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1954 Oct Dc Update

Blue and Bold means a change in the section

Green and italics means a new appearance but no other change

Red and underline means spoilers

I don’t go blue and bold if the location changes slightly, if they go into space, or another universe or something vastly out of norm… then we get blue.

I’m updating as I learn things so I will mark a character as alive until I hear they are dead. I will remove people from the list if they have not appeared for five or more years. Or before the blog haha

Adam Blake

Universe: Earth-one

Current Super ID: Captain Comet

Status: Alive

Morality: Good

Last seen: 1954 Oct

Location: America

In What Issue: Strange Adventures 49

ID known by: Prof. Zarko

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Archie · Reference

New Riverdale order

archie 1

archie 2

archie 3, jughead 1

archie 4, jughead 2


(archie5, Jughead3), 
(archie6, Jughead4) 
(Archie7, Jughead5,) 
(Archie8, Jughead6,) 
(Archie9, Jughead7,) 
(Archie10, Jughead8, BaV1,) 
(Archie11, Jughead9,)
(Archie12, Josie1,)
(Jughead10, Archie13, Josie2,) 
(Archie14, Reggie1, BaV2, Josie3, Jughead11,) 
(Reggie2, Josie4, Jughead12, Archie16,) 
(reggie3, jughead13, archie17,) 
(josie5, reggie4, jughead14, archie18,) 
(moose, reggie5, josie6, josie7, archie19,)
(archies1.1, jughead15, archie20,)
(BaV3, jughead16, archie21,)
(josie8, archie22,)
(josie9, archie23,)
(archie24, archie25,)
(archies2.2, archie26,)
(archies2.4, archie27,)
(archies2.5, archies28,)
(archies2.6, Archie29,)
(archies2.7, archie31,)

BaV 1

archie 701

LionForge · Reference

Cataclysm order

noble 1

noble 2, accell 1

noble 3, accell 2, superb 3


(incidentals1, noble4 superb2 accell3)

(incidentals2, superb3, accell4)

(incidentals3 noble5, super4, aston1)

(incidentals4, kino1 noble6 aston2 accell5)

(12:kino2 summit1 super5 aston3 accell6)

(1:inci5 kino3 noble7 summit2 super6 aston4 accell7)

(2:inci6 kino4 noble9 sum3 super7 accell8)

(3:aston5  inci7 sum4 super8 aston6 accell9)

(4:inci8 kino5 super9)

(5:inci9 kino6, sum5 aston7 accell10)

(6:kino7 sum6 super10 aston8 accell11)

(7:sum7 super11 aston9 accell12 inci10 kino8) 

(noble10 super12 accell13 sum8 inci11 kino9) 

(noble11 sum9 super13 aston10 accell14 inci12)

(Aston11 noble12 superb14 incide13 kino10)

(accell15, aston12, noble13, summit10, quin1, kino11, incidentals14)

(noble 14, aston 13, accell 16, superb 15, summit 11, quin 2, kino 12,)