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1993 Aug/1994 March

Hey guys. I’m thinking of adding stories from other publishers on the weekends, a break from golden age DC/Marvel to keep me from loosing my mind. I’ve decided to read some Hellboy first folks. This is the first appearance of this character/universe, the SDCC promotional release. I should mention that I have  seen the movies, but this will be my first foray into his comics.

We open with Hellboy (a large red humanoid figure with a strong looking tail, one hand much larger than the other and kinda mecha looking except it is the same color as the rest of him and flat sections on his head that are his  ground down horns) charging into a sort of operation being preformed by a gorilla, and being ordered by a rotting head in a jar with a swastika on it. The Gorilla is trying to put a needle into a woman’s neck and she is awake and struggling against her bonds.

The head orders the gorilla to attack Hellboy using ‘all his inhuman strength. The head recognizes Hellboy and says he has been an annoyance to the fuhrer. Also the gorilla’s hands are robotic. At least until Hellboy shoots one of  them to bits. Hellboy feels bad when the gorilla (named Brutus) cries in pain, as he has no mind of his own. But Hellboy still has to fight the beast, as he fights with renewed vigor after his hand was destroyed. Hellboy pulls a risky move that puts Brutus under, and the helpless head in a jar yells at the red figure for destroying his lab, though that was his plan.

The girl begs for help and Brutus speaks (much to Hellboy’s shock) saying the girl can still be used. Kinda freaked out by this, and figured he didn’t put in enough pressure to knock out the beat he tosses the head (Herman Von Klempt) into the gorilla’s mouth, and the force throws them into a generator. Hellboy takes the girl and jumps out a window, then watches as the castle burns.

Since that is so short I am also putting the first official issue of Hellboy here as well. Hellboy Seed of Destruction #1

We open on Christmas Eve of 1944, England. The narration is a journal by a soldier, who is skeptical about the fact (brought to them by the British Paranormal Society)  that the Nazi commandos they are to watch for are some kind of ‘spook squad’. Still the higher ups believe it, and not only id this elite squad up here on watch out so is this world’s version of Captain America: Torch of Liberty.

The Three members of the society are; Professor Malcolm Frost, Trevor Bruttenholm and Lady Cynthia Eden-Jones. Our narrator is in charge of the entire group, and though the area has been quiet for days Cynthia says something is going to go down that night. (She’s Psychic.)

North of the town the are in a large group of people chant in a circle of stones. As we get closer we see swastikas and iron crosses, and it is only one chanting. They are augmenting the magic with some sort of device, powering the gauntlets worn by the chanter.

Cynthia is trying to get a better grasp on the events taking place and she feels the power of some past event, something that is taking the power harness tonight for it’s own use. We cut between the psychic and the Nazi circle, where they are having trouble focusing their energies, and back. Troubled spirits tell Cynthia something is coming. One of the  gauntlets explode, as does the area where the soldiers waited. The sorcerer tells the rest of the Nazis that his work is done, he has given the Fuhrer a miracle.

We cut to the other explosion where a red monkey-like figure is wreathed in flames. One hand is much larger than the other (it looks like the gauntlet that blew up, and it’s the same side- is there a connection?) Though Professor Frost says they should kill him, Hellboy seems to be accepted among the soldiers and the other two from the society.

It is the future now, and Bruttenholm is listening to a tape, recalling that night almost fifty years ago. We see Hellboy, now a man. Bruttenholm stumbles to tell his son about an expedition he had been on, that lead to the world believing him dead. Bruttenholm and two other men had been deep in the arctic, looking for an old temple, and  finding it. The old man’s memories are blurred something awful, but he remembers a statue so detailed it was almost alive. After that, screams, and he didn’t even know how he got home, just that he called Hellboy, and Hellboy came. That’s ten months worth of memories, gone. (also Hellboy is really gentle, and it’s sweet)

Then a bunch of frogs start falling from the sky? Bruttenholm freaks out and tells Hellboy to run, and he flees, but he falls back into the room, now with purple skin with red circles all over. Hellboy gets pissed and charges the room, it is pitch black, and we can’t really see what he is fighting. He grabs it by it’s face and it winds a long tongue down his arm til he throws it off. Though it had only held on to him for ‘about two seconds’ his arm was now decorated with the same red circles, and he says ‘might as well be made of wood’.

When the beast comes back it once more lashes out with it’s tongue, but it gets the right hand this time, the large one. His hand has been analyzed for years to no avail, but what matters right now is that it doesn’t feel pain. Using the tongue Hellboy flings the thing into a wall. (Also the writing here is really good, or maybe I’m just too used to Golden age?) His other hand is coming back to life, and he lifts his gun; the thing tries to flee, but it’s not faster than a speeding bullet. It disintegrates before it hits the floor.

