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1994 May

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #3

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t have one of these last week I took a break from comics. But I am back and ready to dive back into these crazy worlds.

Hellboy is floating through space after being pulled through the floor. In his narration he tells us he has lost track of time, but he does hit water in the panel at the bottom of the page and he questions his perspective of the time passed. He stands, well kneels really at the edge of the water (the tentacles are gone for now). Hellboy tells us he can feel evil and Rasputin continues his monologue from last issue, rambling over the history of the place and says that is what Hellboy is sensing. (He also calls him ‘creature’ which displeases me.) For centuries people had sacrificed others to bring forth the serpent (maybe the tentacle thing? but that’s not really a snake…) but they had not the power, Rasputin says he does.

After a few more lines he mentions that Hellboy was brought into this world for a reason, to stand beside him during Ragnarok and command the power Rasputin summons. Hellboy seems very unimpressed. Rasputin tells Hellboy this is not a request, but a command and Hellboy lifts his gun and shoots the guy in the head. He doesn’t fall down though, much to Hellboy’s confusion. Rasputin turns his face to Hellboy and speaks not a word, but a symbol made of a devil’s tail the psi symbol and the Templar’s cross.

Hellboy is thrown from Rasputin and crashes into the water again, dropping his gun as he did so. The man’s head comes back together and Hellboy realizes just what he’s dealing with as the many talismans and protections should have kept him safe from the attack. Hellboy decides to stall for time, but that’s just silly as he doesn’t have to do anything to get the man talking again. It’s not even good information. This time he tells Hellboy about how people tried to kill him in Russia, and when he was close to death the serpent called to him. It told him of his destiny, his purpose! As Hellboy retorts he has other plans for the apocalypse (and is again told he has no choice) one of the frog monsters  comes up behind him. Rasputin tells Hellboy this is Olafsen, and he shall be the first of a new race, a titan! Really guys, that’s how he talks.

We leave Hellboy for now and see what Abe is up to. He must be in a different area of the basement for he can neither hear nor see Hellboy. Instead he sees a skeleton that clearly used to be resting in a stone coffin, but it had been broken into. He thinks it is a place of the dead-but not a quiet place. We get more panels of newly exposed skeletons and wet crumbled stone. Abe comes across the two remaining Cavendish boys (frog monsters) as they huddle with their dead and mummified looking mother. As he watches they drag her down into the water.

Abe steps back from the scene and finds himself in a different room where Elihu Cavendish is… Before we can get a good look we jump back to Hellboy as he fights Olafsen. He’s having a rough time of it, and as he slogs through the water fighting for his life he gets angry. It tosses him across the room and Hellboy wishes for a respite- however brief. But to no avail. The beast drags him into a deep part of the waterlogged basement and throws him back out. (why not try to drown him? Can Hellboy drown?) Back above the waterline Olafsen keeps tossing Hellboy into walls.

Rasputin calls Olafsen off now, telling him they need Hellboy alive. Hellboy muttered “Who…. how…” and Rasputin takes this as “tell me more about you and your past?”. He left Russia for Italy speaking as a prophet of the apocalypse. He also listened and waited for a sign. His sign was Himmler coming to him who brought him to Germany. He looks down on the Nazis that he joined up with, but knew he could use them to his own ends. He explains that he (and the unknowing Nazis) had brought Hellboy to this world. When the tide of War turned Rasputin had to give up his investigation into where the being he had summoned had gone, and when he was alone once more he heard the voice of the Serpent again. It told him to go North.

He arrived at the Temple and waited. He awoke from his trance only when Bruttenholm and the rest of his party arrived. He read Bruttenholm’s mind and learned of Hellboy. He changed all but Bruttenholm into their monstrous forms he let him go so he could call Hellboy to him. He then says his plans have now come to fruition, and he has Hellboy- and an extra bonus; Liz. Naturally Hellboy tells Rasputin to leave her be, and he says he has no intention of harming her. That her power- which has never been understood by those in the BPRD- is something alive, needing room to grow. Which Rasputin says he can provide, and he would harness her energy as his own.

He says that their chat is coming to an end as the tentacles rise once more from the water. (Finally! The guy will not shut up!) It is a being named Sadu-Hem, and he has come with Rasputin from the Arctic, feasting on humans on the way. He begins to draw Liz’s power into himself, and tells Hellboy he should join of his own free will. Hellboy tells him to go to Hell to which Rasputin says “Hell is coming here” which I thought was a good line. Hellboy knows he is in over his head a wishes for Abe, and we cut to him apparently passed out before Elihu.

