Dc Comics · Golden Age

1954 Jan

Superboy 30

A giant turtle decides the Mayor’s back tire would be a good snack, delaying his departure to work. Superboy sees the man’s dilemma and comes to help. He comes by and promises to bring the turtle back to the man who bred it, and school teacher named Willis. Willis is saddened by the fact that no one in Smallville is pleased with his growth serum, and have plans to move out of town.

We jump forward two years and Willis and his wife perish just after he has perfected his serum, leaving their child alone on the island they had moved to. Hungry and unwatched the babe drinks the serum. Eventually the child sees a city on he main land and strides across the ocean to it. When Superboy hears of the boy playing with a ship in the bay he rushes over, seeing the airforce, waiting for an opening, once the ship is safe. Superboy has another plan though and he has the giant let go of the boat in favor of a spinning (and empty) ferris wheel, he then deflects the attacks, asking to be let to take care of the situation himself.

Superboy makes a giant mirror and leads the child further into the mainland, to a place he can make into a play pen for the boy. As they pass the boy accidentily destroy’s the mayor’s barn, and angry he rounds up a posse to take out the giant. Meanwhile Clark traps the child in a canyon and heads out to find Willis, who he thinks must be behind this. Finding the parents dead and the notes destroyed Superboy drinks the serum to learn it’s full effects. The posse begins to blow the barrier he had put up to keep the child inside. It scares the poor boy, who goes running into Smallville.

He calms with the cool new sights and picks up a house and a train, with some people. Just then Superboy, as large as the child, flys in and lands next to him. Happily he gives his toys to Superboy, just as a normal child will hand you random objects. The posse is heading home when they find a small child in the hills and the mayor decides to adopt it, not knowing it was the giant he tried to kill not an hour before. Also we see that there is a giant Superboy robot. Then he comes home and tells his parents the story.


Clark is minding the store one day when a man, in a huge hurry comes in and calls Clark Superboy, and says he needs him to follow him. Clark protests being called Superboy, especially since Lana is right there, and the man pulls out a photo of Clark changing into the hero. He is told that a classmate of his took the photo, and was no in danger. Clark said he’d come with, as Henry was his classmate and he didn’t want him in danger from the ‘trick’ photograph. Lana of course comes with. Apparently Henry had taken another man’s photo, and he had broken in to steal it back, and had gotten the one of Clark instead.

Clark manages to have Lana leave, by making a fire alarm go off in a store as they passed, and asking her to call the police, so he is able to speak freely with Henry. Clark is able to cast doubt upon the picture of him changing identities, by suggesting that Henry had accidentally double exposed the film, by accident, and as the shot was taken in the dark Henry hadn’t seen the change himself. Still he said he wanted to help and asked Henry to show him the photo the man had meant to steal.

Before it could be shown though, a gang of crook came in and held them at gunpoint. Inhaling sharply Clark caused a downdraft in the chimney, and filled the room with smoke so he could run the crooks into each other and knock them out. They question the men when they wake and find it is a third man who hired them. But the picture showed nothing out of the ordinary. Clark offered to hold on to it, as the man was sure to think he was Superboy, and fear taking it.

Instead he came in, to blackmail Clark, as our hero had hoped. But Lana, who came into the store just then, stole the photo, and fled. Lana headed to a train, and Superboy secretly hindered the man by busting a pipe before him. The man calls into someone else and he plans to unhook the car Lana is on. Clark leeches the power from the train via the third rail and makes it stop before it reaches where a man waits. Lana explains her tale, and he police get called in and they find he man in the photo is supposed to be dead, and some of his men had even gotten insurance money from his ‘death’.

All those who gained from the death were brought in, and they broke quickly, letting the police know where the ‘dead’ man was. Superboy flew to the location, having been listening to everything as it occurred and burned up the negative with his x-ray vision.


We star by seeing a newspaper, proudly proclaiming Superboy’s victory against a group of criminals the day before, and mentions he had saved a classmate of Clark’s. Well the boy, Tommy Tuttle had his own things to say- namely that he had helped Superboy, and he begins his tale. Here the narration and the actual panels differ greatly, mostly just to make Tommy seem braver.. He and Clark had been walking together, and Clark sees a crime taking place leaves to ‘get the police’. Before Superboy can arrive the crooks come down and capture Tuttle as a hostage.

