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1994 June

Hellboy Seed of Destruction 4

We open with Rasputin still talking. He is draining Liz’s life force, strengthening him and helping him free the serpent- also known as Ogdru-Jahad. He tells Hellboy he would have liked to have him on his side, but since he has Liz now it’s not really necessary. Which is good for him as Hellboy is having his life force drained by the frog monster. He can barely hear, let alone understand the ancient Russian wizard (lucky stiff). Still, as Rasputin begins a chant, the words feel familiar to Hellboy.

Hellboy prays for one moment, one chance to break free. As the frog beast that was once Sven digs into his chest the pain clears his mind and he grabs a concussion bomb from his belt pocket. It’s old, but when he pulls the pin and shoves it down the monster’s throat it goes off. Rasputin continues his chant. With the word bubbles of Rasputin as commentary we see in to space? where seven stone pillars knock together. We cut to a sort of lab with beings that appear to be made of gray stone, who are observing the pillars- which they call cocoons.

They say the movement of the cocoons is due to something on the core-world. They call the summoner a fool, as the seven will destroy the world. “Only one power can stop them, the power that imprisoned them. The power that created them.”

Meanwhile Hellboy is regaining himself, beginning to think again, and being able to sense the power in the room. He doesn’t like it. Rasputin begins to show elation as he has  finished and as he begins what is most likely more monologue he stops and chokes on blood. We pull back to see a giant spear through him, thrown by Abe. But perhaps not by his own volition as he is in some sort of trance. Behind him is Elihu. Elihu tells Liz to wake, and she opens her eyes- and there is an explosion.

Abe jumps from his higher perch and catches Liz, diving into the water. The being from the temple is screaming, and Abe tells Hellboy they should get out of there. Hellboy thinks to himself that Rasputin shouldn’t have assumed that he could control the power he got from Liz, and well I am impressed by her implied strength.  The mansion falls, breaking into the lake onto the dead or dying beast. Abe and Liz leave, but Hellboy isn’t done.

Rasputin is up again, telling Hellboy he’s going to destroy him, and he vomits lightning on our hero who blocks it with his arm. Hellboy retorts by clocking him one with his normal hand. He tells Rasputin he doesn’t owe him anything as he continues to beat him. Eventually Rasputin tells Hellboy if he kills him, Hellboy will never know the truth about himself. Hellboy agrees, and punches the guys head off. Then he crushes the skull in his hand. We cut to the portrait of Elihu as we watch the mansion crumble.

Now we get to see what Abe was up to. He doesn’t remember much apparently, he thought Elihu was a statue when he first saw him, then he was trowing a harpoon through a guy, and then everything was on fire. They theorize that Elihu possessed him, in order to get revenge for his family or something. Liz doesn’t know much either, but is feeling pretty good. Then they ask Hellboy- who they call H.B.- if Rasputin had said anything at the end. Hellboy flashes back to his last moments and we cut to a snow filled lab, with swastikas. There is a machine and three figures become clear in the portal looking thing it makes.


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1994 May

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #3

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t have one of these last week I took a break from comics. But I am back and ready to dive back into these crazy worlds.

Hellboy is floating through space after being pulled through the floor. In his narration he tells us he has lost track of time, but he does hit water in the panel at the bottom of the page and he questions his perspective of the time passed. He stands, well kneels really at the edge of the water (the tentacles are gone for now). Hellboy tells us he can feel evil and Rasputin continues his monologue from last issue, rambling over the history of the place and says that is what Hellboy is sensing. (He also calls him ‘creature’ which displeases me.) For centuries people had sacrificed others to bring forth the serpent (maybe the tentacle thing? but that’s not really a snake…) but they had not the power, Rasputin says he does.

After a few more lines he mentions that Hellboy was brought into this world for a reason, to stand beside him during Ragnarok and command the power Rasputin summons. Hellboy seems very unimpressed. Rasputin tells Hellboy this is not a request, but a command and Hellboy lifts his gun and shoots the guy in the head. He doesn’t fall down though, much to Hellboy’s confusion. Rasputin turns his face to Hellboy and speaks not a word, but a symbol made of a devil’s tail the psi symbol and the Templar’s cross.

