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1953, March Part 1

  • Action Comics 178
  • Adventure Comics 186
  • Captain Marvel Adventures 142
  • Detective Comics 193
  • Marvel Family 81
  • Plastic Man 40

Starting this month it’s one post for the whole month picture wise. So that link’ll be on both March posts

Action Comics


Crimedom has many of it’s own places in these comics, this story focuses on a sort of theater for the crooks. People come in and they order a certain dream, and it is projected on the walls around them. A subtle hypnosis makes them believe they are the leading character. These dreams are a moral booster for crooks, but their undoing is sealed once Superman notices people buying Superman outfits for the new film/dream. Superman follows and whips up a disguise and additions as well. This is to figure out exactly what is going on, and to and then so he can check up on the crooks later. Well someone jealous of Superman puts real bullets in the gun for one of the shootings, and so they find out. In order to keep Superman under control they capture Clark Kent. Well, he traps them in a dream of his own making while he pretends to free himself and then rounds them up for the cops. So, what should I tag for when they capture the person they’re going after as bait?

Congo Bill

Dude. Dude! I think I may have just seen the golden gorilla for the first time. Okay, it doesn’t say so on the wiki, but either way this is the first time the word Congorilla appears! If you don’t know I’m not gonna tell you. Google it if you must. Now Bill’s canoe flipped and he lost all his supplies. Then this big cat was gonna eat him, but a big gorilla came by and saved him. Later he finds out a movie crew wants to capture that gorilla for a film, dubbed Congorilla. Well as gorillas die after a few months of captivity he tries to convince them to leave the beast be, to no avail. So he starts making it seem as though the gorilla is t much for them. Helping him out of a pit, using a pulley system to augment his strength, and finally scaring the elephant when it got to close. In the end the gorilla went free.

Tommy Tomorrow

While on a routine patrol of the system Tommy and his partner find a traveling planet which held a gloop. Gloops are extremely rare being which eat metal. As a gift they gave the gloop the scrap metal that the had on hand, but it made the beast stick close to Tommy. They tried to give him to a zoo, but he ate through the bars. The gloop earned it’s keep by eating an enemy base that Tommy and his men were unable to get to. Then he gets a job in a scrap yard, helping break down everything that is too hard to be reused.


Now I have seen animals to be trained to do amazing things, as I’m sure you have as well. In this story though, there was a horse trained to fight the law, and he did it well. Because his cycle was damaged in bringing in some crooks Vig decided to use this horse. But it’s training made it hard for Vig, as others in the gang would give an order and the horse would detain our hero. Vig worked hard to break the horse of it’s training, but the real test was when he met up with the man who trained the horse in the first place. Torn between the two the horse protected Vig’s guns, and was hit by the crook. Seeing what kind of master he was he stood on Vig’s side from then on.

Adventure Comics


This story starts with Superboy salting the hill outside of town with gold. When he and his class went up the next day, the gold-rush of Smallville began. Superboy helped people move out there to dig, and sell their wares. Well later he was overheard talking to a geologist about salting, and the townsmen were angry, and he had to explain that there was a volcano set to explode in town. But, maddened by his falsehood, they didn’t believe him, and even thought he might be robbing the empty town. (really people?) So they head back home, much to SB’s horror. Unable to reason with them he makes an escape valve for the explosion, and when they see it go off suddenly Superboy is their friend again.


Aquaman had set up a float in? movie theater. People would take their boats in and enjoy both the sea air and a film. Well there was a rival to this theater and they planned many things to shut the place down. Such as feeding sharks in the area, and breaking the power cord. Since they weren’t breaking the law Aquaman had to find another way keep them off, so he lead in a bunch of his creatures, disguised to appear as sea serpents and the like, and frightened them for life.

Johnny Quick

Tubby left Johnny for a job as a food critic, and so the king of speed required a new assistant. Well, unfortunately, his new helper was a crook, though it took Johnny a bit to figure it out. The main points that gave him away were 1) everyone they took pictures of were later robbed, and 2) All Johnny’s film was fogged. How do you think he did it? Well he was x-raying the pockets of the people they filmed, and got perfect pictures of their keys, which he then had made.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow is looked up to by many, and as a project scientist decided to design him some arrows. Some of them I had seen used in later comics, but not the one that was planted by crooks, and when set off would actually explode and kill the archer. Well we get to see them use the new arrows, hand cuff arrows, lariat arrows, booster arrows, and the like. Thankfully before the used the reflector arrow which would have killed our hero, Ollie had noticed the magnetic firing pin messing with some barometric needles, and was able to fake his death to find out the full story.

Captain Marvel Adventures

When Billy Batson hears that strange storms were over Battle lines but only struck at the Americans he knew something was up. So Captain Marvel flew over to investigate, and found it was the Red Crusher up to his old tricks. Attacking the man lead to nothing as he momentarily blinded Cap, and fled. Billy was able to protect the Americans with a giant lightning rod, and the sneaked into the red forces as himself. But of course the ten year old was noticed and captured. The only thing that saved him was that the lightning power around them lifted his hair, and with it the bag over his head so he could speak.

