Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954, Jan

Marvel Family 89

Last Issue. Next time we see any characters of earth-s will be in the 70s, which won’t be for a long while. It is a real shame, since I adore the Marvel family, but we must look forward to what we will be getting soon, and currently have, instead of what we are losing.


Billy is deep under the sea, bringing his viewers images of the reefs of the Caribbean sea. He watches as a professor goes down in a suit, and finds a temple with an inscription warning people not to enter. Naturally he ignores this, and as he moves to leave with a vase like thing the arm of a giant statue begins to fall upon him. Billy sees and so do his sister and best friend, up on the ship. They call out their words and race down to help. The temple collapses while Mary Marvel and Jr save the prof. They also manage to bring out the vase, upon which is another warning, saying that should it be opened the dark curse would strike them all.

To look for any traps the thing is x-rayed, and the kids return to the deck. They come up with nothing but then the man who retrieved the item fell over board, as he had been struck blind. Later Cap had to save him from falling boxes. Scared of the curse the man’s partner refused to be the one to present the urn on tv to a museum, So Cap offers to do so. But terror strikes during the presentation, when a model of a whale starts to fall on the crowd. But the show goes on, and they find the urn is full of jewels. Happy the professor says he’ll donate them to the museum, and that it was worth loosing his sight.

But, they were only glass. There was another message on the bottom however, saying that the curse would only keep away the ignorant, and those brave enough to open the vase were welcome to their treasure. Cap then announces that the partner was really responsible for the accidents and blindness, as he was the one who x-rayed the urn, and so  knew what was inside, and that he had switched the jewels for fakes while the Marvels were busy with the whale. He tries to flee, even setting a fire in the museum, but he is easily caught by our heroes and sent to jail.


We open with Professor Edgewise who is working on some new theory. He said he’d be home for Supper, but when the time comes he is no where to be found. So the kids go  looking for him. But when they are supposed to meet up, Mary is now gone as well. Figuring something is up the boys transform and preform a more thorough search. However they find nothing, and when they return home, they find only Mrs Wagner remains. They report to the police and then find even their landlady to be gone. Jr changes back into Freddy in order to be bait for who or whatever is making their housemates vanish, while Cap hides.

Soon there is a figure standing over Freddy, but it isn’t a foe, only Professor Edgewise, returned safe and hale. He explained he had forgotten where he lived. Freddy says that explains the ever forgetful professor, but not the others. Just then in walk Mary, Leroy, and all the rest. They say they too forgot where they lived and Edgewise says his memory spray had broken, and instead of helping people’s memories, it wiped them. Cap wonders why it didn’t get Freddy and Billy, but dismisses it. They follow their cop housemate on his rounds and Billy and Freddy change to fight some crooks, but Mary doesn’t. She says after all, there are only two, she is hardly needed.

They ask her to return the stolen wares, but they are later told it was never received. Billy speculates that maybe Mary is still being affected by the memory potion and forgot about it. So he and Freddy go to get the jewels from her room and when Mary comes in they try to comfort her that they know the truth, but saying this makes her attack them.

She fails to kill them and then jumps out a window. Jr saves her, bemoaning that the potion must have snapped her mind. Billy cries over his sister’s fate. Sadly they bring her to a mental hospital, only for her to break out. Noticing that none of his housemates are eating, and when a cigarette burns down to Red’s fingers he doesn’t feel the burn Billy becomes suspicious. Sneaking back with Freddy he sees them all drinking oil and fixing up their gears as they are really robots! He turns to Freddy, and notices that his friend doesn’t have his crutch. When he points this out the fake lashes out.

Knocked out and tied up Billy is helpless as they gather all the money in the house and bring it and the prone boy to their master. When he first arrives Billy thinks it is the real Edgewise who is the villain, but he is only being used for his lifelike robots by an evil janitor. He plans to slowly replace many rich people, and leech their earning to himself. They transfer Billy’s memories to the robot of him and then the fake swings an axe at our boy!

