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Tag explanation


Most often the first tag will be a year. This is the cover date. There are two dates for comics as you might know. Publish date which is when the comic is done and it goes to the printer. People who have subscribed get it around this time. Then there is the cover date, which is about two months later, and when it is on shelves. So this mean Christmas tales or whatever will appear in the posts marked as February.


Then we have the age. This is a readers organization of the different stories one sees. Golden is the beginning to the mid 50s, Silver is from then to the mid 70s, Bronze then till the beginning of Modern in 85, and many believe a new age began around 2011, but it is not official yet. I will be tagging that time period as Post-Modern.


As we know comics can be crazy and it’s important to keep it straight where each story is taking place. If a universe is not given a name I will tag it as “Alternate Timeline”, “Alternate Future” or “Alternate Universe”


This goes hand in hand with universe, in that we have to keep things in order. Earth 616 Jessica Drew is an entirely different character than Earth 1610 Jessica Drew. And sometimes characters from another universe will be in a universe not their own ie Howard the Duck. Also I will be using the name we most often call them like Logan for James Howlett and Hal instead of Harold.

Note: The tags are going to be truthful. If a skrull or Mystique is pretending to be someone the tag is gonna say Mystique not the person they are pretending to be so watch out.


Every time there is a new costume or large change in appearance I will tag this and be sure to put a pic, this way you can picture the story better.

New Costume

New Hair

New Appearance


This is comics. People die, people come back to life. I will mark each death as it comes, and I imagine I’ll get to use this tag quite a bit. The tag will appear both as Character death and (example) character death bruce wayne


I don’t want you to miss out on any first appearances, or have you be like- have I met this person before? Keep track of when each person comes in with this tag! The tag will appear both as Character inroduction and (example) character introduction peter parker. Characters with the same name ie Peter Parker 616 and Peter Parker 1610, will make the individualized tag appear more than once.

First/Last Issue

You’ll probably notice when I add in a new title, but it may take a while to notice if something leaves. This will give you fair warning that you won’t be seeing as much of the person/team


I am only tagging DC, Marvel, and the other ones alive today. I won’t be tagging anything as Fawcett for example because all of their being is now owned by DC.


There are ten different volumes that are called Blue Beetle. Sometimes the volume changes because of a large shift in characters or the universe they live in (like the creation of the new 52 gave us all new volumes) So there are several issues with the same title, like Blue Beetle issue 1. This helps keep track of that.

New Identity

Sometime this is a kid getting bit by a spider and saying “I’m gonna be Spider-Man!”

Sometimes it’s “Oh I can get big as well as small now? I better be Giant-Man”

Other times we will see a shape changer or something take on someone else’s identity. This is here too.

Sometimes it’s “I need an identity so I can meld with Gotham’s criminals” and yet other times it’s “I faked my death and now need to be someone else for a while.” This Tag will show up as ‘New Identity’ and as (example) ‘new identity Spider-man’          

This is not going undercover for a one-off.

New Powers

This is both for recurring powers and times when a character gets new powers for like an issue (looking at you Jimmy) The tag will appear both as new powers and (example) new powers Jimmy Olsen


Looking for X-force only? this is the tag for that. Want only the Justice Society of America? Check here.

I will also have Team Created, and Team disbanded. Also cronicled will be every time someone joins or leaves a team.

So say the first issue of X-Men would have, X-men, Team Created, Team Created X-men, Jean Grey Joins Team X-men, Hank McCoy Joins Team X-Men, etc,etc.


This tag is for imagined or dreamed tales.



Another one that won’t be used for a while. But this will be things like ‘dark Phoenix saga’ or ‘crisis on infinite earths’

Please Let me know if there is anything else you think I need K?

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