Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954 Feb

Tomahawk 22

“Admiral Tomahawk”

As you know the revolutionary war was rough, lack of funds, proper equipment and the like. While little can be done about that, Tom is asked to delay supplies to the British, to help even the footing. So he is given a ship with a small crew, even though I’m sure that there is probably someone better for the job than a frontier’s man. As is normal for this man Tomahawk gathers more men from allied tribes with whom he is friendly.

Their first battle doesn’t start off so hot, as their enemies have better range. But Tom’s Native friends are able to save the day, by shooting flaming arrows into the powder kegs on the British ship, and blasting them to bits. Tom leads his men to victory after victory, and he is finally given a more specific target; a ship bringing rifles that HQ wants him to recover for the American forces. After winning that battle the British send their most powerful ship against Tom’s tub. I should probably mention that people keep telling Tom he needs to have better discipline.

But as has been proven, unorthodox methods work wonders. Tom and his native friends build a fleet of canoes, and loaded them with oil. The bring in the canoes, unseen from the massive warship. Then they dump the oil, and light it. Having put quite a dent into the enemy forces Tom is given a salute and taken off the sea.

“The Frontier Protection Racket”

Sam Dalton is having a nice meal with his family when flaming arrows are sent into his home. Fortunately it is not a full blown attack, but a warning. Sam thinks a man called Hank Slater is behind the attack, as Sam had refused to pay him protection money. Sam is pissed, and rightfully so, but maybe it wasn’t so smart of him to go up to the man and accuse him, without proof. For his trouble Sam gets walloped across the jaw, but he vows he’ll stop the raids none the less. Hank says Sam’s gonna end up with a Tomahawk in his head, which I thought would make him think of Tomahawk, but I guess he’s not that well known?

But he goes to the nearby tribe, and discovers the arrows do not come from them. To get to the bottom of all this the chief calls his friend- Tom. We see a brave set out to find him, bring him back and finally the meeting Tomahawk has with the tribe. One of the brave actually was in on it (I thought Slater and his men may just be dressing up) as he thinks that he has to report to him. Even though his men warn him of Tomahawk’s mighty feats, Slater is unconcerned and sets up a raid for the next day.

After Tom and Dan chase off the raiders and return the cattle to their field Hank comes up and is all “shame that had to happen I could have protected you if you payed” and Tom pretends to fall for it. Sadly this causes the rest of the settlers, barring Sam, to pay up. Still, they should get their money back in the end. Tom starts his investigation with no eyes on him. He follows Slater’s tracks and finds the horde of loot he had gathered while convincing people to pay him, but it turns out Slater and his men weren’t fooled and they ambushed Tom inside the cave.

Not wanting to have any chance of his death being put upon him Slater takes Tom’s clothes and one of his men wear hem on the next raid, hoping the townsfolk will lynch him. Sure shooting they see the figure dressed as him and are beyond angry. Dan of course stands by his friend. Slater’s men tell everyone they captured Tom and they come with torches. But when the boulder blocking the cave is rolled away Slater is there, still dressed like Tom. On top of that Tom has the rest of the tribe pointing bows at Slater’s men.

He explains how he was able to push one stone down the incline, and have it smash into the barrier and make him an opening to slip through. He gets his friends and they capture Slater. The chief is left to deal with his  turncoats, the loot is recovered, and Slater’s men go to trial.

“The Battle of the Puppets”

While on their way to yet another adventure Dan and Tom pass a puppet show, which is highly pro the revolution. When two redcoats come to arrest the puppeteer Dan and Tom take them down. Then the three flee, using the escape Tom already had planned. When the frontier’s men aim to leave him behind before they head into danger the man insists on going with them.

Soon they come across the settlers who are engaging in battle with the native tribe nearby. They make a break for the inn, and hole up inside with the rest. After chasing off the band for a while they take stock of their situation. Having been fighting for a while only six fighters remain in the settlers, and Tom informs them the continental troops can’t be there til the next day. To cheer up the settlers the Puppeteer puts on his show, which gives Tom an idea. And they get to making puppets.

Tom, Dan, and the puppeteer head to where the tribe is, their leader making a speech of victory. Tom leaps from the trees and says that won’t happen and using magic he would show them the real outcome. The puppet stage glows for some reason, making the figures of Tomahawk and the tribe’s chief clear. The puppet Tomahawk beats the figure of the chief and then the puppet troops arrive to capture the rest of the tribe. Some believe the show, and others do not. To prove it Tom will fight the leader by himself.

