Golden Age · Marvel

1954 Feb

Kid Colt Outlaw 34

A few men had been tracking down Colt for months as he had killed their brother. I mean I feel bad for them, but it’s not like Colt kills for fun. He probably felt a little bad himself, but he still shot and killed them. One shot however did not come from the brothers, but a bar. Luckily for the shooter Colt didn’t notice. His companion stopped him from letting off more rounds, warning him that Colt was too good. The shooter complained that they both wanted him dead, as Colt was siding with the ‘valley nestlers’ against him.

The man, who is called El Tigre, tells his men that they need the valley to bring their stolen cattle through, and the people in the  valley make it difficult. His men reply they know this, which I think is humorous. In fact this villain is pretty funny, if you ignore the written out Mexican accent. He contiunes talking to his men, saying the valley people are strong, and killing Colt may make them band together against them.

While Colt rides through the town he finds out that a bullet had killed a child during his battle with the brothers, and he blames himself. He swears never to carry a gun again, and the valley people turn from him for bringing this violence. Later the kid wakes up, as he had only passed out from a minor wound. El Tigre is the first to find out he is not dead, and forms a plan.

He hides the fact the kid is alive, and when Colt comes into town to gather supplies and try to figure out what he’s going to do now the men strike.  Filed with anger, and unarmed he lets loose his fists, fighting like a madman to keep them from their guns. He manages to win, and the news of him not wearing his guns spread. The father of the injured child, having been threatened by Tigre is hiding his boy, who gives him a sound talking to about leaving Colt in danger and letting him feel so guilty.

Soon the man rides out, and tells Colt the truth. And Colt makes a speech about each man having an art as he picks up his guns. He rides to El Tigre’s place and shoots down all the men there before hitting the road once more.

Again we jump right into the action, Colt is in a gunfight with a group of Apaches, and it looks as though he has another on his side. As their enemies flee Colt drags his injured companion into the shade. He is apparently a deputy, and now the flashback begins. He is riding along, and notes their are signs of rouge Apaches in the area, and that he thought he had shook his tail; a man named Jake Macklin.

As he thinks this a young man, a boy really steps out and has Colt at gun point. He is unimpressed and kicks the pistol out of the deputy sheriff’s hands. Backing up slowly Colt intends to leave, but Steel is startled by a rattler and spooks, giving the boy a chance to grab for his fallen weapon. Without thinking Colt lets off a round, and the boy goes down. Seeing another sign of the Apaches, and not sure how hurt the deputy was he returns from riding off to check on him.

Just as the boy tries to attack Colt the Apaches arrive and we are where we began. The deputy awakens and starts talking about how someone had said the Colt was square, but he hadn’t believed them. Colt fixed up his wound, and finds out the man who had been talking good about him was the boy’s dad, (Jake Macklin) who was a sheriff in a town over run by a man named Blackie and his gang. While they speak Jake comes in the cave they are hiding in. he says that though though he hates to do it, Colt is an outlaw, and he must bring him  in.

With a quick movements Colt manages to get away, and now Jake and his son are in real danger, as Blackie has the sheriff at gunpoint. Riding away Colt hears shots and turns back, finding the deputy who tells how Blackie had shot his father and he was going to get revenge. Knowing the boy was still too hurt to risk such things Colt goes for him instead. Together they shoot the foul man and the boy becomes the new Sheriff.

Black Rider “Whip vs Gun”

The Black Rider costume has changed again. Last time it was a hood with eyes cut out, and we previously had a cloth just hanging down the lower half of his face. Now it is a combination of the two. Pics on Tumblr as always.

Black Rider comes across a man, whipped and flayed nearly to death, and while helping him asks who had done this to  the man. It was a man known as Whip Ward, and the injured man had found his stealing his cattle. I assume he confronted Ward, but it doesn’t say. He takes him to Doc Master’s place, and then leaves to find the doctor. Though half of him wants to go after Ward he knows it is more important to fix up the poor man.

We skip to later in the day, when Doc himself gains the wrath of Whip Ward. Ward had seen Doc talking with Marie, and wanted her for himself. So he knocks of Doc’s hat, and lashes around his ankles so he falls over. Then he uses his whip to loop around Marie and pull her towards him (Like Indiana Jones, but an ass). For once Doc stands up and gets in the guy’s face, and then pushes Ward to the ground. Then Marie protects Doc by being a shield for him and they head back to Doc’s place and she says she’s proud of him.

