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1954 March

Detective Comics 205

Batman “The Origin of the Bat-Cave”

The Bat-Cave has received an upgrade and it requires them to add some wires so they don’t blow something. So Robin goes to get some shovels to bury the wires. While the two work they find bits of old pottery which Batman says is around three hundred ears old, and so the Bat-cave must be that old as well. Thinking about this Dick wonders how Bruce found the Bat-cave and so he begins the tale.

Bruce bought his manor as an adult when he already knew he would be Batman. He was working on setting up an old barn on the property to be his base when he fell through the floor. Of course this lead to the Bat-cave and once he saw it was full of the flying mammals he took them as a sign that his was meant to be his real base. He explored the place and blocked off many tunnels while making the one behind the grandfather clock. Apparently he didn’t set up the cave until Robin joined him however, as he asks Dick to remember when they did so.

They show a diagram of the cave, and begin to talk about the snafus they had to fix, such as the Batsignal not being visible from the cave. They have it rigged now that a lightblub in the cave turns on when the signal is activated. Also the process of getting television in the cave. Still the recollections don’t last all issue and they bring the pieces of pottery to the museum curator, who translates the writing on it to mean “Death to the man of two identities”. Both are disturbed by the fact it could apply to Bruce. And so they decide to go back in time via Prof. Nichols (sigh).

Once they arrive in the past they change into their fighting duds as they hear hoofbeats approaching them. Two native men are chasing a frontier’s man, who’s horse stumbles, and so the two crusaders dash to his recuse. But Robin missteps and nearly tumbles off a cliff. Batman tosses his ward a bat-line and he climbs up while Bruce continues to fight. They tie the defeated natives to their steeds and chase them off and then check on the fallen man.

He is surprised by their clothing but brings them into his secret base, which is in a cave. He calls it the Bat-cave because of it’s furry inhabitants. In this place he disguises himself as a native, spying on the tribe that regularly attacks his home town. He was not noticed as the group of attackers are not a true tribe but a collection of outcasts.  When most attacks were being repulsed however they deduce there is a spy among them. Before he could be caught the man ran for home, only to be ambushed by some who suspected him.

The man laments that now he is unable to help his home while the not-tribe plans their largest attack yet. Batman offers to take his place, after they secure the area and hide the man’s horse. They make it so the floor of a nearby cabin can be moved up and down, and make a tube of bark with mirrors as a periscope. Then he sets up a frontier lab of sorts, from the plants in the area. He also starts the Hall of Trophies. Then he changes and goes under cover. Sadly he doesn’t get to do his shit as it begins to rain and washes away his dye. In desperation he hides and changes into his Bat suit.

He tries to make it seem like he is an outlandish medicine man and shows off his batarang. He uses his smoke pellets and his cape to make bat shaped clouds to bring Robin to his side. Dick takes the horse and sweeps up his father figure as he rides by. They bring the spy to his home and begin to fade back to their time. So they change back to Bruce and Dick and they go home. As always it is left as a could have been a dream, but one thing says it might not be: in this case the spy’s arrow heads are found in the cave.

Roy Raymond the TV Detective “The Puzzle of the Blind Artist”

Interviews! The last one of the day is of a man who says he will paint a portrait fro Roy, who doesn’t get what’s so special. But the man explains he is blind and by feeling a person’s face he could still paint a perfect picture of them. He demonstrates his talent by painting Karen, and does excellently. Roy doubts he is truly blind, so he takes him to an eye doctor, who confirms this guy is blind. Roy says he will think about letting him on the show.

To truly convince Roy, he would need to make the man paint something he had never seen before in total darkness. So he brings the blind man to a recently discovered cave that is filled with ancient carvings. Roy searches him for a flashlight and sends him in. Once the painting is done Roy checks the carvings himself and find they match. As Roy announces to Karen he has figured out how the man had done his amazing feat the rope they took to the cave is cut by the ‘blind’ man, trapping them both. Roy sends up smoke signals and is rescued, arriving back at his studio as the man confesses, apparently having called the cops himself as he tells them to go save Roy and Karen.