In a way very similar to what happened in the puppet show Tom beats the chief. the tribe prepare to flee the coming troops, but a scout comes and tells his people how far the troops are. Dan drops his powder horn into the fire to give Tom time to escape, and the two are chased by the tribe, away from the inn. As the ran the troops showed up, and the tribe fled- but it was really the remaining settlers from the inn, dressed as the military. When the troops arrived for real, they were able to see a puppet version of the whole ordeal.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954 Feb

World’s Finest 68

Superman “The Menace from the Stars”

A large asteroid is slowly (or maybe it just seems to be slow due to the size and distance) falling toward Metropolis. Superman heads to an observatory to get the down-low before he stops this danger, and is informed that there is something similar to kryptonite upon the falling stone. Naturally Superman still goes to stop the asteroid, but he now knows it may be dangerous to him. He knocks the thing away, saving America, but he falls as soon as this is done, crashing into a tree and splitting it down the middle. He sees others dressing in costume, having been at a ball, and thinks he must have been out with them. He has no memory.

He finds his Clark clothes in his cape and changes, and continues to walk aimlessly around town. He goes by the Planet and thinks he should go inside, as papers typically cover the artist’s ball and someone may have seen him there. Of course, his co-workers know him, to his surprise. He tells them he has no memory, and they are like ‘dude did you hear the news Superman has vanished!’ Great friends there. Of course, Clark doesn’t know who Superman is.

Lois pulls out a picture and Clark realizes he was dressed as Superman the night before, but thinks it was as a gag as Superman was his friend. We hear a news blurb from the radio, warning the people about tidal waves, caused by the asteroid being so close. Not realizing he can do something about those he heads out to see a doctor. On the way he comes across a bank robbery. Thinking only to scare the men he puts on the Superman costume he has, and they shoot him. Realizing who they had shot at the criminals give up, and Clark thinks it is just the costume that protected him. He thinks Superman must have given it to him.

He accidentally breaks a fire hydrant, and comes to the conclusion that Superman had given him the suit- which gave him powers- because he wasn’t sure he’d come back. He thinks he probably got amnesia by over doing his new abilities, and begins to try things out, like flying. When he feels he has a handle on it he heads out to combat the mighty waves. That done he begins to deal with the other effects of the asteroid,such as a cyclone, and other weather disasters.

However the asteroid was still causing damage from it’s new orbit around the planet, and Clark knows he must get rid of it for good, even if he must die like his friend Superman. He heads out and smashes the foul thing, and returns home where he plans to tell the world Superman perished, and left him a magical suit. But as he heads to the office, wrapped in his thoughts he gets hit by a car. Finally the man figures out who he is, and when he turns in the typed up story of events he realizes that his memory is returning.

Tomahawk “Nine Men Against Fort Mohawk”

In the middle of the night, mid summer 1776, Tom and Dan have hurried to a coach in the middle of the night in response to a missive marked ‘very urgent’. The man in the coach had a mission for the two from General Washington. He shows them a map, where a fort holds the entire valley, and it can’t be straight up sieged, as the British have civilian hostages. It is up to Tom to remove the hostages, after which the battle can begin.

Tom requests seven men from a allied tribe join him and his friend on their mission. In order to keep the British from seeing him as an American scout he and Dan stain their skin and dress like their friends before they begin. On the way to the fort they see many people heading the same way, supply wagons and new troops. Once they arrive Tom scouts ahead, and finds out that a different tribe is working with the British, guarding the area.

Tom and his men drive a herd of cattle from the nearby farms into the woods that surround the fort, and hiding amongst them the nine men (well eight and Dan) sneak up to the fort. Then Dan and Tom wipe away their dye, because they don’t want the hostages to be scared of them. (rolls eyes seriously that wasn’t even necessary. they hid from everyone they passed.) Then Tom hurls his tomahawk over the wall, where it buries itself in the wood and the men began to climb over in the shadows.