But Edgewise has ‘forgotten’ to screw in the arms correctly, giving Billy time to free himself while he fixes him. When the robot returns to kill Billy he finds Earth’s Mightiest Mortal instead. But threatened with the killing of his housemates, Cap flees. He returns as Billy to try to free them, but is captured. Just before the fiend can shoot the bound and gagged prisoners the Kids charge him, untransformed. They make it past them and dive into a river, making the janitor think them dead, but they freed their mouths and came back in fighting form.

They destroy the bots, but their master escapes. When he tries to capture Edgewise again, the three are ready, and take the man in.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Captain Marvel Adventures 150

Billy hears that workers from a broom company are vanishing and when he goes to check on this he finds out they are vanishing in a certain order. So he watches the next man on the list and sees him being taken away by a witch! He chases her, but when he reaches her hideout there is only a young woman there, captured like the rest. Scared to go home, lest she be taken again Cap takes her to Mrs. Wagner’s boarding house where Billy lives. She is given the room right next to his.

We of course then see her turn into the witch once she is alone. The next day she claims she is too frightened to leave the house with Billy, so he calls Cap to take her out and be her body guard. This continues, and soon all the town thinks they are not just a couple, but engaged! Turns out she was going to exploit the ‘can’t testify against one’s wife’ clause to keep herself safe from him. He felt like he had to go through with it, or else break her heart and be seen as a giant heel for backing out.

But while Cap is busy being blindsided Billy has everything figured out, and he tricks the girl into showing him her true form. (Yeah… Billy and Cap are definitely not the same person, but two who kinda share a body) Cap simply didn’t show up on time knowing that at midnight she would change to her true form and everyone would know why he didn’t marry her.


Sivana finds a new mineral with radioactive properties and names it Sivanium. He enslaves the natives from the place in Africa where he found the mineral and forces them to mine for Sivanium. But Sivana isn’t kept hidden for long, and the news of the natives’ enslavement is brought to Billy, who promptly calls Captain Marvel. But Sivana had figured out a way to keep Earth’s Mightiest Mortal at bay. He had mined the land with bombs that were somehow set to go off it Cap got to close. Of course, he could not be harmed, but the people that lived there sure could.

Naturally he goes in as Billy instead, as he didn’t trigger the bombs. He finds a mp with all the bombs’ placements and looks over Sivana’s plans. Then he goes to dig up the bombs and leave the path clear for Cap. But he is caught on camera and Billy is set upon by the evil scientist. Billy was tied up, and though his mouth was free the boy would not cry Shazam, even as Sivana approached him with a knife. After playing with Billy for who knows who long he lets him free, as he has a plan to make Captain Marvel himslef a slave.

Billy was left by himself as Sivana went to take over the world, and he got free and rushed to follow him, changing to Cap as soon as he could. But it was to no avail. The machine Sivana had formed was a molecular rearranger and it changed all the citizen’s head to look and think like Sivana’s. (How dumb is he? A planet full of Sivanas would be a nightmare to rule.) Still, Cap is invulnerable, so how could Sivana change him? Why by adding the Sivanium to a Shazambolt. But, as I predicted, twisting Cap to think like Sivana made it so the new version of our hero dethroned and took over the world from the original Sivana.

For once it is Sivana who goes to Shazam for help, and begs him to change him back to Billy. It worked, and so Cap was no longer a threat to Sivana’s rule, especially since Billy knew should he call the bolt again to would once again make him the evil Marvel. But Billy is not one to give up and so he asks Shazam to send the gods from whom his powers come, and they destroy the machine that adds the Sivanium to the Shazambolt. So He is able to change without fear. He captures Sivana and uses the Sivanaium to change the people back to normal.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Oct

Marvel Family 88

Freddy and Leroy Marks start a prank battle, good clean fun, you know? Until that is Billy is almost bit by a snake, and Mary’s bed catches fire, and tear gas in Freddy’s room! These three are more than able to deal with such dangers though. They confront Leroy, but he too proclaims his innocence. Cap and Mary Marvel secretly take the two pranksters away and wait to see if the attacks continue. They do, and they find it was a man who was trying to live at the boarding house, and wanted one of the boys to get kicked out. Freeing Freddy the Marvels find the man sneaking about the house again, and that he was dropping off papers to be picked up by helicopter. They were secret plans, and that is how a prank war caught a spy ring.