Hellboy is thrown from Rasputin and crashes into the water again, dropping his gun as he did so. The man’s head comes back together and Hellboy realizes just what he’s dealing with as the many talismans and protections should have kept him safe from the attack. Hellboy decides to stall for time, but that’s just silly as he doesn’t have to do anything to get the man talking again. It’s not even good information. This time he tells Hellboy about how people tried to kill him in Russia, and when he was close to death the serpent called to him. It told him of his destiny, his purpose! As Hellboy retorts he has other plans for the apocalypse (and is again told he has no choice) one of the frog monsters  comes up behind him. Rasputin tells Hellboy this is Olafsen, and he shall be the first of a new race, a titan! Really guys, that’s how he talks.

We leave Hellboy for now and see what Abe is up to. He must be in a different area of the basement for he can neither hear nor see Hellboy. Instead he sees a skeleton that clearly used to be resting in a stone coffin, but it had been broken into. He thinks it is a place of the dead-but not a quiet place. We get more panels of newly exposed skeletons and wet crumbled stone. Abe comes across the two remaining Cavendish boys (frog monsters) as they huddle with their dead and mummified looking mother. As he watches they drag her down into the water.

Abe steps back from the scene and finds himself in a different room where Elihu Cavendish is… Before we can get a good look we jump back to Hellboy as he fights Olafsen. He’s having a rough time of it, and as he slogs through the water fighting for his life he gets angry. It tosses him across the room and Hellboy wishes for a respite- however brief. But to no avail. The beast drags him into a deep part of the waterlogged basement and throws him back out. (why not try to drown him? Can Hellboy drown?) Back above the waterline Olafsen keeps tossing Hellboy into walls.

Rasputin calls Olafsen off now, telling him they need Hellboy alive. Hellboy muttered “Who…. how…” and Rasputin takes this as “tell me more about you and your past?”. He left Russia for Italy speaking as a prophet of the apocalypse. He also listened and waited for a sign. His sign was Himmler coming to him who brought him to Germany. He looks down on the Nazis that he joined up with, but knew he could use them to his own ends. He explains that he (and the unknowing Nazis) had brought Hellboy to this world. When the tide of War turned Rasputin had to give up his investigation into where the being he had summoned had gone, and when he was alone once more he heard the voice of the Serpent again. It told him to go North.

He arrived at the Temple and waited. He awoke from his trance only when Bruttenholm and the rest of his party arrived. He read Bruttenholm’s mind and learned of Hellboy. He changed all but Bruttenholm into their monstrous forms he let him go so he could call Hellboy to him. He then says his plans have now come to fruition, and he has Hellboy- and an extra bonus; Liz. Naturally Hellboy tells Rasputin to leave her be, and he says he has no intention of harming her. That her power- which has never been understood by those in the BPRD- is something alive, needing room to grow. Which Rasputin says he can provide, and he would harness her energy as his own.

He says that their chat is coming to an end as the tentacles rise once more from the water. (Finally! The guy will not shut up!) It is a being named Sadu-Hem, and he has come with Rasputin from the Arctic, feasting on humans on the way. He begins to draw Liz’s power into himself, and tells Hellboy he should join of his own free will. Hellboy tells him to go to Hell to which Rasputin says “Hell is coming here” which I thought was a good line. Hellboy knows he is in over his head a wishes for Abe, and we cut to him apparently passed out before Elihu.

And that it.

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1994 April

Hellboy Seed of Destruction #2

Cavendish Hall is where we open, a building a hundred a fifty years old built overlooking the lake and surrounding area, though slowly sinking into the soft ground. Also the place is cursed. Hellboy and a few other members of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense arrive and are greeted by the resident of the hall, a Mrs Cavendish. Next panel the other BPRD members introduce themselves as Elizabeth Sherman and Abraham Sapien. (Eeeeee I’m excited!)

Mrs. Cavendish has her man bring their bags to rooms she has provided, and she refers to Hellboy as Mr. Boy which is hilarious to me. Now I’m not sure if I mentioned it for the last issue but the Cavendishs were the ones who knew of the location of the temple in the arctic that Bruttenholm had visited. (By the way this woman is totally the one we saw at the end of last ish with a frog in her teacup) So I guess they are there to see if the frog monster (didn’t look like a frog monster) that killed Bruttenholm had some tie here? I see why  we would think that, but I’m sure Bruttenholm had his fingers in many pies, not just this Cavendish thing.