Once inside the fort they begin to pick off any guards with silence and precision. They lead they hostages away, and light a fuse to a keg, rolling it toward the fort entrance just as an alarm sounds. The keg blows, and Tom drives the supply train full of rescued civilians out of the fort. Quickly he troops follow, leaving a skeleton crew behind. We then find that the wagons hadn’t been filled with our people, it was merely a distraction. Tom and the rest come out of hiding and handily take care of the remaining men. (How is the wagon supposed to keep going? Are they counting on the horses being scared of the troops following them?) Anyway, They rebuild the door, and when the British return, the Fort is American held. A few hours later more American troops arrive, and Tom and Dan head back to the woods.

Green Arrow “The Mystery of Vanishing Villains”

The Arrowcar is chasing another vehicle (which isn’t cool enough to have a name) through town, and despite their close proximity they don’t see what happens to their prey as they literally vanish from the car. Something similar occurs the next night, as bank robbers crossing a rope over a road also vanish. GA and Speedy talk over these occurrences with the police, though they have no new information to offer. Heading home Oliver suggests to speedy that the disappearances are due to illusions of darkness and light. In order to keep a better eye on the criminals GA  is going to record the next time they head out on film, in the hope it might see something they missed.

Naturally they once again find criminals, who vanish before the heroes can capture them, and they head home to watch the film. I shows us nothing new. This leads to them having another brainstorming session, when Ollie reminds us that all the vanishings have all occurred at night.  Oliver figures that maybe it’s necessary for the trick that it be dark, and if he makes it bright they may not be able to vanish. So when they head out this time they pack flash bulb arrows, but even with it as bright as day, they see nothing. One moment they are there, and then, gone.

Searching for clues Oliver notes the gearshift of the car is in neutral. Maybe they had never been in the car? Simply pushed it  down a sloped road. Roy points out they had seen the people, but Ollie seems to have figured it out. He pointed out that the crooks crossing the rope, hadn’t effected the rope with their weight, as they would have had if real people had been on it. On the night they recorded the escape they see that their foes didn’t leave footprints in the sand. The next day they are called to another robbery, they shoot thread arrows at the figures and it is revealed they are balloons. The balloons lift them in the air, and they release the air and drift down to the real crooks. Quickly they whip them and then they explain to the police, but it is still unclear as to how they can make the balloons vanish. It they drift off, that would be seen. If they were rigged to pop, there would be rubber left behind.

Batman and Robin “The Secret Weapons of the Crimesmith”

Batman and Robin swing down from their batlines and capture a robber, who we see being sentenced in the next panel. He of course swear revenge on the duo. While in prison the man, Garrow, is shown to be a genius with machines and is eventually paroled. Soon afterward whispers being about the crimesmith, a man who can furnish any weapon, and we see a man named Whitey Willerson being taken to the ‘crimecave’. Once there Garrow tells Whitey he’ll help him pull a job in the platinum store house, for half the loot. Whitey readily agrees, astonished by the wonder of the man’s hideout. Garrow also mentions he’s gonna make a machine to rob all of Gotham.

We cut to the platinum robbery which is pulled off by using a machine to drill into the warehouse from below. Before they make their escape Batman and Robin arrive. They chase they machine as it returns to the earth. Unfortunately the tunnel begins to collapse, and Robin is struck on the head, and Bruce has to carry him from the tunnel. Then they go over the records of people who could possibly be the crimesmith- as they guessed he must be behind the drilling machine. They find Garrow’s records, and see that it fits.

Meanwhile the crimesmith is planning another job. The plan was simple, a helicopter was flow above which had a magnet attached to it which lifted the armored car delivering the funds from one bank, to the newly opened one. When they land and open the truck two figures, one dark and one brightly attired, launch themselves at the fiends. The fight is quick, and they question their captives about the crimesmith, but they can’t tell us much, just that people are brought to the crimecave blindfolded, by a circuitous path, and with earplugs. Also about the weapon he’s planning for Gotham. They also mention some of the things they saw in the cave, such as a giant sun lamp.

Batman asks the cops to keep an eye out for the lamp, and they soon get a call. They head out to a movie set, where they are using real gems for the treasure. The light from the lamp bursts out and blinds the cast and the criminal heads to reap what he has sown. This is when Batman arrives to find the set lighting on fire from the heat, and knows he must protect the people. The light also helps protect the criminals as they flee, blinding and pursuers. Batman puts out the fires, but the crooks have gotten away with the jewels and some old film. Thinking that last bit odd, Batman asks to know what was on the film. Apparently they were scenes from sci-fi films, scenes of destruction. Knowing the caves around the area very well, so as to be sure none connected to the batcave, Batman knew there was no cave nearby a car could enter (barring their own).