As soon as she leaves he changes clothing and becomes the Black Rider. He comes across Whip Ward in the saloon, and he doesn’t seem happy to see the famous lawman. As the whip flashes out to hit the Rider he shoots bits off the leather, again and again. Mocking him Black Rider allows him to lash around his guns, and then pulls the whip out of his hands via the guns, and the enemy pulls out their own firearms. Black Rider laughs at them, and cleanly shoots them down.

Kid Colt

Alright, so Colt is about to swing. He has been accused of rustling, there is an eyewitness and he’s already a wanted man so they didn’t bother to give him a trail. The men are justifiably angry about their herds being stolen, but Colt says it wasn’t him. The horse beneath him moves, but a split second before it left a bullet breaks the rope and the steed takes off with him. He manages to free his hands and plans to go back to ask the witness why he had lied. He almost runs into a woman as he wonders who saved him.

He stops to help her up, and stunned by her beauty, kisses her. Then he rides off. On the way back to town he finds cattle tracks that aren’t on the usual paths and follows them to the rustler’s hideout. He sneaks in, but when he sees the man who said he had seen Colt rustling he steps out and yells at him for a bit. Then the woman comes in, and Colt tells  he’s gonna turn her brother (that’s who the guy is) in.

First she says no one would believe it, it couldn’t be proven. Then her brother gains a spine and says they are stolen so of course it could be proven! She acts ashamed of him, but he scoffs, telling her not to lie. She had made him, he had always done whatever she wanted. She then pulls out a gun and planned to kill both of the men. She tells Colt that she told the townsfolk where he was, to take suspicion off of her. Colt asks if they knew who saved him (still at gunpoint guys…) and the brother says he did, as he couldn’t stand to have an innocent man hung.

See he’d killed a man by accident once, and she had held it over him for a long time. He tells her he’s through taking orders and charges her. She shoots, but it’s a flesh wound. Taking advantage of her distraction Colt steals her gun and ties her up. He tells the brother to turn her in, and that the law would go soft on him. Then Colt rides off to his next adventure.

Golden Age · Marvel

1954, Jan

Kid Colt Outlaw 33

A Marshall who has been hunting Colt for a long ass time finally catches up to him and has the boy in his sights before he’s even awake. He wouldn’t have gotten him if Colt hadn’t been on the runs from other law seekers for three days straight. He is cuffed and his guns are taken. The Marshall was vigilant, knowing just how good Colt was, but he was so focused on his prey his missed the landslide. Colt saved the man’s life with one swift movement, and to the shocked inquiry as to why, Colt replied that he had grown fond of the Marshall over the years.

They continued their trek to Colt’s future cell, with him being a model prisoner. But the Marshall fell asleep briefly and when he woke Colt was gone. He wondered why he was still alive, and thought Colt was aiming to kill him when he came riding back, but truly he was warning the older man of natives on the warpath nearby. They fought together against their enemies until the Marshal took a bolt in the shoulder.

Standing over the prone man Colt skillfully drove off the Apaches,and then cared for the wound. Colt brought him to his town, his own bed. And when he said “Miles City, my office? You’re a blasted fool, I’m a lawman!” Colt replied, “I wasn’t remembering that, All that I remember was that you were a man.” and the Marshall let Colt stroll out of the door and retired.


Colt rides into a den of outlaws, for once not to wipe them out. They welcome him, which I think is odd, because one would think his feelings about most outlaws would be well-known. Anyway he’s in rough shape, not looking nearly as fresh as he usually does. He is asked to join the group, and the narrator of this piece-one of the other men in the group- figures his boss was scared of the fact he was such a good gunhand, and wanting someone he could put against him should he turn. Angry he accuses the boss of this and it’s confirmed as he asks Colt to shoot the man.

He thinks if he is killed then Colt will just kill the current boss and take over, and so he proposes that they just kill the boss right off, and not have to fight. But the boss puts a gun to the narrator, and a girl comes out of a tent and pleads with Colt to take her home. It is explained she was kidnapped and even if the ransom was paid they had no plans to bring her home. So Colt punches the boss in the face. Colt says he’s riding out with the girl, and the narrator figures he just wants all the ransom and so teams up with him to kill all the rest, planning to kill Colt when he gets a chance.

