Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age · Marvel

1953, March Part 2 (last)

  • Strange Adventures 30
  • Superboy 24
  • Tomahawk 16
  • Wonder Woman 58


  • Kid Colt Outlaw 25
  • Kid Colt Outlaw 26

Strange Adventures

One day Adam is at work and some kid asks him to read him a story. So he pick Jack and the Beanstalk. On his way home the Captain encounters an actual giant- like from the story. He finds it weird of course, but the thing vanishes. The next day he reads a story about a dragon,  only for the town to be menaced with one that afternoon. At this point Adam begins to act as though he were seeing fictional beasts at all times, because he somehow figured out that the whole thing was a plot to drive him nuts to stop him from beating back an invasion.


Clark is out of town doing some Superboy thing and when he comes back every person in Smallville is obese. He promises to help the track team reduce before their meet that weekend. But the next day when goes to meet the team Superboy is just as fat as the other members of his home. Besides having the team work Clark was looking the cause of the epidemic. Well it turned out that an experimental ray used on plants was the indirect cause, as it would make them grow faster. But it didn’t seem to work on animals. But the milk of a cow who had eaten the corn was able to affect those who drank it. By using the reduced corn in the same manner Smallville was restored to normal size.

Returning home after saving some town or another he finds that his town has gone fly crazy. Instead of cars kids asked to borrow private planes. But there were some folks who disliked the fact that the air was full of kids. They attempted to sabotage the kids in a way that would have cost many lives if it wasn’t for the Kyptonian member of the community. In order to keep them out of the air Superboy agrees not to fly either. But by rigging a giant mirror in the sky he is able to keep a bird’s eye view. He finds a group of crooks pulling a job under the lake, where they would be unable to be seen from the shore.

We all know Clark, the boy who would help everyone in the world if he could. Well Smallville put together a comity to chose jobs that the boy of steel would do, so that he could be saved for emergencies and jobs that couldn’t be done without him. The first job was to move the course of a river. He started, but began to come up with excuses, to delay. He worked on other things in the meantime. Here he began to half wreck the jobs as he noticed that he was taking work from others, and the jbs could be done with the right skills and equipment. He didn’t want to moved the river cause some dude wanted to start a fake gold rush as was planted.


There was a shipment of gold meant for the revolutionaries coming in from France, but the French did not know that the landing spot had been re-taken by the British. So Tomahawk and Dan were sent to stop the ship landing. But when they arrived the ship had already been attacked and the captain had thrown the precious metal overboard. The frontier’s men heard that the captain was to be hung so the went to the place and shot the rope, freeing the man. They then retrieved the gold, which had been sent overboard, but was tied to the anchor. A fellow resistance member fixed up a redcoat general’s wagon to make it hold the gold and when he left town Tom and Dan took the gold to the colonies.

Some bigwig Earl landed in America, and Tom and Dan were sent to escort the man across the country. It was quite the spectacle, as the Earl traveled with all the furnishings. Well, at one point they are attacked by a hostile tribe, and the Earl is believed captured. And so our heroes go to free the man. Unfortunately Tom is captured at this time, and the tribe never had the Earl in the first place! Dan, stuck with a useless man, made even more so by his injured leg was determined to free his partner, not listening to the Earl’s insistence that he be brought back to the party first. While being forced to work with Dan the man learned much about living without the luxuries. At the end of the tale the Earl is seen leading some other men of noble birth into the land, for some training of their own.

While hunting some outlaws Tom and his party accidentally push them into no-man swamp, a place no one ever survived. Also, there is a legend about an abandoned fort, and a treasure. Telling the others to go back and get help Tom and Dan press forward, into the swamp. Just after entering they encounter a bear, and are stopped from shooting by a man who claimed the bear as his friend. Later this man ran into the outlaws, who captured him to learn about the treasure. He led them to a room full of gold, and Dan and Tom attacked them from behind, having used the back entrance. The man explained he was an explorer who was the only one to survive when his party fell ill. He learned to love the area and the animals that feared no man as they had never known humans. The fort had a similar story, having been formed, but the creators perishing in an epidemic. Then the three of them used the old fort protections to capture the outlaws.

