Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Oct

Marvel Family 88

Freddy and Leroy Marks start a prank battle, good clean fun, you know? Until that is Billy is almost bit by a snake, and Mary’s bed catches fire, and tear gas in Freddy’s room! These three are more than able to deal with such dangers though. They confront Leroy, but he too proclaims his innocence. Cap and Mary Marvel secretly take the two pranksters away and wait to see if the attacks continue. They do, and they find it was a man who was trying to live at the boarding house, and wanted one of the boys to get kicked out. Freeing Freddy the Marvels find the man sneaking about the house again, and that he was dropping off papers to be picked up by helicopter. They were secret plans, and that is how a prank war caught a spy ring.


Okay, we start off during a fake bomb raid, which the evil Zotan uses to sneak in real planes and bomb Fawcett. But these are not normal bombs. They harm not the body, but the mind, making the people wish for dictatorships. The Marvels manage to get a few of the planes out of commission, but the others escaped. Heading to the rock of eternity, they meet with Shazam, who tells them Zotan is a criminal from the future, who was banished to the past for his heinous crimes. But when they return home they find the evil man has taken advantage of their absence and taken over the world.

In this second part we find that Zotan is really a precursor to Kang the Conquerer, in that he wants to rule all of Earth, for all of time. Now that ‘53 is under his control he heads to the past, evading the attempts of the Marvels to save the people. Soon, he ruled all of time, up to 1953. Cap and the rest rushed to the future to warn them of the upcoming danger. But that was not Zotan’s next move. He went for Shazam. Forced to it he ‘destroyed’ the three Marvels by making them the kids again.

Hiding from those enslaved by Zotan they headed for the tunnel where Billy first got his powers. There they were able to summon Shazam, and then their words worked! The Marvels headed back to the future where Zotan was launching his attack. But even the hoards of the past cannot stand against our mighty heroes! Soon Zotan and his men had been chased back to 53 and earlier. Cap and the other two gathered up weapons from the future that would reverse the foul ones used by the villain. Soon enough he was alone, in every time period.