He goes into a different room and makes a call to the Head Office. He tells them about the monster and tells them to send scientists cause he has no clue what it is. He also tells them Bruttenholm is dead. I am very sad to hear this as they had a good dynamic, but I know we’ll probably see him in flashbacks. Finally we cut to an old woman with a teacup in her hand. Inside the teacup is a frog.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Strange Adventures 38

A bunch of people have been going missing, and Captain Comet has figured out that the only connecting factor of these missing folks is their remarkable eyesight. As he himself has the keenest vision on Earth they come for him as well, a race of green spacemen. Of course he knows his futuristic body would most likely be able to overcome their ray guns he pretends to be helpless, so he can find the people they have taken.

Adam listens to the mind of the leader and finds out that a star near the planet the kidnappers came from had gone nova, and the radiation was making them go blind. They found Earth and decided to make humans their seeing-eye beings. They were put in a communal building at night, and Adam broke the chains, trying to lead them to a nearby ship. But an alarm was triggered and he told the humans to run for it. He is shot at, but he is unharmed. Then he speaks to the leader of the spacemen, and tells him it was evil and wrong to enslave the humans, and that any intelligent race would be able to adjust. And so the Earthling return home, and we wish the best to the blind aliens.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Action Comics 186


Clark has been having the oddest feeling that some big disaster was going to hit the world. Focusing really hard he is able to recall hid father, Jor-el mentioning a great event that would strike the Earth. Clark begins to search for any signs of huge natural disasters, before realizing in might be space related. So he heads upward to look for danger. He finds that a dark star is passing by our home, far enough away not to suck us in, but but increased the speed at which the Earth turned.

Hurrying back to Metropolis Clark finds that every one has developed super-powers, well not really, but the increased speed made things weigh less, so people could lift more, run faster, and fly. Superman warns them of the danger, but they think he simply wants to be the only Super person. He and Lois are sent to see how Superman plans to slow the Earth to normal. First he simply pushes against the ground, but he breaks through it. So he makes a large break pad, but it breaks under is pressure. During this time he must keep up the illusion that he is also following behind himself with Lois. (Also Lois gets in danger a few times, but he can save her as Clark now and it’s cute okay, sue me) Finally he was able to make a giant blast of steam that went against the spin of the Earth to bring us down to normal speed.

Congo Bill

One thing before we start, did they used to call rhinos hippos? cause that’s no hippo.

I’m really bothered by this guys. But, well, it was the 50s? Anywho, Bill has this friend that wrote a letter to his wife that he was hurt and dying, and sent her his book to sell. The publisher said the feats the man claimed to do were impossible and he required pictures as proof. So Bill decided to replicate them so the book could be sold. First he had to fight a hippo (or a rhino) with no weapons. He cut off the tips of it’s horns while it slept, and went to the next task, chasing off a pack of gorillas. He did this by making a lion chase him as he ran after the primates. (No explanation as to how he got away from the lion.)

Then he just had to put a 65 pound pack on top of a hundred foot bamboo. Now if you have seen episode 315 (It took me way long to find out what ep it was) of Detective Conan you know how he did this. (Its a great show guys) But Bill did not have to do this as he found said pack on the bamboo and cut it down. Inside was a note that told the true story. The man had been captured by people who wanted to use the uranium mine he had found, and planned on keeping him til death. Bill found the men, freed his friend, who apologized for having him do the other tasks first, the pages had gotten mixed up in the mail.

Tommy Tomorrow

Are there still hot jetters? or is that something that has faded? I wouldn’t know, my hobbies include reading old comics, and other similar things. But on Earth-one while Tommy is active apparently they are still active, but, you know, in space. In case I’m talking weirdly and people don’t understand me again, Hot Jetters are people who soup up their vehicles and have races, like in Grease.

Anywho, Tommy is pulled off a ray-gun smuggling case to take care of the rampant jetters. Just as he was about to ground the whole group, a former ‘speed-bug’ offered to set up an area of space for the racers. But this didn’t end the problem as one refused to stay in the area. One day Tommy waited for the racer to split and sent the rule abiding racers after him while he went as well. It was the former speed-bug, and he had been using the jetters as a cover for his ray-gun smuggling.


Greg has been asked to referee a several day race, recreating the settling of a certain town. Well, not Greg, Vig, but same diff. It started off alright, until the lead man had a tire shot out, and he almost crashed. Vig and Stuff assumed that there was a grudge against the man, and kept an eye on him. But then the guy who had taken the lead next was attacked as well. Why would someone kill for a 50$ prize? Stuff asked Vig, and you have to admit, it seems a bit much.