Wonder Woman

One day WW is flying around in her plane and she turns on the radio to hear the own funeral! When she questioned whether Wonder Woman was truly gone as Diana Prince she was shown her own bracelets and lasso. She decided to come back in costume, only for Steve not to believe that she was herself. Apparently many others had already claimed to be the mighty Amazon. And so tasks were set for her that Wonder Woman would have been able to do with ease, but others could not. Remarkably, she failed every task. She bean to wonder is she were just Diana Prince and had been hit by grief hard enough to believe herself to be her friend. It turns out that her tools had been stolen and replaced with duplicates by a pair of criminals that planed for all that had occurred to happen and then wait for her to change into her secret identity. Following her tracks to the last thing she remembered she was jumped by the crooks. As she lacked her real lasso and bracelets she used her boomerang tiara for the first time and then returned to Steve, proving herself alive once and for all.

One morning the sun did not rise. Wonder Woman and Steve rushed out to find a star to take the sun’s place until they could track it down. There were many stars that had to be rejected, because of differences in heat, gravity, or other such factors. Finally one was found and the two began to search for Sol. They end up pulled along a gravity beam and find a planet of ice. It was Phaethon the son of Helios, behind the theft. In case you are unfamiliar with his tale he once drove the sun, and did much damage to Earth as he could not control the horses. Well he was banished in to space,  and he stole the sun as revenge for his banishment. Escaping his clutches in her plane she pulled the sun back to it’s place. Phaethon, while trying to recapture the sun grabbed the replacement star, and it hit his planet, causing both heavenly bodies to perish.

Structures began to fail, and Wonder Woman went to HQ to find out if they had any idea why. She was told that they were being invaded by termites. To investigate she and Steve were shrunk to termite size by Paula. Finding some of the insects she laid out her lasso, knowing they would try to eat the metal, but be unable. They gathered up the golden lariat and brought it to the queen, our heroes following. The Amazon was captured with her own lasso, and she was forced to put herself and Steve in a bird’s cage. She is told to leap up to the bird, and she does so, pulling the queen with her. Then she and Steve return to their regular size and the threat is abolished.

Kid Colt Outlaw

This town was the only way to move cattle, so this gang was planning on capturing the town in order to charge a crossing fee. Too bad for them Kid Colt was in town, and he objected to this idea. He actually stood up to half the gang on his lonesome.

So Sassy

He chased out the gang, only to be trampled by their horses, and left for dead in the desert. He is saved by some passerby and when he recovers he tells some men who were waiting to pass through the town he’ll take their cattle through. Well, he does this by lighting the town on fire and exploding a bomb behind the cattle so they stampeded through what is left of the town. Brutal

We start off by seeing this gang strip a town of all valuables, then shoot to Kid, who is stripping some criminals of their goods and tying  them up for the law to find. Well next we see these two very different people meet. The other crook in drunk and challenging everyone to fights. Kid accepts, mostly to shut his mouth. The other guy tries to cheat, so Kid shoots his gang. Then the law descends and Kid flees. The only way out is down this gorge, so they jump and then Kid kills the dude he’d been fighting with.

These lazy ass guys watch some natives take down a couple of buffalo and kill the hunters and steal their catch. Kid is checking on these bodies when is is found by the hunter’s tribesmen. And they think he killed them. So they tortured him in a variety of ways to get him to confess. Finally he convinces them and they send him out after the real killers. After taking them down he is considered a member of the tribe.

Kid Colt Outlaw

Riding along one day Kid hears a woman crying. Investigating he finds a school marm, crying because all her students had left. A man with a tough reputation had convinced them all that schooling was unnecessary. So Kid challenged this guy, shooting, roping and riding way better then the other man, and telling the kids how math and other school subjects helped him on the road. The kids return to school, and the other man joins them.

A giant net had been drawn across a pass, and as a stage coach aimed to pass they passengers were killed and their cargo looted. Kid came across the scene just as the law did and he was blamed for the attack. He was chased into a dead end, but was helped away by a hermit who knew a secret passage. The hermit told him about how no one had been able to get through the pass for a while now. So Kid highjacked the next coach, but had the passengers grab their belonging and not hurting anyone. Seeing the trap he shot the net down around the would be highjackers and left them for the law.

Coming in at the wrong time a young man was framed for a murder. At his trial Kid realized the story didn’t sound right and so freed the man. Investigating the scene of the crime they found a chip off a gun and began to check all the guns in town (at gun point). But it was when they stopped in to see the man’s father that they found the fateful gun. They were threatening the man about the whereabouts of his kid. In order to save his father Kid and the man killed the murderer. And all was well.

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