Her sons had been the people with Bruttenholm in the arctic though, and had of course vanished. (Abe is super bundled up with a fake mustache and beard which is also funny) Anyway Liz gets right to the point and asks why nine generations of this family had been losing their lives to try to get to the temple. (Sorry if I’m leaving stuff out I am trying to adjust to well Golden age to this) She begins the tale of her family Elihu Cavendish, her distant ancestor was a whaler. He was a restless man who traveled the world and learned many things. Near the end of his life Elihu built the house they were currently in, choosing the cursed location specifically. He planned to head to the arctic, where many of his descendants would later perish, but died before he could leave. Every single male in the family since has gone north and died. With the woman’s three sons gone there are no more members of the family.

After telling her tale Mrs Cavendish asks everyone to head to bed and they go to their separate rooms. A man (I think its Rasputin) tells her she has done well, and that he returns her sons to her. Hellboy begins to explain to us about Liz, explaining how she has pyrotechnic powers and once leveled a city block killing her entire family, among others. Now she has been trained, and hasn’t had an uncontrolled burst for a decade. Then we switch to Hellboy, and Abe who are sharing a room. They discuss if maybe Mrs. Cavendish is lying though they know not any reason she might. But the butler looks like Sven Olafson (Who? Okay apparently he was with Bruttenholm and the Cavendishs) which is suspicious. They decide to take a more direct approach and Abe sheds his disguise, revealing himself to be a fishman, and jumps out the window into the lake.

Hellboy starts to tell us about Abe, how he had been found in a tube in a lab that had been sealed away. The note on the tube had been labeled Icthyo Sapien, and the date Abraham Lincoln died, which is how Abe got his name. Hellboy then calls (on a phone) Liz, tells her Abe is in the water, and talks to her about the butler. She pauses and then says “Huh! Now that’s odd… There’s all these frogs in my room…” Which of course makes Hellboy yell at her to get out and he drops the phone to run to her side. When he arrives however Liz is gone, a burning cigarette all that remains.

Olafson comes up, asking what the commotion is about, but Hellboy is in no mood for games. He threatens the man while trying to get answers but instead of talking the butler begins to shift into a frog monster (again they look nothing like frogs.) Not hesitating Hellboy socks the thing, first with his normal hand then the large one which is apparently made of stone. The frog tosses Hellboy to the ceiling, and when he lands he is pissed. He throws the frog off a balcony, jumps after him, and smashes it with a vase.

We then cut to Abe, who has found a way into the house through the rotten foundation. He finds no life, not even algae but as he comes up through the water that fills the basement he finds skeletons. Back with Hellboy, he approaches Mrs. Cavendish, only to find the same markings on her skin that Bruttenholm had. She is dead. Hellboy grimaces that she died while he could have protected her, but Rasputin appears and tell Hellboy she went as she would have wanted, at the hands of her children. Hellboy recognizes Rasputin and the old sorcerer begins a speal about how he brought Hellboy here, how he is his true father, and that Hellboy should kneel and live to see a new dawn of the world.

Hellboy scoffs and reaches for his gun, but before he can draw giant tentacles break through the floor and grab him. Like the Frog monster’s tongue it makes whatever it touches go numb. Rasputin continues monologuing, telling him to consider, and that Rasputin knows the answers Hellboy seeks. The issue closes on Hellboy’s right hand as he is pulled lower by the tentacles.

Comic Books · Dark Horse · modern age

1993 Aug/1994 March

Hey guys. I’m thinking of adding stories from other publishers on the weekends, a break from golden age DC/Marvel to keep me from loosing my mind. I’ve decided to read some Hellboy first folks. This is the first appearance of this character/universe, the SDCC promotional release. I should mention that I have  seen the movies, but this will be my first foray into his comics.

We open with Hellboy (a large red humanoid figure with a strong looking tail, one hand much larger than the other and kinda mecha looking except it is the same color as the rest of him and flat sections on his head that are his  ground down horns) charging into a sort of operation being preformed by a gorilla, and being ordered by a rotting head in a jar with a swastika on it. The Gorilla is trying to put a needle into a woman’s neck and she is awake and struggling against her bonds.