Bruce and Dick step inside the manor to relax briefly, but once seeing the television, Bruce has an idea and runs back to the cave. He explains to Dick as they change, but not to us. They begin to search for… something. Soon on screens across the city scenes of robots destroying the city appear, and it is set to seem as though they are real. Like that radio show about the martian invasion, it sparks terror into the heart of Gotham. Robin uses the batplane to write in the sky and reassure the people, while Batman is looking for the crimecave. Batman finds the place, in an old warehouse which is disguised on the inside. Garrow turns the sunlamp on Batman and he pulls out a mirror and blinds the criminal. He then turns the cameras to himself, and tells the people everything is okay.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954, Jan

Tomahawk 21

The villain of this piece is a man who seems to have some amount of power over a nearby tribe, and uses it for ill. The tribe has been praying for a wrathful spirit to destroy the man, and while the men laugh and mock this, the news that Tomahawk is coming is met with more fear by them. The leader thinks that even should the Natives tell Tom of their mistreatment, he could find no proof as he plans to treat them well while he is there. Now we jump to Tom and Dan, who are told of the upcoming arrival of the wrathful spirit, and a few other things, such as the lack of rain and the cruelty of the colonel.

As night falls a glowing being rides up on a glowing horse and shoots an arrow at Tom, or maybe just past him since I know not the skill of the archer. Tom tells the others to hide and he and his friend run after the specter. However fast they run though, the distance between them and their quarry remains the same. When Tom throws his knife it passes through the figure, and it turns to mock him, and then fades from view. Tom is now outside of the fort ran by the cruel colonel. As they contemplate things the colonel comes running from his cabin, yelling about a ghost. He complains that he had been shot with and arrow, and shows a small wound on his arm, and says the weapon has vanished.

Well they go to their cabin, and instead of going inside they wait, and soon men come, talking of killing Tom. Dan and his friend surprise their would be ambushers, but after the leader of the group is knocked down he pulls out a gun. But from behind Tom appeared  the spirit once more, and it shot an arrow again. Dan said the arrow was for Tom, but we can’t be sure as the panel is unclear. Tom however moves and it hits and kills the man with the gun instead. It flees, they follow, it disappears.

The colonel is frightened, as are his men, and all refuse to go with Tom when he investigates the trail in the morning. Dan and he soon find a phosphorus rock, and then a cave of it. They also find the figure they had followed, and discover it was made of woven reeds. As the glowing figure would catch all attention the actual fiend would be able to move it with a long stick or the like and not be seen. Tom voices his suspicion that the colonel is the man behind this ruse, and the wound he had received was from when Tom threw his knife at the reed figure.

Then they hear voices, and the men of the fort approach. The colonel cries for them to slay Tom and Dan, and that none would know it wasn’t the spirit. But it wasn’t the real ones they shot at, but they reeds re-woven to look like our boys in the dark. The men fled in fear, and together they took down the rotten commander. Taking the tale to those higher in command, the man is imprisoned, and the story ends.


Tom is reporting to a mayor of a frontier town, letting him know a tribe of hostile natives have changed direction as so the town is safe. There is quite a commotion in town that catches the eye of the frontiersman. The smith, Jamie Bean, had just invented a machine that moved forward powered by steam. The wagon also had a dream powered cannon upon it, but he let the pressure get too high, and the thing exploded.

Tom and Dan help the man back to his shop, while the townsfolk whisper harsh words about him. Can’t exactly blame the folks as it seems he has caused many accidents, and put himself and other in danger many times. Later that day he is told that they twin will forgwt everything if Jamie will just not invent things ever again, but he refuses, saying he’ll move to another town.

Tom and Dan leave before Jamie, but the soon hear his wagon, and they head back to warn him he is heading toward the hostile tribe. It is too late however and even as they speak they are being watched. They were able to scare off their attackers when the fifht began, by using the cannon on the wagon to scare them off. Dan and his friend must head out to warn a nearby fort, and for some reason Jaime just plans to stay where he is. In till he bemoans the fact that if he had another boiler he could take them up river faster. So Tom takes out some pota and with some of the scrap Jamie had brought with him turned it into a sort of boiler. Then they change the wagon into a rough raft, and viola thw first steamboat.