Okay, we start off during a fake bomb raid, which the evil Zotan uses to sneak in real planes and bomb Fawcett. But these are not normal bombs. They harm not the body, but the mind, making the people wish for dictatorships. The Marvels manage to get a few of the planes out of commission, but the others escaped. Heading to the rock of eternity, they meet with Shazam, who tells them Zotan is a criminal from the future, who was banished to the past for his heinous crimes. But when they return home they find the evil man has taken advantage of their absence and taken over the world.

In this second part we find that Zotan is really a precursor to Kang the Conquerer, in that he wants to rule all of Earth, for all of time. Now that ‘53 is under his control he heads to the past, evading the attempts of the Marvels to save the people. Soon, he ruled all of time, up to 1953. Cap and the rest rushed to the future to warn them of the upcoming danger. But that was not Zotan’s next move. He went for Shazam. Forced to it he ‘destroyed’ the three Marvels by making them the kids again.

Hiding from those enslaved by Zotan they headed for the tunnel where Billy first got his powers. There they were able to summon Shazam, and then their words worked! The Marvels headed back to the future where Zotan was launching his attack. But even the hoards of the past cannot stand against our mighty heroes! Soon Zotan and his men had been chased back to 53 and earlier. Cap and the other two gathered up weapons from the future that would reverse the foul ones used by the villain. Soon enough he was alone, in every time period.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Oct

Captain Marvel Adventures 149

Billy is covering a U.N. meeting where he hears about a great new program they have devised to end huge problems in the world. But there is little funding for the project and can only send one man, so Cap volunteers. Each task would have been most difficult for most people, but Captain Marvel douses the coal mine fire, eradicates the plague carrying gnats in India, and and stops the rapid expansion of swampland and turned it into fertile land for farming.

At each stop he found clues that pointed out that King Kull was behind the disasters. Finally he headed north, where fire had been reported in icebergs. When he arrived he was met by friendly robots, who told him they were working with scientists who were on their way. Wanting to report this he changed to Billy and reached for his radio, only to be knocked out by Kull! It was another plan of his to destroy humanity as there was a rocket containing poison gas set to launch from the space the robots had carved from the berg. (why they needed to do that I don’t know) Thankfully Billy woke and changed before the rocket set off and he was able to save the world.


Tawky Tawny the talking tiger has a good life over all, but like all those who have fame it can sometimes be too much. This is one such time. After being hounded for autographs and some people that wanted to tear up his cloths for a souvenir, he scares away his neighbors when they come over, thinking it is more of the same. But, he scares them by wearing his lion rug, so they think the lion has eaten him. So naturally they call the police and Captain Marvel gets involved. He ends up fleeing the city. But he soon finds he has become accustomed to living in a house and that he no longer can live well in the woods. After many disaster which put his life at risk Cap found his friend and brought him home, where he and his neighbors celebrated Mr. Tawny’s birthday.


Billy is hanging out with the forgetful Professor Edgewise, when he hears a cry for help. Rushing out he saves the life of a small-time member of a powerful gang. He had been dropped in a pit of sand by his gangboss as he was deemed useless. Shaken by this experience Edgewise gave him an aspirin. We find out soon that it wasn’t an aspirin, after all but the new pills he had developed which give the taker strength to rival Marvel’s. Of course the first hing he does with his new found abilities is attack his former boss. But it is Cap who takes the blame, as who else could shake an entire house down? The runty crook continues along this path, making our hero be blamed for more and more almost impossible crimes. It comes to having detectives follow Billy, as people know they are friends. He ends up getting on a roller-coaster to put himself out of their sight so he can change.  It only gives him five minutes to find and capture the crook though, a though task even with the speed of Mercury.