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Other than the man of steel, we had many great characters first appear this year, the first I’m going to mention is Giovanni Zatara. you may be familiar with his daughter, Zatanna Zatara, but she was not though of for many years. The Zatara’s speak words backwards to produce magical results, apparently this is all hypnotism,  and can be prevented and broken by blinding him. I say apparently, because many of the things he does cannot be achieved by such means. How does hypnotism allow one to fly a bullet back to the gun it was shot from? Either way let’s hear it for the first master of mysticism!

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Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

In the Beginning

Hey. Brief into here. My name is Will Gaut, I am 22 years old, and I love comics. I have gotten a hold of a few thousand, and am working on reading them from the very beginning. I started almost a year ago with the year 1935, and am now in 1952. Unfortunately for you I am not going back over those years, but I may give a brief summery of what I read.

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