When they arrive at their destination however they find that the fort had been taken by the natives. Aiming to take it back Tom builds a stockade around the wagon, making a sort of tank. Knowing the doors to the fort were too strong to run down Tom heats the fire in the modified pots so the pressure built and it blew, opening the fort to them. The fort was soon recaptured and Jamie moved in, well he built a home just outside for the safety of the people. He planned to invent a safety valve, as the boilers were too dangerous for regular use.


Tom is speaking with a man who had just inherited a section of forest, and now he wants to clear it and open it for settlers. He has asks Tom there to guide a survey crew. We should note the man has a cane, as the tile of this is “The Man with a Cane” As a precaution the man sends gifts to be given to any natives they encounter. It seems to work as they pass by very quickly after giving the men the boxes. That night though Tom notes that they are being followed, and by the footprints the followers belong to the tribe of Tall Man, who is a known troublemaker.

The next day they are shot at, and once again it is one of Tall Man’s braves. Tom deduces that the chief wants to be on the warpath with them. They start to look for the brave and when they find him Tom hits the rifle in his hand to the ground with his tomahawk. He lets the man flee as he looks over the weapon, which still had packing oil on it. This means that the weapon had just arrived. Tom said he was gonna follow the native that fled and sent Dan to warn the others. Arriving back Dan noes many crates are missing and as he is about to investigate gets knocked out by people clearly wearing tricorner hats. The two then carry Dan into the woods.

Apparently having failed to find the man who shot at them Tom returns back and can’t find his young  friend. He asks the men if they have seen Dan, and notices what Dan had, and checks the bottom crates, finding more guns. He sees the markings of a cane, and figures that Dan had noticed the fact they were smuggling weapons and had the man who hired them had taken Dan. While talking to the men about the cane-marks something strikes him and he suddenly says that Dan is being held prisoner at Tall Man’s village. He hurries to the village and frees Dan, who confirms the man with the cane was behind the smuggling.

Then there is a fierce battle as Dan and Tom fight their way out suddenly joined by the tribes nearby who are friends with our frontier’s man. Naturally our side wins and Tom points out that they real man with the cane truly was good, and probably was the man who they met with before they began, and the smuggler was his twin, who had taken his place in order to stop the project and keep the land and money going into the project form himself. He figured out by the fact the twin put little weight on the cane, and so left small impressions.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Dec

World’s Finest 67


One of the richest and meanest people in Metropolis  is the first we see here. He is constantly in the papers for things like failing to pay taxes or trying to evict people. He hates every on in the city, ironically it was his own ancestor who founded it! Musing on this hate he is hit by a car, and his doctor tells him his chance of survival is slim. So he decides to get revenge on the city before he dies.

Now we finally get to see Clark. He is asking Lois about the condition of Galloway (the man from above) who is still living a few days later. She heads out to get the information for the paper and Clark heads downstairs to the printing room, because he heard a shot. He has to stop a hold up there, though two crooks escaped before he arrived. Oddly what they stole were newspapers from the day before, basically valueless. That’s just the beginning too, from here on every where he turns there are crooks stealing random worthless things. They’re coming from all over as well, and Superman has to build a new jail to hold them all!

But it isn’t just Superman and the police after these petty crimesters, a gang shoots down a few who stole some glass beads from the museum, for reasons yet unknown. Superman gets his first clue when bank robbers steal a box of pennies from the vault. Each coin had a nick on it, and by stacking them by order of date he was able to see, well something. It hasn’t told me yet. But we shoot over to the crooks, who had shot the other gang. They too have figured out a code from the beads, but they said it was useless without all the clues.

But they learn that Superman has learned of the real reason behind the robberies and so decide just to go after who put the clues out there in the first place- Galloway. So they kidnap the man, who cleverly/stupidly drops a pill every once in  awhile to leave a trail. (Stupid because what if he needs one immediately? I mean I don’t know what kind of pills they are, but it sounds dangerous to toss them) Due to a hunch Superman was at Galloway’s very soon after and finds out about the kidnapping. he then goes to the police and explains about what we have learned. Galloway invited all criminals to find the clues which lead to a five million dollar treasure hidden in Metropolis.

Using a information line Superman was able to follow tales of those who saw the car, the line of pills, and a light in an abandoned building. Superman found the treasure and picked it up on the way to save the man. The crooks gave up at once. He then explained how he wanted to  rial the town up, cause gangwars, and make life hard for the citizens. But after hearing about the phone line that saved him, and the numerous cards wishing for him to recover soon, he changes his world view. He donates the money to charity and devotes the rest of his life to doing good.