And that it.

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1953 Dec

Batman 80

I don’t know where we left the Joker, but he opens the issue by robbing a circus train. But wait, oddly- even for him- he is filming it. The Joker has started a movie company to get himself publicity, and to show criminals how to pull crimes he devises. I see a problem with this already. If he produces these movies won’t the police know how to guard against these?

Bruce and Dick hear about the odd crime very soon, as they are always on the look out for the clown. They get called to a museum where the Joker is filming another movie. The Bat is able to capture some of the crew with the use of some fake mummy bandages and his batarang, the Joker however made it away.

The Joker decides to take in a film and in a really crappy disguise he goes to see “The Return of Batman and Robin”. He is infuriated at the depiction of himself, or at least, of how Batman and Robin trounce him in the film. So he undertakes a new task, to film how to deal with Batman and his sidekick. Because of the captured crew members the crimefighters know what the Joker has been doing, but they refused to give up where he was. But they disnt have to find the Joker, for he found them.

In this battle it was the clown who came off better for sure. Somehow they managed to switch the utility belts to be filled with useless artifacts and even blew up the batmobile! A few nights later the Joker goes to a swank city party, and naturally it isn’t long before Bruce shows up to take hins down. But the Joker has many hostages, and so our heroes are helpless. He has them dance as he shoots the floor, and once again escapes. Now Bruce and Dick are quite discouraged, and the older is brooding upon it. And so it continues… Again and again Bruce and Dick find themselves out smarted by the wily criminal.

But wait, it seems as though Bruce had discovered the hideout long before, and waited to capture him until the list of people who were to receive the film was written, so he could go after them all. Then he makes a point of saying he only pretended to fall for everything the Joker pulled, but I think that unlikely. Evil, sometimes silly, insane, though he may be that man is a genius.


Batman is heading out of town for a murder trial, and he wants to get the mansion repainted while he is gone. Dick asks where he is supposed to stay, and how he’ll be active as Robin, since the entrance to the batcave will be unaccessible. But of course Batman has a solution. Dick is to stay at a friend of Bruce’s, who is currently out of the country. It is near enough so that Robin can use one of the other exits to the cave.

When he arrives though he finds the cabin to be, well, creepy. While resting in the house he begins to read a horror novel, as it is the only reading material around. The next day a woman he has never seen before calls him over and hands him an envelop full of money,  telling him he knows what to do with it. He hurries back to the cabin, where he narrowly dodges a knife thrown at him. He sees a face through the window, but when he turns to face it, it has gone, and so has the money.

So he goes to the police to explain what has been going on. But the other men there knew exactly what he was going to say, and blamed it on the stuff he’s been reading and where he was staying making his mind play tricks on him. He leaves, indignantly telling them all he’s going to tell Robin. So the signal is flashed and Robin goes to see the commissioner, who tells Robin not to bother with Dick’s story. So Dick goes home, well to the cabin, and there he sees a light on in the neighboring warehouse. He goes to investigate and finds a devil, a witch, and other such people stealing the art stored there. They pull off their masks and laugh at Dick, telling him how his story will never be believed, after the tricks they had pulled on him.

But, he is not just a boy, but the Boy Wonder. So he goes home, changes costume and hurries back to fight crime. He is dropped through a trapdoor, where they begin to pump gas. Identifying the type of gas with his training he lights it on fire before it reaches him. Sneaking out of the trap he decides to reverse the trick and pull on over on the crooks. So he lets one of the men see him. They cry out, and Robin vanishes. When they others turn away he knocks out that one. And so he takes out the entire gang, and delivers them to the police.


A bank robbery, preformed by a giant machine has Batman and Robin summoned to downtown Gotham. Thinking it was being controlled from within Batman tries to flood it with tear gas, but as it grabs for Robin they have to flee to the Batmobile. Even the awesome car has to dodge from the thing as it tries to bore into it. Having forced the dark knight to retreat the machine then digs into the ground and vanishes.