As the man stands and still acts blind Roy explains that he has a special blindness, where he can see in the dark but not the light. (Like Doctor Mid-nite) Being an artist is hard, and he thought he would get the proper attention if he was a blind painter. But Roy has this all figured out too- as a man has seen the guys art and wants to ‘handle him’ (like a manager?). He figured it out from the most obvious thing that had been bothering me as well- how would he tell colors?

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954 March

Action Comics 189

Superman “Clark Kent’s New Mother and Father”

Superman is out flying around and he sees a cruise-liner that is on fire. Before he swoops down to help he notes that Lois Lane somehow found out before him and was on a small boat next to the liner. He dunks the liner, and decides to do something about Lois’s scoop crazy stunts. So he goes to Perry and requests that she be given less dangerous assignments.

So her next task is to interview the Vanderviers about their missing son. Their son was a pilot who happened to be the spitting image of Clark (another one, what are the odds.) Due to the fact Clark is an orphan, the elderly couple wish to adopt him. At first Clark was going to refuse but once hearing that any great disappointment or shock would finish Mrs Vandervier Clark agrees. He then reminds us that this is his third set of parents, which makes him seem rather unlucky to me.

Clark then moves in with the Vanderviers which strikes me as odd. I know a bunch of people live with their parents for a multitude of reasons (working to get out of debt, or to look after them to name a few) but Clark doesn’t even question it. The Vanderviers then find out about Clark’s timid facade and tell him their son is brave, and they are sure he’s just like him. Lois doesn’t want them to be disappointed so she tells them that Clark takes great risks as a newspaper man (god does Lois look pretty in this panel. Actually I really like the art in this story.) He asks Lois why she did that and she just tells him to chill, that she would ask Superman to watch over him.

So he changes clothes and lets her ask him to guard himself. And so Clark begins to ask for the most dangerous jobs. He begins to act a bit cocky, and Lois is not pleased. Clark records a confession of his identity to his parents, and when hearing about a robbery on the radio he plans to face them as Clark to help Lois’s story. He walks in to their midst and becomes a hostage. Clark ‘passes out’ and he switches places with a dummy when the robber’s backs are turned.

He shakes the building to make the robbers flee, and Lois sends the pictures to Clark’s new home (instead of destroying them like she had all the the others. Even if she was mad and wanted to expose him, Superman saves people, the picture wouldn’t prove anything). Thinking the envelope was for them, Clark’s new parents open it and are shocked and hurt he has lied to them. He resolves to just tell them he’s Superman. He overhears them talking though, and Mr. Vandervier says their own son was too brave, and will stand by Clark. He also mentions how the son went missing, and so Clark went to look for him.

Through a method that really wouldn’t work Clark finds the real son. He retrieves the tape he made and then gets unadopted I guess? Is that even possible?

Congo Bill “The Mail Order Hunter”

Congo Bill is asked to a camp run by a friend of his because he wants Bill to go along on a safari that his son is going on. The father wants him to go into business with him, but the son (Dick) has taken a mail course on big game hunting and is too stubborn (and stupid) to realize he is not an expert. The man asks Bill to please protect his son.

Things go well at first, with Dick listening as Bill explains how he can tell elephants had been in the area. But the boy refuses to move when a killer elephant appears, and he tries to take it out with an entirely too small gun. But to everyone’s wonder Dick actually takes out the beast with a single shot. Even cockier now Bill refuses to let Dick take a shot at an approaching lion, as he knows how dangerous it’ll be is he misses. Like Bill does five seconds later. Dick makes the feline flee by hitting it with a rock though, and like that the dynamic of the group changes.

Next the come across a river full of crocs and a rhino. Bill steps into the spotlight here as the weapons the team has could not breach the protection of the rhino’s skull, and he is able to teach the others to zigzag to avoid the powerful horns. Dick falls though, but as he yells at it the rhino runs away. Now thinking big game hunting dull Dick decides to return to business, and Bill explains how he made the truly dangerous sport seem harmless. He shot the elephant at the same time as Dick, and another member of the party had brought a zebra close enough that the lion went for it instead. The rhino left because it was scared by the flashlight shone in it’s eyes.