Tom and Dan and sneaking through town, on a mission for the rebels. They have to sneak as they have been ordered to be arrested on sight, and they have a list of minutemen on them hey dare not let the British see. They are seen however, and while ducking into a place to hide they over hear that there is a traitor. Taking a few instruments off the wall they march into the room, playing Yankee Doodle. The leader of the group in there thinks i is a great joke for a Tomahawk imitator to be playing the insulting song, until he is told it’s the real Tom. But it was too late at that point, as they were behind the man, and slammed the drum down on his head.

They also saw the traitor’s face, and so when they managed to leave their pursuers behind, they went to their meeting and told them what the man looked like. It was the owner of where they were meeting right then! and he lead the redcoats straight to them. By dropping the curtain on them Tom and some other rebels escape, and the traitor is left to make a comic parade for the prisoners, and more the British were going to pick up that night. Tom and Dan come back though and capture the man, and then take him to one of their men where he is bound.

Knowing that the parade will incite anger Tom plans to turn that anger to free their men, and changing a few words in Yankee Doodle would be their cue. After spending the night making signs and the like Tom and Dan start the parade. Their signs do the trick and the watching crowd is filled with anger at the procession. The prisoners begin to sing, and as it is a song written to mock them they aren’t stopped, but the words are new and call men to action.

The town fights and sings, and the prisoners are freed, and run to safety. They new words still booming through the air, Tom and Dan return to the woods until the next time they are called upon.

Green Arrow

A prison break, lead by a crafty man by the name of Micheals brings Oliver and Roy from their beds in the middle of the night. Because eight people escaped with him on the eigth of August Micheals decides eight is their lucky number. He dresses as an octopus, gets an octopus, and lets his new pet choose what crime they are going to pull. They go to an ice show and as the star makes a big figure 8 her skates melt an opening for the gangsters, and they begin to snatch gems. Oliver and Roy were in the stands though and manage to run off the crooks and make them drop the loot.

Next they aim to rob a boat race, and by pretending to be one of the racers and saying they sprung a leak they are brought aboard a large ship. Though they ship gets a message off, the police (and the heroes) don’t get there on time, but Oliver begins to piece together the pattern of 8. He sees the eight escapees on the tv at some sort of show, and so he and Speedy head over. They manage to capture the entire gang, except for Micheals, who then swears to kill GA.

He posts his threat in the newspaper, and says the number 8 will be they undoing of the archer. When there is a robbery on route 8 GA heads out, even though it was almost the time set that the Octopus said he would perish. Turns out they had found the bomb that was left in the Arrowcar- which has 8 letters- and road out there cause they knew he’d want to watch them die. They chase him to the hideout, have a brief tussle with the pet octopus, but get him in the end.


A man gets access to his full inheritance, and at once he goes out on dangerous expenditures, like big game hunting, and climbing Mount Everest. Being that he is a wealthy man in Gotham, naturally he knows Bruce. Though he hates to leave a case unfinished, Bruce goes to one of this man’s parties to keep his cover. Naturally criminals try to rob the wealthy guests and the host, but with Batman on hand I have no fear they’ll lose their stuff.

And I was right, Batman takes them down, and the thrill the young man gets fills him with a burning desire to fight crime, ya know for the fun of it. I do get a kick over how Robin thinks it’s impossible to have a millionaire detective. Have you forgotten who you live with? Mostly this causes Bruce alarm because the man is sure to get hurt, and possibly get in Bruce’s way as he has announced he is going after the same man Batman is hunting.

A rare book is being brought into the city and both Batman and the new detective think that it is a likely target of robbery for the Zero (the man they’re hunting). So while Batman and Robin take up guarding from afar, the new detective buys the entire store the book is being delivered to, and sits down to wait for the thief. Zero had himself delivered in a crate, and Batman could have gone after the man as he left with the loot, but he had to save the life of the millionaire instead.

The next day Bruce goes to see the man (as Bruce) and pretends to be interested in becoming a detective himself. He hears the man is offering thousands for information on the Zero. He is told that he himself will be robbed, and so he and the tipster (who I think is Zero) head to his estate. The place is empty as he called the servants and told them to leave. The tipster collapses, and while bending over him the new detective is hit. (I still think it’s him. The panel isn’t quite clear enough to prove it’s not.)