As it says in comic- this is only the beginning, and soon many more such crimes are accomplished. One failure- or even several- is not enough to stop our boys though. When they are following one of the machines and it’s loot back to base we catch our first look at the criminals behind this. They are aware that Batman is following, and unperturbed by this, saying that when he gets near their secret island they will turn on the electrical disrupted and crash the batplane.

The crash doesn’t kill our heroes, and they must swim to the nearest land- which happens o be the base of the crooks. Batman also knows the man who owns the island (Golar) has the skill to make the machines that had been terrorizing the city. Before they are on dry land the two are scooped out of the sea by fishing nets, held by machines, and then dumped in a tank of water. Knowing how likely it was that they could escape the boss sent two men to knock them off.

It was a smart move, but too late. When the gangsters got there the dynamic duo were already free. Of course the two crooks are no match for a bat and bird, but one of the machines evens the playing field, trapping them in giant claws. They were then placed in a holding cell with Golar. (Why didn’t they kill them?) He explains how the criminals, on the run from the law had set upon the island, and the scientist had happily shown him what he had accomplished, as he was very proud of his work. Seeing new uses for the machines their creator had never intended, Golar was captured, and the crimes began.

There was a small window above the door where they were locked, and since it was a crossbar lock Batman was (after many tries) lift the bar with his batrope, and free them. They took out the men, and doused the machine that came after them with water, causing it to short out. Then all that was left was the boss. He tried to escape on a rocket thing, but Batman was on it as well, and good thing too, as the controls had been destroyed, and it was only by maneuvering with the air current both lived.

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1953 Nov

Tomahawk 20

During the revolutionary war Tom is sent somewhere  along the coast to lead a force of men who had just lost their leader. He is shown some British forces, apparently sitting ducks, and he hastily calls a retreat. His new men question it, but eventually they move back. They lose two cannons while retreating, but Tomahawk says they hold where they are for a rest then continue their retreat, though his men want to bring the fight to the redcoats. It is uneasy battle to make their way further inland, and they lose their last cannon to swampland. Finally, cold, wet, tired, and on the loose footing of the swamp Tomahawk says they’ll attack.

Of course he had a plan, another troop of  men had been following the British who followed them, and they trapped the enemy between them. One of the dissenters from Tomahawk’s men sneaked up behind him, intent to kill. Tom was ready though, as the man had slipped, and revealed information he ought not to have known. He then explained that he had been ordered to sound the retreat by General Washington, so others could sneak in and steal the ships the British left behind.


One day Tom and Dan see a troop of redcoats retreating in a hurry, and lament the fact that they had not fallen for a trap, as the news had been spread by a newspaper in the area. Coincidence of coincidences they come across the the writer of the article just a little bit later. They bring him to a fort where the general there wants to have him locked up, as he was either a fool or a spy. But Tom vouches for him, saying that properly conducted the idea of a paper was sound. Like a puppy who has been shown kindness he follows Tom and Dan, wanting to write about where they go next. But he is quite a hindrance to the frontier’s men.

Tom allows the reporter to write out his story, but not to send it. This seems to be a mistake the next day when the three are captured by redcoats, and they send the story and Tom’s report, intending to use the advantage of knowing their enemies movements. Oddly Tom thinks he can still make this good news. When the sun rises the next day the writer says he wants to write of the current situation, and is allowed to by the Brits. Spraying he leader in the face with ink he causes the man to drop his sword, and Tom frees himself.

Dan ran to the nearby Fort and enlisted help from the men there. But even if Tom hadn’t been able to fix the situation it was just fine, as he had switched the labels on the carrier pigeons so the letters had gone to the wrong people. Getting the story instead of the okay the general had known that something had gone wrong, and was prepared for the British to know the plan. Does that make sense? It’s late so I’m not sure…


We start off seeing some strangers transporting goods along the Mississippi. They are set up on by pirates in the second panel, much to their shock. The cargo ships are left destroyed, their crews killed and their goods stolen. This is not the last time either. Ship after ship is taken, and we now see where the ships were meant to go, to be used as trade with a native tribe further up river. The chief suggests they call Tomahawk to help, as he will surely know what to do. With a chain of smoke signals the two are summoned. They ask for a few braves to help them, and with those men he would take back the trade route. He ambushed the pirates on the next shipment and as they fled Tomahawk called pursuit. They found the pirates had hold of a fort, so Tom and Dan step forward to investigate their force. But while Dan is counting cannons he is captured. The villains tied the boy to the mouth of a cannon and cried put a warning that an attack would mean Dan’s death. The group is led inside, but Tom has had one of the tribesmen wear his clothes so he can dramatically declare his position. He had used the time the other man gave him to lessen Dan’s ropes and to lock most of the pirates in their rooms. Now free of their need to help Dan the party attacks, and the criminals find they are helpless before the skills of Tomahawk and the Braves.

