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1953, April Part 2 (last)

  • Phantom Stranger 5
  • Strange Adventures 31
  • Superman 81
  • Whiz Comics 154
  • World’s Finest 63


  • Kid Colt Outlaw 27

Evening folks! Or whatever time it is for you when you read this. So we start off with

Phantom Stranger

First we see a man named Samson fight a lion and win. Rumors start to fly the the man is the reincarnation of the Biblical man with the same name and fated to the same events. Well at first he thinks this is silly, but after he realized his girl’s name is the same as the biblical Samson’s, and he beats off some thieves with a donkey’s jawbone, it starts getting to him. He hid in his room with all the sharp objects removed, so his hair could not be cut. But when he woke his head was bald. Phantom Stranger and Della (Samsaon’s gf) faked a fire so that Samson would realize he still retained his strength, there by ruining the schemes of gamblers.

We meet this kid who had a fight with his wealthy uncle, who was upset about what the boy was studying at school. As he left the house he whispered that he wished his uncle was dead. A voice told him it would be done even though he recanted at once. The next day his uncle was dead, and he inherited everything. The voice from earlier showed itself and claimed to be his familiar, and for his help the man now owed him his soul. In fear and sorrow he swore to do anything in order to save himself, even turn over everything he had gained. PS showed up and told him not to sign the contract. He was really the caretaker, and he poisoned the uncle.

This time our tale revolves around a magician who claims he can see the future and that the world would filled with ghosts.  The park he works at began to have dangerous accidents that were purported to be the work of these spirits. Well sales were dropping, and fast but one man who had been specially told not to ride the coaster or he would die decided to openly go against the wish and ride. A section of the track was blown and PS stopped the ride and found the man still at the detonator.

I am glad I only have one more issue of this. Not my cup of tea.

Strange Adventures

Captain Comet

You all know about that radio show that scared people silly because they thought there was an actual alien invasion going on? Well this story makes use of that. Comet is asked to preform in a televised version of that program, but this time it turned real as the actors had been replaced with invaders. Obviously he was unable to convince anyone it was real, but when the aliens turned their guns on him full force, it melted the bindings holding him, so he could capture them.


Superman was spending a lot of his time away from home, making amazing machines that would be able to save people from various troubles after the man of steel has passed. Well Luthor finds Superman’s lab, and with his immense brainpower finds out how to use them. In direct contrast with their original goal Luthor sicked them on the city. Superman beat back all the machines so Luthor built his own giant version of himself. Clark wrapped the thing in lead to block radio waves and followed  the waves back to the source. I hope you like jail~

Clark was feeling ill, which as you know is weird. Well he’s trying to help this traffic jam, but has no strength. An Astronomer finds him and informs him that there is a cloud of Kyrptonite over the Earth. So our hero hides under the sea while he waits for it to pass. This story has him fighting crime while he can’t leave the ocean! It’s super fun guys, and Clark really has to use his brain for this one.

A gang of crooks stole a new type of tank, and were using it to do a shit ton of damage around town, but they had hostages and so Superman was helpless. Seeing this a small planet sent their own hero- a Superwoman. Unfortunately, while she was the most powerful person on her planet, on Earth she was ordinary. Not wanting her world to see her that way, Clark makes it seem like she has her abilities. Fearing the woman they go to see their hostages, planing to use them again, but after retrieving them the are trapped between the two and surrender.

Whiz Comics

Captain Marvel

There was an asteroid heading toward Earth and Captain Marvel pushed it into orbit to be studied. But this was only the start of his troubles, as Sivana landed on the new moon and claimed it for himself. Because he had no one to rule Sivana told the people of Earth there was gold on his new home. (Personally I’d be more worried about the giant monsters and whether my new planet could provide me with food, but sure.) Cap made it seem like the planet was going to break up from the Earth’s gravity, and so sent his scurrying back to Earth, and jail.

Ibis was invited to see a new artifact that a museum had just acquired from deep below the sea. Sensing danger Ibis asked the man to wait on tests, but one of them didn’t listen and accidentally released a beast from the stone. The thing grew huge and terrorized everything. At first Ibis tried to fight it at giant size, but when he realized the damage he shrunk them. The beast went to find water in this small size and ended up boiled in a pot of crabs

World’s Finest


Okay. So there is a criminal marksman who looks just like Clark- but with a mustache. Noticing this Perry sends Clark undercover. Unfortunately Lois manages to get in the gang too, by saying she’s his girlfriend. So the gang boss takes her as leverage while he asks Clark to take some people out for him. To cover the fact that Superman saved the first man he put Clark in the spotlight, by publishing an article saying he was undercover in the gang. So Clark was told to kill himself. The gang boss and Clark go to the planet and Clark shoots the real gangster with a gas pellet. The marksman had been broken out of jail by Superman, who had dressed as the gangboss and asked him to impersonate Clark.

Green Arrow

GA was asked to donate one of his arrows to a museum to be part of a collection along with William Tell’s, Robin Hood, and a few other famous archers. While he is dropping off the arrow people rush in and aim their time machine on the arrows summoning the archers from the past. He tell them that GA and Speedy are the crooks and send them after our heroes. He has to trick each of them into redoing old feats to keep them from catching him- but there is no resolution, as he wakes to find that he had been knocked unconscious when the criminals broke into the museum.


Jealous of a big time capsule that had been planted lately a man decides to create one for crime  and sends his boys out to get effects from famous crimes and criminals. Today’s fiends began to clamor to be put in the capsule as well, since they hadn’t been caught like the other famous men going in there. While Batman fought a few of the men Robin followed the boss back to the hideout. He was caught and place inside the air tight capsule, to suffocate. (he began to use one of the tools in their to give himself air.) Then the maker of the capsule began to blackmail those that had given him records of their past crimes. As Batman rushed in the man tried to blow up th capsule, but having been undercover with them he had already disarmed the bomb and had all the confessions.

Kid Colt Outlaw

Colt comes across a kid with guns almost as fast as his, on a quest to find his father who had been missing for years. Many people had told him his father was a crook but he didn’t believe it. Well, Kid actually knew the man and asked to ride in first, saying he was trying to protect the boy. Kid told the father that his son wanted to see him and so staged a turn around where he tried to put his boss away. He died in the attempt, but his child thought him a hero.

Next story Kid was sleeping when some boys came up and tried to steal his guns. Well he showed them a lesson without harming them. You know I say boys and kids in this and the last one but  they are in their late teens- K? Well he turns out to have stumbled upon a school for outlaws, so he thoroughly takes down the teacher and then when the boys have seen sense, takes him to the sheriff.

Colt makes a friend by stopping him from being shot from behind and they go for drinks, both don’t say their names. Kid it captured by the town later that day, but his new friend helps file him out of jail, and they go stop a bank robbery. Then the friend reveals that he is a marshal and kinda does a wink about him being Kid Colt and rides off.

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