Though it was dangerous the two disguised themselves as contestants that night, and easily took the lead with the vigcycle. They narrowly escaped being blown up, but the fools were close enough to Vig for him to place a tracker upon them. So he was able to follow to a cave along the race course where a gang had been hiding it’s loot. They had hoped to delay the race long enough to move the contraband. It was a good thing the racers came along soon though, because I doubt the two fighters would be able to take on the whole gang.

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1953 Oct

World’s Finest 66


Clark gets the goods on a major criminal, King Sapphire. When he reaches the apartment of the man however, he has vanished. But there was a card on the floor, calling Sapphire to a meeting with a man called ‘the Mask’. In order to catch more crooks Superman decides to take Sapphire’s place for this meeting. He and a couple of other crooks are there and they are each given a task. Superman is asked to build his strength, while the others work on a radio and with blasting powder. Because the Mask keeps mentioning further plans Clark goes along with the bank robbery that was planned. But he is stopped by the cops and his suit torn, revealing the blue costume underneath.

He tries to explain to the judge, and as he is Superman he is let off, but he cannot find the real Sapphire to prove his innocence. Soon a vast a majority of the population was doubting Superman, thinking that maybe he really was a criminal, and his previous captures were just to bolster Sapphire. Finally Clark ‘admits’ he is Sapphire and gathers a gang of his own, as he wants to catch them. The only one who doesn’t come is the Mask… Quickly he pieces together that the Mask is Sapphire and brings him in, saving his reputation in the process.

Green Arrow

This one cheats a bit about the archers never using guns. I’m not actually sure that they didn’t break it. I’ll let you decide. See Roy and Ollie were at sea, and their ship got attacked by pirates. We didn’t see much of the fight as Oliver was knocked out in the first minute, so I don’t know if they got away with anything. The thing is he was knocked out from behind, before he even drew his bow. Whatever, later they land and he and Roy are talking about all the things they’re gonna see and do. But they come across a group of men who were being attacked by raiders, who were also the pirates from earlier. They run in to help and chase the bandits off.

The men they fought with were members of the foreign legion, sent to take down the bandits, but they had been separated from their regiment by a sandstorm. Then they had been sabotaged, and had no ammunition, so their job looked hopeless. GA and Roy quickly make them bows and arrows at the oasis, and taught the men how to use them. Then they charged they hideout of the pirates. They fought valiantly, taking out cannons with their arrows, but a small accident left them with their bows incapacitated. So GA took one of the guns and used it to shoot his flaming arrow into the powder room. It probably killed several of the pirates… And it’s never found out who sabotaged the group, or hit Ollie before the battle started.


The British capture a coastal town and force the men to work at making them new ships. It is no coincidence that the American’s best sea fighter came from that town, and that he was heading that way. Tom and Dan stepped in to free the town, but after they take down the leader back up comes, and he adds the frontiers men to his group of workers. It seemed hopeless to fight back. Even the man who fought back the hardest ended up offering to make them fine figureheads. Of course Tom and Dan were given the dangerous task of hitching the figureheads up. Once the ships left for battle though they were soon given away, as the figureheads called out warnings to the approaching Americans. Then using the surprise our heroes leap from their hiding places and team up to take down the enemy ships.


In this last story of the month a dangerous criminal was diagnosed with a rare heart disorder. Only four others in Gotham have it. Well obviously the crook cannot tell the doctor what he does, and so gets a list of restrictions that don’t really apply to him. A story in the newspaper gives him the idea that he should use the other men with the condition to see what he can and can’t do. Luckily for those men, Bruce’s name had been put in the folder by mistake, and so Batman knew about the kidnappings at once.

But Bruce couldn’t just sneak out the prisoners, as there was another hostage at a different location. He secretly contacted Robin, and put him on finding the woman. Meanwhile Batman had to keep the other men safe. He did this by slightly sabotaging each test, first turning off the power so the elevator wouldn’t work, and they didn’t want to walk 50 flights of stairs. Then he secretly took the place of the man sent underwater and cut the rope on barnacles. Finally he turned on the sprinkler system so there was no way the man could climb a slippery surface.