Tommy Tomorrow “The Forbidden World”

A scientist has created a few powerful devices he says will help rid the universe of crime much faster. The leader of the planeteers plans to test them in the hands of the accomplished Tommy Tomorrow. Because the devices are secret Tommy heads to the forbidden world to test them safely in that area. On their way (shit I forgot Tommy’s friend’s name again… oh well) they come across a small ship in the restricted area and warn them off. The ship claims they are space prospectors who lost their way and will leave at once.

On the “prospectors” ship one of the others is warning the pilot that the warning systems on the forbidden planet will alert anyone of their approach. But the pilot has a plan. He sends out radio signals to the Forbidden planet, telling them they have been shipwrecked (space shipwrecked). In the smaller ‘life boat’ they are allowed to land on the planet. They say that they are going to get the powerful weapon that is on the planet and as soon as they land the shoot the planeteers who are there. One of the planeteers gets a warning off before he is shot down, and the leader shows his gang to the asteroid destroying machine that they came here for.

Meanwhile Tommy has hear the warning, and he and a bunch of other planeteers race to stop the murderers. But when the ships arrive the criminals already have full control of the machine, and Tommy orders a retreat so they aren’t blown to bits. Leaving the rest of the planeteers behind Tommy and Captain Wood, take the Space Ace in alone. They turn on the camouflage device they had been sent to test (it makes them look like a comet on the radar). Once they get closer they switch to looking like a ringed asteroid. Then they are able to turn invisible for just enough time to land.

The radar still picked them up though, and they had to land quite a distance from the lab to aviod the bolt shot at them. Still Tommy doesn’t give up and he attaches another one of the new devices and the two drill into the world. Now close enough they activate a giant magnet and pull the whole tower where the asteroid destroying machine is into the air. Then they skip forward to Tommy talking to his commander, telling him everything is now safe, and the new devices have been put in a safe place to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Vigilante “The One-Armed Bandit”

Vig and Stuff ride into town, having tracked the villainous One-Armed Bandit there. But we only see that for a single panel before we jump over to the man in question. He has been cornered by the sheriff, who tells him to raise his hand, but when the Bandit does so I’m sure the sheriff regrets it a tad as he is shot down. We should note he has two arms, one is just tucked against his body like it is hurt. Vig appears then and while he would like to go after him, he has to stop, or run over the sheriff and the other injured with his motorcycle.

While helping one of the men to his feet he mentions that he should have shot the Bandit when he had a chance a year before. It turns out he was the one to teach the Bandit his current skills. His real name is Sam, and he had been a horse riding accident which caused the injury to his arm. He was too stubborn to go to the hospital even though his arm may not be a lost cause, and the old man helped him adjust to it’s loss. Hearing the story Vig and Stuff head out to find him, but there are no tracks and Sam is smart enough to not start a fire. While searching they talk about the guys low tactics where he goes after folks who haven’t heard of him and so think him harmless. When they hesitate to strike a handicapped person he kills them.

Since they couldn’t find Sam Greg writes a song making fun of of the Bandit, and telling saying that Vigilante will take him down. Having heard of this song Sam goes to one of Greg’s concerts and tries to shoot him. Neatly ducking backstage (though being grazed on one arm) he changes clothes and  jumps on his bike to follow the gunman. He jumps off the vehicle to attack, and while Sam’s companion gets Vig at gun point Stuff has him in the same situation. So to break the standoff a one armed Vig must fight the On-Armed Bandit. The fist fight begins and Vig has him on the ropes til Sam brings his other arm into play. But our boy is able to bring him down, and Sam goes to prison.

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1954 Feb

Two-Gun Kid 12

First panel is a bit disturbing. There is the body of a man at Kid’s feet, and he is confronting the murderers, who said they killed the man as practice for the Kid. As he waits for their next move he remembers how he got here. He enters the town a few hours before, and notes how fancy and clean it is. He heads to the saloon, and tracks in some dirt so the proprietor calls his janitor guy to clean up real quick. The janitor guy knows who Two-Gun is and they begin to talk til the barman shoos him off for bothering a customer. Two-Gun defends him, and the other man replies that Huey- the janitor-is nothing more than a booze hound and he was mostly given the job out of pity I guess.

