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1953 Nov

Captain Marvel Adventures 150

Billy hears that workers from a broom company are vanishing and when he goes to check on this he finds out they are vanishing in a certain order. So he watches the next man on the list and sees him being taken away by a witch! He chases her, but when he reaches her hideout there is only a young woman there, captured like the rest. Scared to go home, lest she be taken again Cap takes her to Mrs. Wagner’s boarding house where Billy lives. She is given the room right next to his.

We of course then see her turn into the witch once she is alone. The next day she claims she is too frightened to leave the house with Billy, so he calls Cap to take her out and be her body guard. This continues, and soon all the town thinks they are not just a couple, but engaged! Turns out she was going to exploit the ‘can’t testify against one’s wife’ clause to keep herself safe from him. He felt like he had to go through with it, or else break her heart and be seen as a giant heel for backing out.

But while Cap is busy being blindsided Billy has everything figured out, and he tricks the girl into showing him her true form. (Yeah… Billy and Cap are definitely not the same person, but two who kinda share a body) Cap simply didn’t show up on time knowing that at midnight she would change to her true form and everyone would know why he didn’t marry her.


Sivana finds a new mineral with radioactive properties and names it Sivanium. He enslaves the natives from the place in Africa where he found the mineral and forces them to mine for Sivanium. But Sivana isn’t kept hidden for long, and the news of the natives’ enslavement is brought to Billy, who promptly calls Captain Marvel. But Sivana had figured out a way to keep Earth’s Mightiest Mortal at bay. He had mined the land with bombs that were somehow set to go off it Cap got to close. Of course, he could not be harmed, but the people that lived there sure could.

Naturally he goes in as Billy instead, as he didn’t trigger the bombs. He finds a mp with all the bombs’ placements and looks over Sivana’s plans. Then he goes to dig up the bombs and leave the path clear for Cap. But he is caught on camera and Billy is set upon by the evil scientist. Billy was tied up, and though his mouth was free the boy would not cry Shazam, even as Sivana approached him with a knife. After playing with Billy for who knows who long he lets him free, as he has a plan to make Captain Marvel himslef a slave.

Billy was left by himself as Sivana went to take over the world, and he got free and rushed to follow him, changing to Cap as soon as he could. But it was to no avail. The machine Sivana had formed was a molecular rearranger and it changed all the citizen’s head to look and think like Sivana’s. (How dumb is he? A planet full of Sivanas would be a nightmare to rule.) Still, Cap is invulnerable, so how could Sivana change him? Why by adding the Sivanium to a Shazambolt. But, as I predicted, twisting Cap to think like Sivana made it so the new version of our hero dethroned and took over the world from the original Sivana.

For once it is Sivana who goes to Shazam for help, and begs him to change him back to Billy. It worked, and so Cap was no longer a threat to Sivana’s rule, especially since Billy knew should he call the bolt again to would once again make him the evil Marvel. But Billy is not one to give up and so he asks Shazam to send the gods from whom his powers come, and they destroy the machine that adds the Sivanium to the Shazambolt. So He is able to change without fear. He captures Sivana and uses the Sivanaium to change the people back to normal.

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First off I would like to say that I missed this highly important character in my 1941 post so I will add him here. My only excuses are that 1941 was a busy year, and also that they called him Charles not Doiby, like who tf is Charles?

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Charles “Doiby” Dickles is a dear. He’s a cab driver in Metropolis, and his cab’s name is Goitrude. Doiby speaks with a heavy Brooklyn accent and his weapon of choice is a wrench. He is the first and only person so far that Alan Scott has told his secret ID to. Doiby can summon his friend by shooting up a green rocket from his car.

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