Seeing how everything went wrong the man figured someone was behind it, and so tried to flee. But he put too much faith in his human guinea pigs, and thinking he could swim because Bruce had done so, he tried to swim to his boat and perished.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Oct

Strange Adventures 37

A lady Adam works with has been acting oddly lately, so he asks her what is wrong. She tells him a fantastic tale about finding an old family heirloom (a gold ring) on her finger, and how she dreamed she had followed orders from it to build a machine, and the machine was there when she woke. Adam told her he knew someone who could help and came by her place as Captain Comet that night. Once there he was attacked by the beings within the ring, but his body was able to overcome they strange science.  Next he shrunk himself down, and allowed himself to be captured as he observed them. Truthfully they never had a chance to invade Earth, as carbon dioxide was poison to them, and the longer Adam was in their world, the sicker they became. Comet agreed to leave, if they swore never to try to control a human again.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Oct

Marvel Family 88

Freddy and Leroy Marks start a prank battle, good clean fun, you know? Until that is Billy is almost bit by a snake, and Mary’s bed catches fire, and tear gas in Freddy’s room! These three are more than able to deal with such dangers though. They confront Leroy, but he too proclaims his innocence. Cap and Mary Marvel secretly take the two pranksters away and wait to see if the attacks continue. They do, and they find it was a man who was trying to live at the boarding house, and wanted one of the boys to get kicked out. Freeing Freddy the Marvels find the man sneaking about the house again, and that he was dropping off papers to be picked up by helicopter. They were secret plans, and that is how a prank war caught a spy ring.


Okay, we start off during a fake bomb raid, which the evil Zotan uses to sneak in real planes and bomb Fawcett. But these are not normal bombs. They harm not the body, but the mind, making the people wish for dictatorships. The Marvels manage to get a few of the planes out of commission, but the others escaped. Heading to the rock of eternity, they meet with Shazam, who tells them Zotan is a criminal from the future, who was banished to the past for his heinous crimes. But when they return home they find the evil man has taken advantage of their absence and taken over the world.

In this second part we find that Zotan is really a precursor to Kang the Conquerer, in that he wants to rule all of Earth, for all of time. Now that ‘53 is under his control he heads to the past, evading the attempts of the Marvels to save the people. Soon, he ruled all of time, up to 1953. Cap and the rest rushed to the future to warn them of the upcoming danger. But that was not Zotan’s next move. He went for Shazam. Forced to it he ‘destroyed’ the three Marvels by making them the kids again.

Hiding from those enslaved by Zotan they headed for the tunnel where Billy first got his powers. There they were able to summon Shazam, and then their words worked! The Marvels headed back to the future where Zotan was launching his attack. But even the hoards of the past cannot stand against our mighty heroes! Soon Zotan and his men had been chased back to 53 and earlier. Cap and the other two gathered up weapons from the future that would reverse the foul ones used by the villain. Soon enough he was alone, in every time period.

Comic Books · Golden Age · Marvel

1953 Oct

Kid Colt Outlaw 31

We start off seeing Colt asking some folks for some water. But the sneaky bastards give him whiskey instead. You may or may not know this but Colt does not drink. So he says some spiteful words and says he’s gonna get back at them. He meets up with them next while they are trying to get a clerk to give them Comanche lands. Colt manages to run them off but its not the last we see of them. We find that, since force didn’t work the gang decided to give the Comanche their whiskey, practically drowning them in the liquid. Then when they are properly sloshed they signed over their lands. When they came to claim their new lands, Kid was with his friend the chief, and he shot them all dead.

Sometimes I suffer while going through this age, but there is some real good stuff in the golden age too. I’m glad I came back and got to read these stories, and not just for the early stories of the people who I already love, or will be super important, but also for people like Kid Colt.


Here we see a man driving his horse toward a cliff. Colt jumps into action and bring manages to grab the reigns of the other man’s horse. The man curses him out for saving him, and explains that he is the sheriff of a town and he had lost his sight and was now useless. Colt tells him he can just turn in his badge, but the man says there is a gang in his town, who would wreck the town if they knew what the situation was. So Colt came up with a plan. He went into the saloon and picked a fight with the gang all, ‘only one man has ever out shot me’. Then the sheriff came in and Colt basically rolled over for him. He went peaceably to the jailhouse.

Now this scared the gang good, but they feared the loss of reputation more and decided to set up and ambush. They called Vance (the sheriff) out for a duel, and of course he and Colt changed clothes, so it was our boy out there. Sharp-eyed and quick as lightning he saw the ambush coming and ferociously fought back, managing to get the entire gang. At the end, Vance turned in his badge and told the full story to his town.


So- So cute! Colt is riding along and he sees that this town is searching for something, but he figures its not his business and moves on. Only for a kid to hold him at gun point a few moments later. We all know that Colt could shoot the gun out of his hand before the kid could pull the trigger. But he plays along, acts like the kid is one tough desperado, and gets the kid to join up with him to protect him from wolves and the like. In the dark of night the boy tells why he has left home, he was accused of an awful crime; stealing and entire barrel of candy! Well Colt convinces him to go home and face the music and goes with him. Well we see that everything is cleared up at once, others having confessed while he was away. There was a brief scuffle where the sheriff wanted to take Colt in, but he managed to weasel out of it.