Then a man enters the saloon, a tough guy named Bull who scared the crap out of the barman. He says he had come for his protection money, and poor Huey accidentally bumps into him. Bull gets pissed and strikes at Huey, knocking him down and then kicking him from there. Kid stands up for Huey at once, coming in with fists ready. He beats the man and then scare him off with a gun. Bull warns him that this isn’t the end, and Huey is filled with admiration, and the remind of his days before the bottle. Everyone thanks Kid for what he did, and then they head outside as Bull is bringing his men over.

Huey comes with, and valiantly tries to stand up for his friend, but is shot down cold. In anger his guns flashed out, and the entire gang perished. Kid scolds the town for how they treated the brave man, and they give him the name of the town as his surname, and promise to bury him well.


Two-Gun is heading out to see his friends he Comstocks, and as he rides out that way a bullet flies by him. Apparently Lucy Comstock was taking watch, and upon hearing a horse she got scared and opened fire. Once she saw it was Two-Gun though, she appologizes. He scolds her, and tells her he’s gonna tell her paw how she greets old friends. But her father is dead, murdered in fact- and this news make Two-Gun forget his anger at Lucy.

Sadly she begins a tale in response to his questions. Her father had been a rancher, but he was more of a prospector than anything and so ignored his ranch. The day she tells us about her father claimed to have found a large vein of silver. He tells her to be careful, as there are two gangs of outlaws camped out in Wolf Creek, and he heads into town to file a claim. He never returned home, and the map to the silver was lifted from his corpse.

Finishing her tale Lucy tells Kid she’s scared to go into town, and has little to no food or money remaining. Two-Gun heads into town to get some food for her, and investigate the murder. On his way in he meets the townsfolk, fleeing the two gangs, who seem to have settled down. And the two gangs do not get along, each taking one side of Wolf Creek. The lower members of the gang tell Kid to clear off, and well he shoots them.

The sheriff comes out and asks what the noise is and Kid tells him he killed to men and the sheriff is cool with it. But he has no answers to Kid’s questions about Pa Comstock either. Kid chews the sheriff out for letting the outlaws take over his town, and the man says he’s gonna retire in a month and wants to do it alive. Disgusted with the man Kid says he’s now the deputy, and he’s gonna arrest the man (one of the gang bosses) who owned the land Comstock was found on.

He does it too. Waltzes in, punches some people and uses the boss as shield/hostage combo and drags him to the jail. As you may have guess both gangs or there for the mine, and the captured man says he knows who killed the man, but won’t tell. Knowing that gang wouldn’t take him kidnapping their leader well, he leads the other gang against them. He returns to the jail, hoping that now the promise of rescue was gone he’d talk. But he was dead, and since the gangs had been busy fighting Kid was able to conclude it was the sheriff. Confronted the Sheriff confessed that he had killed both the gang boss, and Comstock He and Mace were gonna split the mine 50/50, but were waiting till the murder thing blew over. The sheriff tried to shoot Kid, who kicked the gun out of his hand, knocked him out and recovered the map.

The gang that was still in town entered then, and Kid killed them. He then gives Lucy the map, and rides into the sunset. Might I add leaving her in a town with a bunch of dead bodies, and her as the only living person?

Black Rider

Back to the hood. Make up your minds not-yet-Marvel! Not gonna tag this for a bit cause they keep jumping. There is is stage coach trundling through the night, and the horses begin acting spooked, and the men have their blood run cold. The driver checks on his passengers, and finds all four dead. When they have Doc look at them, he finds no cause of death. He is forced to conclude they were scared to death, judging by their expressions. (Gasp! Avada Kedavra!)

While talking about what could have possibly killed the men Doc’s friend brings up the story of  Doom Street. There once had been a mining town nearby, having grown up practically overnight as they were wont to do, and it had no name. The town had only one road, and thirty hard-working families, and one giant roughneck. He was left mostly alone, but his anger continued to grow until he killed every person in the town. He the burned the town down, and supposedly died in the flame. People say the angry ghost still haunts the area.

Doc, being a sensible man doesn’t believe a word. Still, he becomes the Black Rider that night to find what could have killed the men. Following the tracks he finds the stagecoach had taken a wrong folk and had gone through Doom Street. Leaving his horse outside BR began to stroll into the wrecked (maybe burned?) houses. He feels eyes upon him, and we actually see a figure with a melted face in on of them. A shriek rents the air and the large disfigured being appears before him. Black Rider opens fire, and empties his clips into the man, for that what it was. The man fell, truly dead now.