The battle done the two turn to each other and then when the reason he joined him was explained the two drew and the narrator fell. Colt left with the girl to bring her home, leaving the bodies for the crows.

Black Rider

We seem to keep starting with cliff hangers these days. Black Rider is standing across from a man, posed as if to fight a duel, with the man across from him and the caption says that the gun in his hand was empty. The instant the man begins to pull the trigger the Black Rider recalls how he came to be here.

While riding along one day BR comes across a group of arguing men, one of whom was saying he wanted out as robbin banks and rustling weren’t his idea of an adventure. Hearing this he reveals himself, and gives the men time to reach for their guns, before shooting them down. The man who had wanted to leave fought on Rider’s side, but was injured in the fight. Two of the others manage to flee while BR tends to him.

He takes the man to town and fives him up in his other identity. After he wakes the men who had fled the Rider turn up to reclaim their wayward member. Doc warned the men about taking him, told them he would protect him, but they didn’t understand the true threat this country doctor held. As they took he injured man away from Doc’s office, the man changed clothing. He rode after them and soon found the men.

We are almost to the beginning now. The man he is going to face claimed the Black Rider’s guns are cursed, and so BR agrees to use one of the man’s guns, to ensure a fair fight. They turn and Black Rider gets one off first- or would had the gun not been empty. The man laughs, but it’s his last one, as the man BR had saved shot the man in the back then, killing him instantly.

Kid Colt

These Western tales don’t like to waste time! First Panel Colt is shooting a man, who seems to be terrorizing a town, r at least trying to kill and old man. Having stopped that Colt asks what is going on is told the man he killed worked for another man named Frog, who owned a big ranch in the valley, He had driven out every other rancher, besides the elderly man.

The man says he guesses he best move on as well, but his grnason suggests Colt work for him,and runoff Frog, or at least secure the man’s land. Though the man dind’t ask Colt rode along with them back to their ranch, clearly not wanting to leave them unprotected, bu with a resigned note in his voice. When they arrive all the cattle are gone, presumably taken by Frog’s men. Colt frowns and says he’ll be back, with the herd. He rode after them, killed the thieves and brought back the cows.

Two gunmen come to the ranch to kill our boy, and when he kills one in return the woman of he house says that colt is as bad as them, and wants him off their land. Her father shuts her down though, and Colt stays. That Night Frog and his men head in to finish this. During the battle the young boy is grazed with a bullet, and his sister thinks him dead. During this time Frog leaves, either run off, or thinking he has won. Back in town Colt has followed the evil men, and finishes them, then thinking the family will be better off without him and his guns, he leaves.

Golden Age · Marvel

1953 Dec

Kid Colt Outlaw 32

Colt is just riding along, heading to a nearby town when bam! a bullet flies by him. They keep coming too, making the gunman increase his speed. Oddly the bullets don’t chase him from the town but toward it, and when he arrives the gunfire stops and there is no one to be seen. He heads to the saloon for answers, and finds two, right across from each other. He chooses one and heads inside.

Those inside ask themselves if a gunman had been hired, and when they decide he’s not theirs they attack. Colt pulls his guns on them and demands answers. They explain there is another group that wants to take their land, but as they speak the leader of this other group enters and she says it’s the other way around. Taken by her beauty Colt goes with her. I think he’s just faking to get the real lowdown, but even if he’s not he is soon put on guard by the fact her foreman and ‘straw boss’ (what the heck is that?) are well known killers and thieves.

She takes him to her ranch and it seems she owns most of the valley herself. She explains it is because of her fighting back against the others. But he is fully awakened to the situation when she ordered he men to start a fire and burn some of the horses owned by one of her neighbors. He refuses to stand for it and tires to leave only to be shot at as he retreats. He goes back to the ranches saloon and tells them of the fire. They send men to put it out, however they refuse to take any help from Colt as they know the woman will know, and have reason to crush them.

Then the woman and her men file into town, and so Kid is set against them, alone. In a hail of bullets and full of anger he slays them all, except the woman. As he leaves Colt hopes she doesn’t use her great beauty to twist the men of the valley any further.


