Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953, April Part 1

  • Action Comics 187
  • Adventure Comics 187
  • All-Star Western 70
  • Batman 76
  • Detective Comics 194
  • Marvel Family 82

Action Comics


People around the U.S decided to do something to make their home special, and so they all began to lobby that Superman come live in their town. Well at first he tried to dissuade them, but the people were insistent. So randomly choosing a town, he moved in. Like Clark had warned there were many downsides to living with Superman. The crowds coming to see him, the loud noise as he rushed off for each emergency, and such. Far from just being annoying some of these problems were a real danger, such as over crowding. In the end they try to run the man of steel out of town, and Superman is able to return to being Clark in Metropolis.

Congo Bill

One night Bill is grabbed by a man and brought to a mountain, where he is forced to join a chain gang. They say the man who works them is mad, as he throws the diamonds the dig up into the ocean every day. But Bill thinks that something is up, as the man paints the jewels in radioactive paint before he tosses them. Well he finally gets the clue he need to uncover the mystery when on of his fellow captives hands him a wet cigarette. Turns out that prisoner was the real mastermind, and he would retrieve the gems at night. His ball and chain were wood, with a hidden Geiger counter.

Tommy Tomorrow

A Bunch of secret shipments had been highjacked and the only thing that tied the incidents was the vacation spot of the owners of each rig. It was a place called Adventure Moon, when people could safely get their thrills. The Planeteers send Tommy down undercover. But as you know Tommy is pretty well known and he’s spotter right off. So while the rest of the tourists get their safe trip Tommy’s life is in real danger. But he is well trained and is able to avoid each trap and then goes after one of the vacationers. He finds that the man is being hypnotized to reveal business secrets, and is able to shut the resort down for good.


Vig is given the honor of being given temporary membership of the Mounties, and while he is enjoying his time out of the country one of the group is killed. Vig decides to take his place to capture the gang that the troop had been hunting. While on the hunt another member was injured and the regular Mounties had to take him back to base, leaving just Greg and Stuff. Following the tracks he finds that they had been smuggling furs out in hollow logs and hid in one of these to float to their base.

Adventure Comics


One day Clark was talking to Lana when he was randomly pulled into the future! Once there Clark was recognized as Superboy, but most of the record from his time had been destroyed and so they didn’t know what Superboy was famous for- just that he was. He told them he was a crime fighter, but they had no crime and didn’t understand. He told them he helped the needy, but here everyone had enough. He flew for them, but they could do the same with anti-grav belts. In fact in this time period Superboy, was just an average boy. Clark was finally able to prove how cool he was when there was a bombardment that made all food in the galaxy nonviable. He simply unearthed a time capsule and grew those seeds, therefore saving the future.


Our hero was judging a swimming contest between a bunch of women, to choose a ‘Queen of the Sea’ well one of the contestants was not pleased not to be picked, but he brushed it off. At a later time the lady beat Aquaman to a torpedo, and then beat him at how long she could survive under water (Aquaman came up because he knew no human could last more than 15 min underwater). Well the next time she challenged him Aquaman had figured out her methods, simply a breathing tank and a miniature submarine she lay upon. But he did not expose her as she decided to let Aquaman win their race rather than kill a school of fish. In thanks he let her win and kept her secret, but she decided to reveal herself as a fraud anyway.

Johnny Quick

The story starts with Johnny rounding up the last of some mysterious dude’s gang- but they could tell him nothing about their boss. Here we cut to the boss and his two aids who are trying to find a way to put Johnny Quick out of action. One of them suggests this magician that had been getting in the papers lately. Not believing the guy was really magic, but a tricky crook they go to see the man. The magician picks on Tubby and Johnny has to save him. In response to this the wizard made Johnny vanish.  The crooks were thrilled and offered the wizard money to keep Johnny gone, telling him who they were. Of course the wizard was really Johnny, and he just captured them.

Green Arrow

There was a jail break, an though the mighty archers got on the trail at once they were unable to recapture the crooks, as they put an entire trolley worth of people at risk. Later Green Arrow and Speedy found out that the escapees were people that had given them a hard time before (of course not a hard enough time that they appeared in a comic) and were on the most wanted list. Green Arrow decided to go after them on his own, and the next day one of the men was found dead, a distinctive arrow in his chest. The next day another of the men was killed, again with one of GA’s arrows. After the third is killed Green Arrow is asked to turn in his bow to the police. He complies, but asks Speedy to trust him and they look over the arrows from the crimes. Because it makes sense GA recognizes the arrows and knows when he shot them and so knows the real killer. So he puts n a show featuring the last man who had been attacked (his body wasn’t found) in order to bring him in.