The head orders the gorilla to attack Hellboy using ‘all his inhuman strength. The head recognizes Hellboy and says he has been an annoyance to the fuhrer. Also the gorilla’s hands are robotic. At least until Hellboy shoots one of  them to bits. Hellboy feels bad when the gorilla (named Brutus) cries in pain, as he has no mind of his own. But Hellboy still has to fight the beast, as he fights with renewed vigor after his hand was destroyed. Hellboy pulls a risky move that puts Brutus under, and the helpless head in a jar yells at the red figure for destroying his lab, though that was his plan.

The girl begs for help and Brutus speaks (much to Hellboy’s shock) saying the girl can still be used. Kinda freaked out by this, and figured he didn’t put in enough pressure to knock out the beat he tosses the head (Herman Von Klempt) into the gorilla’s mouth, and the force throws them into a generator. Hellboy takes the girl and jumps out a window, then watches as the castle burns.

Since that is so short I am also putting the first official issue of Hellboy here as well.

*Edit: I figured out this is the second Promotion actually Published in May ’94

Hellboy Seed of Destruction #1

We open on Christmas Eve of 1944, England. The narration is a journal by a soldier, who is skeptical about the fact (brought to them by the British Paranormal Society)  that the Nazi commandos they are to watch for are some kind of ‘spook squad’. Still the higher ups believe it, and not only id this elite squad up here on watch out so is this world’s version of Captain America: Torch of Liberty.

The Three members of the society are; Professor Malcolm Frost, Trevor Bruttenholm and Lady Cynthia Eden-Jones. Our narrator is in charge of the entire group, and though the area has been quiet for days Cynthia says something is going to go down that night. (She’s Psychic.)

North of the town the are in a large group of people chant in a circle of stones. As we get closer we see swastikas and iron crosses, and it is only one chanting. They are augmenting the magic with some sort of device, powering the gauntlets worn by the chanter.

Cynthia is trying to get a better grasp on the events taking place and she feels the power of some past event, something that is taking the power harness tonight for it’s own use. We cut between the psychic and the Nazi circle, where they are having trouble focusing their energies, and back. Troubled spirits tell Cynthia something is coming. One of the  gauntlets explode, as does the area where the soldiers waited. The sorcerer tells the rest of the Nazis that his work is done, he has given the Fuhrer a miracle.

We cut to the other explosion where a red monkey-like figure is wreathed in flames. One hand is much larger than the other (it looks like the gauntlet that blew up, and it’s the same side- is there a connection?) Though Professor Frost says they should kill him, Hellboy seems to be accepted among the soldiers and the other two from the society.

It is the future now, and Bruttenholm is listening to a tape, recalling that night almost fifty years ago. We see Hellboy, now a man. Bruttenholm stumbles to tell his son about an expedition he had been on, that lead to the world believing him dead. Bruttenholm and two other men had been deep in the arctic, looking for an old temple, and  finding it. The old man’s memories are blurred something awful, but he remembers a statue so detailed it was almost alive. After that, screams, and he didn’t even know how he got home, just that he called Hellboy, and Hellboy came. That’s ten months worth of memories, gone. (also Hellboy is really gentle, and it’s sweet)

Then a bunch of frogs start falling from the sky? Bruttenholm freaks out and tells Hellboy to run, and he flees, but he falls back into the room, now with purple skin with red circles all over. Hellboy gets pissed and charges the room, it is pitch black, and we can’t really see what he is fighting. He grabs it by it’s face and it winds a long tongue down his arm til he throws it off. Though it had only held on to him for ‘about two seconds’ his arm was now decorated with the same red circles, and he says ‘might as well be made of wood’.

When the beast comes back it once more lashes out with it’s tongue, but it gets the right hand this time, the large one. His hand has been analyzed for years to no avail, but what matters right now is that it doesn’t feel pain. Using the tongue Hellboy flings the thing into a wall. (Also the writing here is really good, or maybe I’m just too used to Golden age?) His other hand is coming back to life, and he lifts his gun; the thing tries to flee, but it’s not faster than a speeding bullet. It disintegrates before it hits the floor.

He goes into a different room and makes a call to the Head Office. He tells them about the monster and tells them to send scientists cause he has no clue what it is. He also tells them Bruttenholm is dead. I am very sad to hear this as they had a good dynamic, but I know we’ll probably see him in flashbacks. Finally we cut to an old woman with a teacup in her hand. Inside the teacup is a frog.