Two-Gun Kid

Watching as a group of Cheyenne rob a supply train Two-Gun gets ambushed by more of them. Taken by surprise he is over come, and as he is taken to their base he muses that he understands why they were angry. A treaty had recently been signed to give the land they were on to the Cheyenne, and with soldiers from the supply train passing through…

They then do something they call the gauntlet? They form two lines of armed men and Two-Gun goes though the channel between. Usually this would mean horrendous injury or death, but Kid manages to dodge and weave passing through unharmed. Some of the tribe are impressed enough they want to let him go, but instead he is tied to a stake, and a fire is about to be set when the Chief rides in.

Chief Tall Pine knows Two-Gun and frees him, telling his people he is not with the supply train and “A friend to any man, red or white, who has clean hands”. The man who tied him to the stake was displeased by this though, and  strikes at Kid with a knife. Two-Gun turned the blade back at the brave, who perished.

The two men talk, and Tall Pine asks Two-Gun to find out why the soldiers were on their land. We quickly find out they are not supposed to be there, and the leader of this group is a huge racist. Two-Gun says he’s going to report this, so they arrest him. He gets away from his guard that night, and hears the soldiers attacking the Cheyenne. He thunders to the battle in time to see the major kill Chief Tall Pine. The Major seems a little sad? A shot rings out and the major is hit. Dying he tells Two-Gun that Tall Pine was his father, he had hated the fact that his own career would be hindered if his half heritage was discovered. He was glad he was going.

They man who was egging the major on this whole time was planning to wipe out the Cheyenne so he could sell the land. Angry at everything that had taken place Two-Gun disarms him and hands him over to the Cheyenne.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954 Feb

Adventure Comics 197

Superboy “Clark Kent Toughie”

We open with a teacher entering his classroom to find a rude picture of himself on the blackboard, and when he asks who had done it Clark confesses. His odd behavior continues, as he tosses an eraser at a classmate (misses and hits a teacher), gives someone a hot-foot, and throws spitballs. That day as he heads home he is approached by a boy who wants him to join the gang the skull and crossbones. Clark says that he might want to join the red dragons. To convince him the boy tells Clark what the skulls are planning for that afternoon.

Superboy had plans for the afternoon, which was demonstrating at a circus, and the skulls disrupted the event and could have harmed someone, had Clark not been alert. Clark thinks about how dangerous the gangs have gotten and explains to the reader that the Principle had asked Clark to infiltrate on of the gangs to undermine them.

The next day Clark goes through initiation. Though the tasks are nothing to the boy of steel, a normal kid may have been hurt. They hear about the rival gang graffiti-ing city hall, and though Clark suggests they help clean it, the chief has them try to deface the statue of Smallville’s founder. Superboy, moving faster than could bee seen blocked all the rocks and used ventriloquism to make the statue talk, scaring off the gang. Next they try to make a shop that looks like a shoe reek, but Clark knows it would scare off her business, and ruin her so he fills her store with the scent of flowers,and she thanks the gang for helping her.

Some of the boys are touched by her thanks, and think Clark’s idea about cleaning  city hall was good, but aren’t quite ready to turn tide. Their chief sets up a battle between the two gangs, but Superboy tells them there is a fire in town, and guilt trips them into helping put it out. In the end the two gangs are still rivals, but they decide to be rivals on who can get the most awards and acknowledgment.

Aquaman “Aquaman Walks the Plank”

The U.N. declares the camel-backed Whale as endangered and they send out an order to not kill the mighty beast anymore. But there is at least one man on the ocean who does not head this; Captain Samson. Of course this is mentioned to Aquaman, as Samson makes no effort to hide his deeds from the U.N. As there is not an official law, there is nothing anyone can really do, but Aquaman has a plan for the pirate wanna-be.

