Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Dec

All-Star Western 74

Johnny Thunder

John happens to be outside of a bank when it is robbed, and as the ride away he jumps from a rooftop, tackles them off heir horses and takes them in. The sheriff is thankful but starts going on about how he wishes it were his own son bringing in crooks, and that he’s wasted as a teacher. You know what fuck him. John does a good job as Thunder, but he does just as much good for the world as a teacher. Not everyone is meant to be a policeman or whatever, and it’s not like John is doing something useless!

Well rant over; back to the story. John Tane heads to work and he finds a man dressed as his other identity, who tells him his father has been thrown from a horse and he was sent to fetch him. He goes with the fake to learn what is going on and as they ride out he is hit on the back of the head, and when he wakes he is tied up. Oh dear. They tell him that he is bait for a trap for the real Thunder, who of course is John. If anyone else tries to save him John will be killed. Johnny knows he must reappear as Thunder and save himself, and wracks his brain for the answer. The feeling of the hot sun on his back give him an idea.

He shakes off his glasses and picks them off with his teeth, then focuses he sun’s rays through them onto the rope that bound him. Free, he gathers up a spare costume, darkens his hair and heads out to meet his kidnappers. In order to get the jump on them he lets them think they have shot him and comes up to them from under the river, and comes out shooting. It doesn’t take long for them to surrender.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Oct

All-Star Western 73

To the children John Tane teaches, Johnny Thunder is a hero, to be looked up to and imitated. One of his students, a young Cheyenne named Swift Deer, goes on a personal quest to become recognized as a great man like Thunder. He dresses for the part, taking his father’s war bonnet with him as he heads into the plains. John, who had been looking for his wayward pupil, saved his life- though Swift Deer was unaware. Still he was able to pay back the favor, when Johnny was ambushed by a gang of outlaws he had been hunting. The boy quickly made arrows, using the war bonnet, and was able to give Johnny time to shoot back.