Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Strange Adventures 38

A bunch of people have been going missing, and Captain Comet has figured out that the only connecting factor of these missing folks is their remarkable eyesight. As he himself has the keenest vision on Earth they come for him as well, a race of green spacemen. Of course he knows his futuristic body would most likely be able to overcome their ray guns he pretends to be helpless, so he can find the people they have taken.

Adam listens to the mind of the leader and finds out that a star near the planet the kidnappers came from had gone nova, and the radiation was making them go blind. They found Earth and decided to make humans their seeing-eye beings. They were put in a communal building at night, and Adam broke the chains, trying to lead them to a nearby ship. But an alarm was triggered and he told the humans to run for it. He is shot at, but he is unharmed. Then he speaks to the leader of the spacemen, and tells him it was evil and wrong to enslave the humans, and that any intelligent race would be able to adjust. And so the Earthling return home, and we wish the best to the blind aliens.

Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Oct

Strange Adventures 37

A lady Adam works with has been acting oddly lately, so he asks her what is wrong. She tells him a fantastic tale about finding an old family heirloom (a gold ring) on her finger, and how she dreamed she had followed orders from it to build a machine, and the machine was there when she woke. Adam told her he knew someone who could help and came by her place as Captain Comet that night. Once there he was attacked by the beings within the ring, but his body was able to overcome they strange science.  Next he shrunk himself down, and allowed himself to be captured as he observed them. Truthfully they never had a chance to invade Earth, as carbon dioxide was poison to them, and the longer Adam was in their world, the sicker they became. Comet agreed to leave, if they swore never to try to control a human again.