He shucks the bright costume and goes undercover as a sailor. (I find it funny when the captain asks if he’s had much experience at sea) He causally mentions Aquaman, and the captain gets angry, saying that if that fish-man knows what is good for him he’ll stay out of his way. While Aquaman is on board the man comes across a school of Camel-backed Whales, and sends out boats to kill them. Unnoticed our boy jumps overboard and helps the whales with the help of his finny friends. It is noticed at this point that Aquaman is not on the ship and when he returns he is forced to walk the plank. (head being pounded against wall)

On the bottom of the sea Aquaman had his friends gnaw off the ropes, and returns to the ship. They toss him over again, this time with a ball and chain. He slips them off with grease from a sunken ship, and carefully hangs the chain over some drift wood. Thinking that Aquaman didn’t go down the Captain climbs down a ladder to make sure he sinks. An eel sends a small amount of electricity into the chain, paralyzing the man so Aquaman can make him promise to leave the whales alone.

Johnny Quick “The Second Fastest Man”

There is a club, cleverly called “the fastest men’s club” which contains various racers and other speedy dudes. Johnny Quick however won’t join, as his achievements would dwarf the others’. Johnny Chambers and Tubby Watts are at a meeting of the club, to record it for posterity. One of the men claim that they have a helicopter which can go 1000mph, and he puts himself down for consideration for the club. one of the other men worries that the man and his ‘copter will be able to take his place as the fastest man in the club and vows to do something about it.

Most of the club’s meeting seems to involve racing and showing off their speed. Johnny is able to use his skills as a camera man to get most of the footage, but when the ‘copter starts to rise he needs to use his formula. While looking for a good place to change Johnny sees the jealous man focus the cannon he is usually shot out of with a torpedo/missile like object, set to hit the rising machine. Johnny rushes into the air and saves both man and machine. Knowing that Johnny Quick knew what he had tried to do the man attempts to flee, and the speedster films both the rocket car the attempted murderer uses and the helicopter have a brief race mid air, which the ‘coper won. Johnny picks up the villian, and the new fastest man of the club gets his congratulations.

Green Arrow “Crime’s TV Station”

Quick note before we begin Green Arrow’s hat is reddish orange in this issue, but I don’t think it’s something the character has, just a coloring mistake. Maybe since Speedy’s hat is yellow they thought GA’s was also a different color than the rest of his suit?

When we start Green Arrow and Speedy are getting changed to follow a tip on the ‘Zig Brady Gang’ who they were told would be at the pier at eight to divide loot. They sneak to a hole in the warehouse where the gang is meeting, but they weren’t busy with ill-gotten gains, instead they were watching a show on the television, drawn in as well as young children before a particularly interesting cartoon. As the two heroes go for the loot in the corner the man on the screen announces that what had just been shown was a reenactment of a city bank hold up,and they give an award to the man who killed a bank guard. Distracted by this odd station GA is nearly shot and only Speedy’s warning saved him, but the shot hit the tv, protecting it’s secrets.

We cut to the station, where they are making their next show, featuring the archers. They plan to make them seem like cowards, mock them for increased moral. The captured men refuse to talk. To get to the bottom of this Green Arrow and Speedy head out to see Willie “Wireless” Weems, a crook who specializes in radio and Tv. As they arrive Willie is tuning in, and they hear that the special for next week would feature the ‘cowardly Green Arrow’. It then shows a brief preview, and Speedy yells at the Tv in anger, letting Willie know they are there. So they have to capture Willie, who is certain that the program will go one forever.

Having some of their next show they head to one of the sites, hoping they aren’t done filming there. Luckily for them, the gang does show, and they keep quiet this time, and follow them back to their base. While making their plans for breaking in neither of them see the gang member who has spotted them. We switch to inside the building where the film is being processed. Hours pass, and no brightly colored males enter the building. They wait until the video is being shown and then take the camera and film their real exploits in the place of that night’s show. (not sure how filming and broadcasting work,  especially in the mid fifties, but I don’t think it’s like this) Across the city crooks blanch at the show of their prowess. Oh and they do mention the guy who saw them outside. Apparently they attacked him back and that’s how they knew the right time.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954 Feb

Batman 81

“Two-Face Strikes Again” (earth-one)

This is an Earth-one tale, though at the time of writing Dc (or what would become DC) didn’t yet know they would be making two distinct universes, so it is still written as if it were Earth-two. Earth-two Harvey Dent never returns to crime.