All-Star Western

Johnny Thunder

A man Johnny had put in jail escaped, and Johnny remarked how vain the man was and if he gave his word he would do anything to keep it. So when a note saying Thunder would die by sundown with the crooks signature people feared for Johnny. But he wasn’t the type to hide because of this and he went for a walk, having to take out several of the crook’s men along the way. Finally he recaptured the big boss, and Johnny was able to gloat that he was the one who put up the note, knowing that the crook would try as his name was one it.


Alright! This ish starts off telling us about a club for people who have extremely dangerous jobs and a taxi driver tries to join. Being rejected as his job is too safe he becomes a racecar driver and perishes. His brother swears revenge on the club. Well shortly afterward the man who made bombs blew himself up. It was thought it might be the brother, especially as he had vanished. So Batman joined the club to keep the others safe. The next incident was with a jet tester. He had to bail out when the plane began spewing smoke. Batman recovered a piece of the bomb, which gave him the clue he needed. At the next meeting Batman confronted the killer, who was not the brother, by the jet pilot, and the bomb before was just a smoke bomb.

Pinguino! Long time no see Oswald! So anyway he is released from jail and he says that he is gonna go strait and hunt down mythical birds he is now convinced are real. Months later he comes back to Gotham with a bunch of crates. But before he can open his new museum his birds are released and begin wreaking havoc in the city. Batman soon figures out that they are machines -due to the fact that even those not locking eyes with the basilisk were paralyzed. (also one of the ‘birds’ was a man-bat, first appearance of the concept.) Penguin at first pretends to try to recapture his ‘bots but then openly shows he has returned to his own ways. Batman is able to recapture the man with the use of the batplane.

There was an actor in the last story who lost his head when he was fired as they felt they needed a fresh face for the villain. In his anger he decides to recreate his on screen murders. Batman creates a situation that would be ideal for one of his murders and does up like the man, because in the film he had a twin. But the actor saw Batman looking like him and dresses up in a bat suit. With him looking like Batman and our hero looks like the villain, he manages to send the police after the Bat. But Bruce never gives up and keeps hunting him. He chases the crook onto a train and uses ventriloquism to startle him enough so Batman can catch him.

Detective Comics


A new bank is opening but unfortunately before it’s opening it’s security is compromised. The bank’s owner was being blackmailed because he had once committed a crime. So the bank was robbed within the first week. The crooks later robbed elsewhere to try and keep the bank as an option for later. But the bank owner was going to give them up to the police so the decided to take everything the bank had- including a letter Batman had written revealing his identity. So Batman was forced to let him go, but later realized that the crook had thrown away the envelope which had the real end of the message in invisible ink. Then he could take them in to custody.

Impossible but True

An explorer found a man trapped in ice, and his instruments proved the man to be alive. He wanted to wake the man on Roy’s show, and he let him. Taking the man out the once frozen person made a few mistakes that proved to Roy that he was a fake- namely stopping for traffic lights.


There was a collector  of armor, whose dream was to get Robotman’s as well. I’m half sure that Robotman would give him one (with all his tricks removed) if he wasn’t a criminal. But he was, and he used his armor to commit the crimes. While trying to figure out how he sets up an auction for and old suit of his. The criminal knows Robotman is after him, and so thinks the crimefighter will attempt to switch with the armor. As a counter measure he wired the armor in order to put Robotman out of commission. But Robotman noticed the electricity, and only pretended to be shocked, listening to a full confession and then taking him in.

Marvel Family

First story was about the war and a mad scientist that was on the other side. He created giant rats to fight the soldiers, but the Marvel’s lit them selves on fire and used their bodies as weapons against the rats. Next there were giant garden snakes, which I think would be harmless. No poison, and they wouldn’t have the constricting instinct. They created a large dynamo and shocked the snakes. But an officer had been kidnapped so they changed to their kid forms and used the man’s dog to track him down. They are captured and the man tries to feed them to a giant lizard. They get free and then kill all the lizards by cutting of their parachutes and then using those to catch the villain’s plane.

A gold rush sparks this tale, but the gold doesn’t get to the claimers, as a giant snowstorm covers the town. Freeing them the Marvels go to check no one had been caught on their claims. There were people there but snow couldn’t harm them as they were ice people, left over from the ice age. They were stealing the gold! With their freeze ray they were able to hold back the Marvels long enough to escape. Obviously they wanted to create a large freeze ray to make the entire world ice and snow again, which is what they needed the gold for. He has a few trick to try to stop the powerful family, but to no avail. When he turns on the weapon and begins his foul plan Billy and the others melt the ocean by piling up uranium and letting it heat the ice away. They they find the weapon and smash it- giving the gold to the miners.

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