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1953 Nov

Superman 85

Clark was off dealing with a cut cable in the ocean, (I think the phone lines go through those?) and a building began to fall in Metropolis. Since Superman is away you would think that a bunch of people would die right? But they are saved by the most unlikely of heroes, not someone from the JSA or any other DC hero, but the notorious Lex Luthor. He steps out of his rocket and announces that he has had a brain surgery to remove his criminal tenancies and now wants to make up for all the evil he has done. And it seemed to be true. Luthor was saving people left and right, and even capturing wrongdoers himself.

Superman doesn’t believe it for a second. He wonders just how the genius is able to get to all the disasters he does, and decides to follow him. Lex erects some dykes around a dam and tells the people it is bound to collapse, he would take their valuables with him, so they could focus on saving themselves. Clark tells Lex there is nothing wrong with the dam, but as he speaks, the dam breaks. His first thought is that he must apologize. But then he sees traces of TNT on the dam as he repairs it. Clark catches up to him when he is creating an earthquake with a giant drill. He stops the disaster and then goes after Luthor, who had used the promise of a quake to ‘protect’ a collection of jewels. Superman brings them in, tells the evidence and the world is back to normal.


The Publisher of the planet has stepped away for a time, leaving his sister in his place. She has some very different ideas about what a newspaper should be however. She thinks it should be more dignified, stately. She even orders a change of dress and speech in the members of the staff. Lois is really funny about it, hard headed and brash as she can be.

Clark catches her use an odd term of Speech and looks into her past. He finds out the new publisher had once run away to join the circus, though her family had hushed it up. He figures she is extra prim to make up for her past escapade.

A swindler turns up and, using flattery, gets the publisher to run a feature promoting donations to raise a ship. Superman knows the man plans to just take the money himself so he raises the ship himself, and takes away the need for donations. But the swindler isn’t one to give up easily. He comes up with another ‘worthy cause’ for the public to fund. Superman does that too, and informs the man he will do any worthy cause he can think up.

He pulls aside his friend to talk up a new plan, but the way Superman has arranged the room they were in made it so their words were brought straight to the ears of his new boss. Pissed off the woman takes to the decorations around them and trounces the men with a cry of “Hey Rube”. Finding out from the next days papers that she as being hailed as a hero and not looked down upon she swiftly changes the Planet back to normal.


We open upon a man who has achieved his dream of getting a professorship at a prodigious school. Feeling successful, he asks his girlfriend to marry him. She tells him that while she likes him he is too meek, especially compared to Superman. After that every mention of the Kryptonian brings the poor professor anger. So he decides to become as strong as Superman. He announces his powers to his students, and when he is not believed he pulls up a tree and then flys home. It isn’t long before the Planet gets a hold of this news and Clark goes out to investigate.

He finds that the man truly is powerful, stronger in fake than he. But he suspects a gadget as his clothes were lined with lead to keep Superman from looking under them. His lab too is lead lined, but by diving underneath he is able to see through the floor and get the answers he needs. The powers he had gained were due to the fact it was a robot doing the feats. Of course a normal robot would not be as strong as Clark, but there is kryptonite in the thing’s alloy. (Where did he manage to get that?) Clark might even let the farce go on, if it wasn’t for the fact the prof didn’t have the control he needed for such power.

And so Clark undertook the task of making it seem like the real prof had the powers of a kryptonian. Believing it almost at once he destroys he robot, not wanting any evidence he once used it. He went to take his girl out, and slightly scares her by using powers he didn’t mean to (because it was Clark). She tells him it is too frightening to be out with him and she wished he were his normal self once more. Since he believed he had gained his powers by thinking he had them, he was able to “imagine” them away. The story ends with a wedding.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Detective Comics 201


A man’s life has been threatened, and he is warned not to publicly tour Gotham. The man is frightened, but feels as though he must go through with his tour, or be branded a coward. But a solution is given to him in the form of a man who would be his body double. (Not the human target introduced in the 70s) Batman looks into it and sees he has no criminal record, and an obvious reason as to why he needs the money, for his daughter requires expensive surgery. The tour goes on and Batman and Robin take in some attempted assassins. When a killer breaks free a few days later the two head to protect the man that had given the final testimony on the killer. They find their possible victim has already been replaced with the human target.