We open with Colt facing off against not just one, but three gunmen, all prepared to kill. Thankfully a flashback starts in panel two, so we can actually know what is going on. He was running from a posse, I assume lawmen and civilians who don’t know of his good heart but only the crimes of which he is accused. He heads into a cave to make a final stand where none get behind him. But rather than a cave, it is a tunnel, and when he comes put the other side he passes out from blood loss.

When he wakes he is in a bed with a woman watching over him. She calls for her father when she sees he has awoken, and groggily he asks where he is. He is in a small Quaker village, rarely entered by outsiders, they tell him he will not need his guns here. As he recovers he finds himself longing for this simple life, and falls for the woman who had nursed him. But a peaceful life is something that Kid Colt will never have, and as he settles in a group of dangerous men enter his new home.

It is the three we saw him having a standoff with before the flashback, and they want to use the peaceful and hard to find place as a hideout. Upon seeing them he rushes back to the house for his guns. Both the woman and his father beg him not to take up his weapons again, bu he knows that in order to maintain their life he must. The battle is swift, and soon the other outlaws lie dying in the road, and Colt rides on, feeling the woman he loves deserves better than he.


Two men sit in a carriage, one bundled and silent, while the other is nervous and suspicious. Oh, never mind change that it’s not two men. The bigger one is a gorilla, and he kills the other and then the driver. He then rides off with the carriage and the gold inside. Colt happens across the scene the next day and is accused of the crime by the sheriff, and is then thrown in jail. The man in cell with him had been accused of a very similar crime, done by a mass amount of strength, and a mass of money missing.

So they make their sheets into a rope and lasso a horse outside, then have it pull the bars off the window. Colt takes a ride in a carriage in the area and throws the other passengers out. The gorilla is driving the carriage. Not knowing that it is a mighty beast much stronger than he, Colt comes up behind it and tries to strangle it. The gorilla brings Colt to the hideout and his boss gets mad at him and whips him so the Gorilla attacks, and Colt shoots the gorilla after the boss is dead, and the crimes are ended.

Golden Age · Marvel

1953 Oct

Kid Colt Outlaw 31

We start off seeing Colt asking some folks for some water. But the sneaky bastards give him whiskey instead. You may or may not know this but Colt does not drink. So he says some spiteful words and says he’s gonna get back at them. He meets up with them next while they are trying to get a clerk to give them Comanche lands. Colt manages to run them off but its not the last we see of them. We find that, since force didn’t work the gang decided to give the Comanche their whiskey, practically drowning them in the liquid. Then when they are properly sloshed they signed over their lands. When they came to claim their new lands, Kid was with his friend the chief, and he shot them all dead.

Sometimes I suffer while going through this age, but there is some real good stuff in the golden age too. I’m glad I came back and got to read these stories, and not just for the early stories of the people who I already love, or will be super important, but also for people like Kid Colt.


Here we see a man driving his horse toward a cliff. Colt jumps into action and bring manages to grab the reigns of the other man’s horse. The man curses him out for saving him, and explains that he is the sheriff of a town and he had lost his sight and was now useless. Colt tells him he can just turn in his badge, but the man says there is a gang in his town, who would wreck the town if they knew what the situation was. So Colt came up with a plan. He went into the saloon and picked a fight with the gang all, ‘only one man has ever out shot me’. Then the sheriff came in and Colt basically rolled over for him. He went peaceably to the jailhouse.

Now this scared the gang good, but they feared the loss of reputation more and decided to set up and ambush. They called Vance (the sheriff) out for a duel, and of course he and Colt changed clothes, so it was our boy out there. Sharp-eyed and quick as lightning he saw the ambush coming and ferociously fought back, managing to get the entire gang. At the end, Vance turned in his badge and told the full story to his town.


So- So cute! Colt is riding along and he sees that this town is searching for something, but he figures its not his business and moves on. Only for a kid to hold him at gun point a few moments later. We all know that Colt could shoot the gun out of his hand before the kid could pull the trigger. But he plays along, acts like the kid is one tough desperado, and gets the kid to join up with him to protect him from wolves and the like. In the dark of night the boy tells why he has left home, he was accused of an awful crime; stealing and entire barrel of candy! Well Colt convinces him to go home and face the music and goes with him. Well we see that everything is cleared up at once, others having confessed while he was away. There was a brief scuffle where the sheriff wanted to take Colt in, but he managed to weasel out of it.