Batman and Robin, who are arrive in time to run off Zero without the gems he was after, but another point to my thinking it’s that guy, as the Zero’s mask is found in the house, and he claimed his head hurt, even though he was clutching his stomach when he fell. I mean he might have hit his head when he landed, but…

To keep a better watch on him Bruce joins the detective agency that the man had set up. As his next step the detective had issued a challenge in the paper sating that he would have a million dollars in the office that night if Zero wanted to try for it. His men had orders to keep Batman out, but haha, jokes on them he’s right next to you! Fucking Called It! Sorry a bit ahead of myself. Batman goes out of the room to change, he had figured out that the tipster was Zero, and so had no qualms diving in the window despite the fact the tipster was supposedly a hostage to Zero. (It was dark, like a fuse was cut or something) Batman explained how he had figured it out (dust, prison records) and in showing the skills needed to be a detective Batman finally put the man’s dreams of being a detective to rest.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Tomahawk 20

During the revolutionary war Tom is sent somewhere  along the coast to lead a force of men who had just lost their leader. He is shown some British forces, apparently sitting ducks, and he hastily calls a retreat. His new men question it, but eventually they move back. They lose two cannons while retreating, but Tomahawk says they hold where they are for a rest then continue their retreat, though his men want to bring the fight to the redcoats. It is uneasy battle to make their way further inland, and they lose their last cannon to swampland. Finally, cold, wet, tired, and on the loose footing of the swamp Tomahawk says they’ll attack.

Of course he had a plan, another troop of  men had been following the British who followed them, and they trapped the enemy between them. One of the dissenters from Tomahawk’s men sneaked up behind him, intent to kill. Tom was ready though, as the man had slipped, and revealed information he ought not to have known. He then explained that he had been ordered to sound the retreat by General Washington, so others could sneak in and steal the ships the British left behind.


One day Tom and Dan see a troop of redcoats retreating in a hurry, and lament the fact that they had not fallen for a trap, as the news had been spread by a newspaper in the area. Coincidence of coincidences they come across the the writer of the article just a little bit later. They bring him to a fort where the general there wants to have him locked up, as he was either a fool or a spy. But Tom vouches for him, saying that properly conducted the idea of a paper was sound. Like a puppy who has been shown kindness he follows Tom and Dan, wanting to write about where they go next. But he is quite a hindrance to the frontier’s men.

Tom allows the reporter to write out his story, but not to send it. This seems to be a mistake the next day when the three are captured by redcoats, and they send the story and Tom’s report, intending to use the advantage of knowing their enemies movements. Oddly Tom thinks he can still make this good news. When the sun rises the next day the writer says he wants to write of the current situation, and is allowed to by the Brits. Spraying he leader in the face with ink he causes the man to drop his sword, and Tom frees himself.

Dan ran to the nearby Fort and enlisted help from the men there. But even if Tom hadn’t been able to fix the situation it was just fine, as he had switched the labels on the carrier pigeons so the letters had gone to the wrong people. Getting the story instead of the okay the general had known that something had gone wrong, and was prepared for the British to know the plan. Does that make sense? It’s late so I’m not sure…


We start off seeing some strangers transporting goods along the Mississippi. They are set up on by pirates in the second panel, much to their shock. The cargo ships are left destroyed, their crews killed and their goods stolen. This is not the last time either. Ship after ship is taken, and we now see where the ships were meant to go, to be used as trade with a native tribe further up river. The chief suggests they call Tomahawk to help, as he will surely know what to do. With a chain of smoke signals the two are summoned. They ask for a few braves to help them, and with those men he would take back the trade route. He ambushed the pirates on the next shipment and as they fled Tomahawk called pursuit. They found the pirates had hold of a fort, so Tom and Dan step forward to investigate their force. But while Dan is counting cannons he is captured. The villains tied the boy to the mouth of a cannon and cried put a warning that an attack would mean Dan’s death. The group is led inside, but Tom has had one of the tribesmen wear his clothes so he can dramatically declare his position. He had used the time the other man gave him to lessen Dan’s ropes and to lock most of the pirates in their rooms. Now free of their need to help Dan the party attacks, and the criminals find they are helpless before the skills of Tomahawk and the Braves.