Once more Batman and Robin are able to stop the murder, and bring the one responsible to jail. Then we see the target’s real face for the first time, and his sweet daughter, for whom he is risking his life almost daily. There is a montage next of a series of men he takes the place of, with narrow escapes each time. News begins to leak out about the man who’ll risk his life for yours and a criminal who had overstepped his bounds in his gang decides he’s going to use the target.

Having made the money he needed, the target heads home to celebrate with his child, Batman, and Robin. But that is not what happens next, his daughter has been kidnapped and he is forced into a role that could very well mean his life. Lucky for him our detective watches some surveillance that has the target on it, and as he did not have an allergic reaction to flowers (as the real gangster would have) Batman suspected it was him. They slip in to see the target an get confirmation on the situation. Then Batman takes the place of the gangster, and sends Robin to check likely hiding spots where the man’s daughter might be.

Batman heads to where the target was to meet with one of the gangsters men, but spots a trap at once. He ‘trips’ and renders the trap unusable in one simple motion. Meanwhile Robin has found the girl and the law has gathered up this branch of the gang. But Batman wants to get them all and goes back under cover. But his life quickly is in danger, and the target pays him back for all the times he was saved, by distracting them as ‘Batman’. It gives Bruce enough time to k.o. the bastards, and the target leaves with his daughter to get the operation she needs.

Roy Raymond, Tv Detective

This is Impossible but true, but they have renamed the feature. Worry not you will still see Roy on all his disbelieving glory.

Roy is going through frauds and features not interesting enough to have on the show, and finds nothing he can use. He heads out for lunch with Karen when a man speaks up from next to him. Not unusual, except for the fact the man could not be seen. He wasn’t hiding or anything, but actually invisible. The man goes about his day after letting Roy know about himself, and that’s that. Until the next morning when the invisible man is chilling in Roy’s house, handing him his hat and coat. He explains that he wasn’t always invisible, he was a scientist that had discovered a chemical to cause a person to vanish. But he didn’t have the funds to research a way to bring himself back to the visible spectrum.

He asked Roy to get him a loan from the bank, as he couldn’t do it himself legally, and he didn’t wish to steal. He told Roy that if he did not help, he would have no choice but to do so. Roy’s fame at seeing through frauds made it easy enough to get the money, but while they were driving Roy seemed to have figured something out, and told Karen to whisper. Soon they heard the voice again, but the man didn’t seem to notice that Roy had a group of cops with him, and a direction finder to seek the area of a transmission.

The explanation was a bit odd. Apparently all the movement had been done by magnets, and the man had coated Roy’s coat and hat with a light metal spray. The voice of course was from a tiny radio concealed in Roy’s watch. I really don’t think this would work in real life. Anyone want to Mythbust?


A car crash, and a quick switch of a box in the mail truck and some crooks have stolen Robotman’s new body and have replaced it with one of their own making. Excited about his new body he changes at once, and soon has to go out to stop a crime. But the body doesn’t obey him as usual, and makes him rush into a fire. However this doesnt seem to be to harm him as water spouts automatically appear and put out the flames. His new form continues to make him quell the fires around him, makeing it so he has to let the crooks go. At the next crime this new body was programmed to pump out poison gas from the air instead of going after them. (Um I think he might have done those things anyway, I mean would he really leave a room luck of people in a room where they are breathing poison?) He tries to unwire the modifications, but it is too well done. He dare not go out for fear of what they may make him do, and it will take months for a new body to arrive. As he muses he is called into help a plane land, as it has run out of fuel and is in danger. We then see the gang that has caused all this trouble. They laugh as they loot the airport, glad their sabotage of the plane had gone well. Meanwhile Robotman finds himself unable to use his arms. He changes his legs into wheels and catches the aircraft on his back, as living landing gear. He then runs after the gang, freed from their modifications by an electric eye? Not sure how but okay.

