The next night a similar thing happened. Finally on the third night, he dreamed his own death, but the Phantom Stranger was there and he was able to show that a man had been breaking into the artist’s home and placing the dreams in his head. then he made them come true so the artist’s death would not be linked to him

Strange Adventures: Captain Comet

There was a time capsule that dug itself out of the earth, and warned the human race that, like the ice ages a giant deadly cloud of gas was a periodic threat to the planet. Comet goes out and easily destroys the cloud but comes back to find it was truly a ruse to get him out of the way while a group of robots built a machine to destroy the atmosphere to power themselves with cosmic rays. Captain Comet lures them under ground where their power source is weak and takes them out.

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