Getting to the actual thing you are here to read, Harvey Dent, face whole from his plastic surgery, passes by a store and sees that it is being robbed. Feeling moraly obligated to stop them he rushes forward, and the explosive charge for the safe goes off right in Harvey’s face! (We are all super stunned by this) Taking this as a sign, and knowing the surgery couldn’t be done again (his doctor told him so) he once again becomes Two-Face. He flips his coin to make sure though.

The very next night he robs a circus, which I don’t think is a good idea because he needs time to both heal and plan. He doesn’t steal from the box office, but from one of the clowns, who has a collection of diamond stickpins. An hour after that crime (boy he’s moving fast!) he robs a collection of jewels from a deep sea diver.

The next day Batman and Robin are told of yet another crime by Two-Face, this time he stole from a man who specialized it portraying Abe Lincoln and he had taken papers that had belonged to the real Abe. The Duo are as confused as I am about why the double themed villain such objects, until Bruce gets an idea. He points out that all of the victiems have had ‘two faces’ themselves. The actor who sometimes looks like Lincoln, the deep sea diver and his breathing mask/helmet, and a clown.

Our heroes begin a search for possible victims and we have a funny scene where Two-Face is hiring people to his gang based on flips of his coin. He also tells the reader that since Batman has two faces he will be he climax of his crimewave. Two-Face and his men are spotted as they head for Gotham Point, where only four men live. We know that they are going for the gambler, but Bruce doesn’t yet. See, his  second face is his poker face. Batman figures it out on the drive over.

Now this guy has one weird house. I’ll put a pic on the Tumblr version of this blog. Basically the place is filled with giant versions of gambling stuff, light a humongous billiard’s table. While atop this table Batman and Robin slide into on of the holes to escape the pool balls being rolled at them, and inside the slide Robin gets his foot caught. Batman makes a net for the incoming ball and saves his ward. Though Two-Face escaped once more, this time it was without the loot.

At home, alert for anything that may be able to be seen as someone having two faces Bruce sees in the paper that a Japanese man had ‘lost face’ and he and Dick conclude that must mean he must have had two- making him a viable target. They rush to the embassy where there is a gargantuan statue which a battle is soon waged on. Also it is not Japanese by any stretch, but I couldn’t tell you what Asian country the outfit the statue is wearing is form. Once again Robin is more a hindrance than a help (which we know him to be most of the time. Everyone has bad days!) and must be saved by his father figure. Unfortunately this lets Two-Face escape again.

Returning home Bruce remembers that he has an appointment with some nearby Sioux, to be made an honorary chief which would make him have two faces, well three, Paleface, Sioux, and Batman. (about that being made a chief thing. I did a tiny bit of  research and found this: For the Sioux, the title of Chief was viewed as a medal earned for outstanding performance during times of war or peace. To be Chief was considered an honorary title. It did not mean, however, that the Chief was solely “in charge” of his people. Rather than a linear chain of command, the Indians traditionally ruled by unanimous vote of a council of Chiefs of “Headmen” from a variety of bands. Decisions made by the council served to guide rather than command the people. But I have no clue how he’d have earned this)

Looking around the site as Batman before he must appear as Bruce, Robin spots a plane with two engines landing, and they know their trap is ready to spring. Before they can though they are blinded by the sand that the landing plane kicked up and are captured. Awww, Harvey ties them to a giant coin, making me relive fond memories, and then has them flipped by a truck with a sort of launcher on the back. Using their belts to form a magnetic field Batman and Robin do not land on the bed of spikes prepared for them, and manage to free themselves from the ropes and then handily take out the gang in two panels and take them to jail.

“The Boy Wonder Confesses” 

Dick Grayson is late for school one day, and a classmate jokes he isn’t there because he is heartsick over Maria, another kid in class. Maria it seems likes Robin you see, so Dick would have no chance. But Dick does turn up, and he tells the class he was late because he was chasing a crook, as he was Robin.

After the intial shock the students think it’s a joke, so he whips off his over clothing and tells them to go outside where he will preform Robin-level stunts. He does, and then, as the class watches there is a car accident and Robin truly shows his skill by jumping off a building and using a flag pole to catch himself so he can land safely and save the people trapped in the cars. One of the kids called the papers, and with Dick being Robin, Bruce Wayne must be Batman! When asked the billionaire replies ‘no comment’.