Comic Books · Golden Age · Marvel

1953 Nov

Black Rider 19

A tailor is asked to make a new outfit for the Black Rider, and he gladly does so only to find it was not the real Rider who came to pick it up, but a group of criminals. The tailor protests, and tries to take his work back, but he is old and outnumbered. They take him to the desert to die. Doc Masters gets called to see the tailor’s wife the next day as she is in a state about her husband going missing. He is given a note that says he’s going off with the Black Rider, but obviously Doc knows this is bullshit. He finds the poor tailor, who manages to tell Masters what had happened before submitting to his wounds and lack of water.

Soon tales of  the Black Rider turning to crime bleed across the land, and only those who know him best refuse to believe it. The crook made a big mistake though when he went for the Lathorp’s ranch. Bobby, being the only one who knows that Doc Masters is the Rider, went to confront him after the fake kidnapped his sister. Doc, being in love with Marie (Its a very Superman/Lois/Clark relationship) runs to her aid. The fake is shocked by how quickly his men were taken down. He shot the man’s guns out of his hands wanting to beat him with his bare hands, and then he tossed the fake over a cliff.


One day a Comanche man brings his son in to see Doc Masters, as his son had been bitten by a rabid wolf, and was dying. But supplies are low in this tiny western town, and there was not enough to cure the boy, even if there was time remaining. He gives the boy the first shot, and studies hard the next few days to see if there was anything that could yet save him. He found that a crude vaccine could be made from the brain of the diseased creature that had first bitten the child. And so he changed to the Black Rider, and set out to find the beast. He finds the poor creature and after a fierce battle, that the sickened wolf could never have won, Doc is able to cure his patient.

Two-Gun Kid

Long time no see Two-Gun! It might have even been before I started this blog! Well anywho; he is one of the fastest guns in the west. At the first of the tale he has been challenged, and soundly beaten another man in this skill. One of the watchers commented “Two bullets in the heart and only one hole. Brother that’s shooting.” So Two-Gun decides to outride his reputation, not wanting people to keep seeking him out, or else looking at him with fear. But, even far from those who know of him he winds up face to face with trouble.

He is mistaken for a rustler, but one of the men calms his brother, pointing out the our gunhawk could easily have killed them both instead of shooting the guns from their hands. Well maybe he wasn’t that far away. The young boy on the ranch idolized the Two-Gun Kid. How much you want to bet this ends up as a ‘convince the kid an outlaw is an evil scum bastard you don’t want to be that’ tale. Also, I think the angry Brother is one of the rustlers. He wants his nephew and brother to leave town, try to make a home for themselves somewhere else.

But Two-Gun can never stand to see people in such a state and promises to bring back the cattle. As he rides he berates himself on doing this to himself again, but he can’t brood long as he soon finds a sentry and takes him out. He was able to kill the rest of the gang by causing a stampede of the stolen cattle. I think that was quite just. And Booyah! I was right the brother was evil! All Two-gun had to prove i was a chewed upon stick, like the man had a habit of doing but he confessed right off and tried to kill Two-Gun. Our boy knocks the gun out of his hand and pummels him. Hm, I mean in the end the kid did understand that the life of an outlaw isn’t fun, but it wasn’t the center of the story. Cool.

Black Rider

A carriage was ambushed on its way to its destination, unluckily for the attackers the Black Rider saw this occur. He raced over and took out all the men. He then stopped the carriage horses from their crazy bolt, and opened the door to find a woman. As she has passed out he takes her to Doc Masters, chamges identity and cares for her. Marie saw the Rider go in and so investigates. Though he is now in normal clothes she feels a twinge of jealously when she sees how he is looking after the strange woman. Oddly she doesn’t seem nervous or startled about her ambush, just askew for her purse. When Did checks what is inside he finds a small gun. Later that night he goes to check up on the woman, only to find she is gone. Marie has decided to leave town (because she was jealous? I dont really know it doesn’t make sense as thw only reason) and Doc, worried about her traveling alone, with a carriage transporting gold, joins her. Hos misgivings were not for naught, as soon enough high jackers ambushed them. Surprises of surprises it is the lady patient who leads the crew. Because of his kindness she allows him to walk, but she keeps Marie. As soon as he is far enough away he changes clothes, and calls his steed. He rode into the group, killing many. Only Marie and the woman live, to be taken back to town.