Whiz made a satellite in which to report the news from, looking down from above. Well there was another company who did not want to be scooped by Whiz and so aimed to take it down. Well, this was not meant to be as the captain ceased all attempts that would harm the station. ┬áBut as the reported gave his scoop about the station ging missing Cap came in and was all “you couldn’t have seen that from here, so you did it”

The villain in this piece was a woman, and of course the most trouble she gave our boy was that he wouldn’t hit her. But she was also quite clever, walking out of her jobs unscathed, and being actually very good at crime. Cap got to her by pretending to have fallen for her charms and giving her flowers that contained tear gas. Then he was able to clean up her gang.

You all remember dear Mr. Tawney don’t you? Nice, proper, rather gentlemanly talking tiger. Well Billy is accosted one night by a talking tiger and assumes it must have been his friend. He is told that Tawney must be a weretiger. Saddened Billy believes this, until he sees the man he was talking to had no reflection, which apparently doesn’t mean vampire, but a were. Mr. Tawney comes in then, and helps Cap fight off the evil tiger man, who had wanted to frame Tawney for his crimes.

Detective Comics


The Joker was put in charge of the prison paper, and a few weeks after that the idiots let the joker out to see a crime scene so he could write about it properly. They were surprised that laughing gas was released from the area once they arrived. The Joker decided to make his own criminal newspaper, and boy did that make Gordon mad. Batman went under cover as one of the Joker’s reporters and was able to stop many crimes, by tipping off the police and Robin. But sadly, he did this too often and the Joker figured him out. Saying he would kill innocent people if he did not cooperate Batman was turned in their copy boy. But as they were unable to resist making the bat and reporting their victory Bruce won in the end. He was able to put clues in the pictures they put in the paper to lead Robin to him.

There are many shows with similar premises as another on the airwaves both now, and I’m sure in ’53. But it’s not very often that people would appear on Roy’s show, as impossible but true, only to be debunked on another, again and again. It was frustrating as they knew the tricks were done using magnetism, but none of the performers had anything on them. But that was because the device was on Roy. It had been placed on him, and with this reveal, the other show went down and Roy’s reputation was restored.

While working in his lab Paul/Robert had an accident that ran electricity through his body and made him into a powerful magnet. When he went out to fight crime everything metal swept it’s way toward him. Figuring to take advantage of this crooks began to bring large metal object with them on their jobs. Well, it was destined to fail, as Robotman just turned the magnetism around, pinning the crooks with the objects they had meant to trap him.

Marvel Family

There were two tales in the ish, I was quite surprise to be honest. In the first one there was a giant among the people we were fighting, but when the Marvel Family went after them, they found no one. So they followed the giant in their kid forms, and found he had reducing pills, and growth pills. They were placed in jail with a P.O.W. the had hoped to save and fed growth pills. They would crush the poor prisoner as they grew. But of course it snapped their gags first and they were able to return to the Battlefield as their super-powered selves. Then they fed the giant his own reducing pills and stole the formula.

The second tale was longer and was about a man from ancient Arabia who had come to the future to get himself some slaves, as he had killed all his people in a fit of anger. He had many fantastic objects, a flying carpet, a magic genie, and the like. Well going it to the past to free the people they became the kids for sneakyness. But they were caught and put in jail. There was a boy there that helped them as soon as the helped him get a ring the villain had dropped. He told them he was Aladdin and the genie and carpet belonged to him. Freed the family helped take down the villain and return his object to Aladdin.

Plastic Man

Plas and Woozy are talking to the chief when a man bursts in. He is another of their agents, and he turned into a monster before their eyes. So of course the two are sent out to see what had happened to the man. The agent had been at a carnival, and once there two more monsters attacked Plas, who skillfully captured them. He left Woozy to guard them and continued to search on his own. But as always trouble found Woozy first. A beautiful woman once again made the idiot spill their identities and she fed him the potion that would change his form. Frightened he fled and ran into Plas, and soon the entire carnival was after them. Becoming a sign with an incorrect formula on it Plas lured the scientist they were looking for out. The woman apparently pulled at strings and ruled the entire place with her smile. Plas being ace as fuck (okay thats just my headcanon, but really) is unaffected and take her in for he crimes and the scientist gives them the cure.

Plas is sent to find a criminal who was on the run, and tracked him all the way to a small town on the side of a swamp. The landowner claimed that the man’s body had been taken by the swamp ghoul, as he had died the night before. Plas pretended to know the path the thing had taken, and then followed the landlord out that night. There was a hideout where crooks waited for plastic surgery, and Plas had come right to it. So he pretended to be a bear, scared them and wrapped them up in his arms and took them home.

Plas captured a gang, no big. But then he hadn’t. A man had a history viewing machine that could also be used as a time machine, but if used that way nothing would happen the same way twice. While trying to figure out what had happened before they were sent back to the death of Abraham Lincoln. They try to save him, but are pulled back before they can, as the scientist is being threatened, and he need Plas to save him. So he does, and they destroy the machine.

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