There is a panel where it says Dick has a good reason for confessing, and we go to a flashback from nearly a year before. They had dealt with a criminal known as Mr. Camera, and he had given the quite the runaround, until they met up with him in a theater. Changing clothes in the nearby alley they rushed back in. Seeing where they came from Mr. Camera laughed with glee. He fled, and took film from a camera in the alley with him.

They were able to catch up with Mr. Camera and his men not too much longer, but the film showing their identities had been hidden. Mr. Camera mocked them with the knowledge would be revealed once he was released from prison and there was nothing they could do about it. Skip forward nine months, and a friend of Mr. Camera’s is coming into town, and he knows where the film is. It would be shown next month.

They figure they can make an excuse for Bruce and Dick being in the alley, as long as they can prove they are different people. They planned on having Alfred dress and Batman, and the two meet, but Alfred would be gone next month. So they decide to up the time table.

We see Bruce with some reporters and, getting annoyed, he says he’ll get in touch with Batman, and they will prove the story silly. But Alfred fractures his leg on the way back from shopping because of the snow and can’t play Batman. Bruce comes up with an idea on the fly, and has Dick change to Robin and get the batplane ready. He is told to set the plane’s auto pilot and take a car or something to the Newell building then he use the remote for the plane to send it to the gray building across the street at 8:50. Bruce says Batman will be there, and he must fly the plane away at 9:05.

Next we see Robin on a roof, with the remote as he lands the plane. Soon both Bruce and Batman are there. Well Batman’s on the roof, Bruce is on the street with a mega phone. They chat briefly, laughing that some people think they are the same person. The plane takes off and people investigate. Robin was across the street, he couldn’t have flown the plane. There was one set of foot sets from where Batman had stood to the plane, and it all looks legit. Alfred’s in the hospital, and Batman wouldn’t hire an actor or else they would know. The only question was, why did Dick start the fuss? A girl.

So the explanation was it was a snow-batman, which was melted with a thermite pill. The uniform was designed to dissolve as well. Batman had made the footprints when he made the figure and erased any extras he had made. Oh and they told the papers Dick had asked Robin for a favor, and it really was he who did the stunts outside the school.

“The Phantom Bandit of Gotham City”

There has been a robbery at a bank in Gotham, though there had been no sign of disturbance until the vault was opened in the morning and it was almost empty, with writing on the wall that said “Thanks! The Phantom Bandit!” We see two other victims of the Phantom, valuables having vanished with only a written thanks as a trace. Vicki Vale gets assigned to the case, and Batman and Robin are called in.

A suspicious masked figure  was seen near the dragon vault, a place where all the Tong members keep their savings. (who are the Tongs? is it a family? an organization?) As Batman and Robin arrive they see the figure leaving the vault with a large bag. They attack, causing the Bandit to drop his takings but in doing so they activate a mechanism in the vault which shoots fire at them, letting the thief escape.

At another site of robbery (the Gotham Racetrack) Vicki finds a model polar bear with ice skates, which Bruce knows is a souvenir for the Polar Bear Club, which means they are going in. Dick complains about the suits, but Bruce knows they may recognize the Bandit.

By the way Vicki is also at the club, and the main attraction is a ‘swami’ who can read minds. Bruce notes that the assistant’s corsage is wilting wrong, and ruins the act by destroying the mic hidden in it (it transmits the sound to the swami). Later Batman tells Robin he’s checked into it and all the victims had been to the club, and all had their minds ‘read’. So they begin to follow all the people who had participated the previous night. They have a run in with the Bandit again, but he gets away. Once more it is shown that he can get into any vault, no lock can stop him.

While Dick is home reading one night Vicki asks him to help her set up a trap for the Bandit. Dick masquerades as a young, rich South American man (he looks ridiculous!). They go to the club, and have his mind read. Then they return to the hotel to wait. We then see two people come up to the door, the swami and his helper. The Bandit puts something in the air conditioner to knock out the people in the room.

They open the door once Dick and Vicki are unconscious, saying they have the key. The assistant came along to help search for the riches, as they don’t have a set place like a vault to grab from this time. Seeing that Dick was down for the count via his binoculars Batman rushes into action. He smashes through the window and beats both the crooks. The girl would pickpocket the people she talked to and make a wax form of the keys, before returning them.