Comic Books · Dark Horse · modern age

1994 April

Hellboy Seed of Destruction #2

Cavendish Hall is where we open, a building a hundred a fifty years old built overlooking the lake and surrounding area, though slowly sinking into the soft ground. Also the place is cursed. Hellboy and a few other members of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense arrive and are greeted by the resident of the hall, a Mrs Cavendish. Next panel the other BPRD members introduce themselves as Elizabeth Sherman and Abraham Sapien. (Eeeeee I’m excited!)

Mrs. Cavendish has her man bring their bags to rooms she has provided, and she refers to Hellboy as Mr. Boy which is hilarious to me. Now I’m not sure if I mentioned it for the last issue but the Cavendishs were the ones who knew of the location of the temple in the arctic that Bruttenholm had visited. (By the way this woman is totally the one we saw at the end of last ish with a frog in her teacup) So I guess they are there to see if the frog monster (didn’t look like a frog monster) that killed Bruttenholm had some tie here? I see why  we would think that, but I’m sure Bruttenholm had his fingers in many pies, not just this Cavendish thing.

Her sons had been the people with Bruttenholm in the arctic though, and had of course vanished. (Abe is super bundled up with a fake mustache and beard which is also funny) Anyway Liz gets right to the point and asks why nine generations of this family had been losing their lives to try to get to the temple. (Sorry if I’m leaving stuff out I am trying to adjust to well Golden age to this) She begins the tale of her family Elihu Cavendish, her distant ancestor was a whaler. He was a restless man who traveled the world and learned many things. Near the end of his life Elihu built the house they were currently in, choosing the cursed location specifically. He planned to head to the arctic, where many of his descendants would later perish, but died before he could leave. Every single male in the family since has gone north and died. With the woman’s three sons gone there are no more members of the family.

After telling her tale Mrs Cavendish asks everyone to head to bed and they go to their separate rooms. A man (I think its Rasputin) tells her she has done well, and that he returns her sons to her. Hellboy begins to explain to us about Liz, explaining how she has pyrotechnic powers and once leveled a city block killing her entire family, among others. Now she has been trained, and hasn’t had an uncontrolled burst for a decade. Then we switch to Hellboy, and Abe who are sharing a room. They discuss if maybe Mrs. Cavendish is lying though they know not any reason she might. But the butler looks like Sven Olafson (Who? Okay apparently he was with Bruttenholm and the Cavendishs) which is suspicious. They decide to take a more direct approach and Abe sheds his disguise, revealing himself to be a fishman, and jumps out the window into the lake.

Hellboy starts to tell us about Abe, how he had been found in a tube in a lab that had been sealed away. The note on the tube had been labeled Icthyo Sapien, and the date Abraham Lincoln died, which is how Abe got his name. Hellboy then calls (on a phone) Liz, tells her Abe is in the water, and talks to her about the butler. She pauses and then says “Huh! Now that’s odd… There’s all these frogs in my room…” Which of course makes Hellboy yell at her to get out and he drops the phone to run to her side. When he arrives however Liz is gone, a burning cigarette all that remains.

Olafson comes up, asking what the commotion is about, but Hellboy is in no mood for games. He threatens the man while trying to get answers but instead of talking the butler begins to shift into a frog monster (again they look nothing like frogs.) Not hesitating Hellboy socks the thing, first with his normal hand then the large one which is apparently made of stone. The frog tosses Hellboy to the ceiling, and when he lands he is pissed. He throws the frog off a balcony, jumps after him, and smashes it with a vase.

We then cut to Abe, who has found a way into the house through the rotten foundation. He finds no life, not even algae but as he comes up through the water that fills the basement he finds skeletons. Back with Hellboy, he approaches Mrs. Cavendish, only to find the same markings on her skin that Bruttenholm had. She is dead. Hellboy grimaces that she died while he could have protected her, but Rasputin appears and tell Hellboy she went as she would have wanted, at the hands of her children. Hellboy recognizes Rasputin and the old sorcerer begins a speal about how he brought Hellboy here, how he is his true father, and that Hellboy should kneel and live to see a new dawn of the world.

Hellboy scoffs and reaches for his gun, but before he can draw giant tentacles break through the floor and grab him. Like the Frog monster’s tongue it makes whatever it touches go numb. Rasputin continues monologuing, telling him to consider, and that Rasputin knows the answers Hellboy seeks. The issue closes on Hellboy’s right hand as he is pulled lower by the tentacles.