Clark saved the boy by lifting a bridge as the criminals reached it, causing them to leave the car. Superboy finds a layout for the crime on one of the men and concludes that it had been made by the Crime Professor, a man who used his great intelligence to form and sell crimes to lesser men. The next day Tuttle got involved in the case again, when he happens to check out a book from the library that I’m guessing something was hidden inside, else-wise why would they capture a little kid?

They take Tommy with them on their job, and once more Superboy showed up and saved him. Having been listening to this tale Superboy also thought there was something odd about the second gang grabbing Tuttle, and went to look for the book. Not finding it outside he rushes through the library and finds it there, and then confronts the librarian, who is evidently the Crime Prof, and he had hidden the plan in the book.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Dec

Superboy 29

For once Clark is having a normal moment, playing baseball with some of his classmates. In someways this is harder than tracking down criminals for the boy of steel, as he could easily do any of the tasks asked of him in such a game. But he must hold back for the sake of fairness to the other children. (Quick kids spoilery thing: I can’t wait for the legion) When an athletic contest is announced Clark sighs to himself knowing he can’t truly participate only use his powers to cheer and help set up events.

While he events are going on though he notices small things. The opposing team have a helping hand in the contest, in the form of a slightly hollowed shotput, weight’s in Smallville’s runners’ shoes, magnets in the archery targets. He hesitates to expose the cheater, as he doesn’t know why the man would do such a thing, and decides to investigate. But he also can’t just let the contest be so unfair, and so joins in as Superboy. But he is disqualified, as he is told every person must do his best, and clearly he can’t as then the scores would be uncalculable, and would cause harm to those around him. For example, he accidentally knocked over some houses earlier- without doing his best. But they weren’t the closet to where he landed… he looks closely and sees something that is not explained to the reader yet.

Next he is to race a student in a swimming contest. It is timed, and not with the two in the pool at the same time. But he fails to win as he swims so fast, he boils away the water. Huh? Where’s the rest of the story? I’m missing pages! Crap. I’ll look up what happens next and go on to the next one I guess… I’m sorry I can’t find the ending anywhere. If you know it please message me.


Superboy smashes a giant meteor, that would have destroyed Venus, and stops down briefly to drink from a lake there. Then he returns home, and to his other identity. But what he doesn’t know is that seed from Venus had fallen from his cape when he landed and it was rapidly growing into a tree. Well a couple days later he has to save someone as Clark, and of course Lana sees, but she doesn’t think it odd as everyone has been acting oddly in Smallville that day. The  librarian invited a brass band to play in the library, a miser gave away his money, and the most prim and proper lady in town tossed a pie in her neighbor’s face. While looking for the source he finds the tree, and after the mayor sniffs one of the blossoms, he promptly kicks an excavator out of his machine and takes it for a joyride. Superboy knows he must fix all the trouble the tree has caused and begins by taking the mayor (and the machine) where they can be of use.

While Superboy works on the things he knows about a man forcibly takes over the business he works in. He tosses the tree into space and tries to repair the friendship between the proper lady and her neighbor. But he is so insulted he just can’t even acknowledge her again. Superboy hears a cry for help and goes to the business which I now know makes lamps. While the boss was trapped in his office the worked had produced the most ludicrous lamps. Superboy now needed to find a buyer for them on top of his other duties.

He sells them to the museum of the World’s ugliest objects, at a huge price, and both the office worker and boss are pleased. While he is going around town he finds the banker playing pirate and the Senator had stolen a train and was heading toward a dead end. Stopping those catastrophes he returns to Venus, to give the neighbor a sniff of the flower, so he’ll realize his friend had no power over her actions. He puts on an old west outfit and tries to stick up his friend. She pulls off his bandanna and scolds him, and then they are friends again, and Superboy considers his job done.


One boy, skilled at making puppets, and quite a fan of Superboy’s regularly puts on plays with his small puppet version of his hero. It is lamented that Clark couldn’t see the plays though, as he was out of town. We then cut to Clark, whose vacation had been interrupted by the need to stop a forest fire. While being thanked by the mayor of a near by town he mentions he’ll be around for a few weeks. Hearing this some crooks know that Smallville will be clear of the boy and head there to pull a few jobs.

But the puppet maker from earlier also knows Superboy is out of town, and plans to use his life-size puppet version of Superboy to help the police. Unfortunately for the puppet man, when he puts this plan into action the strings are broken by flying bullets, and the ruse is exposed. Guessing who had made and used the fake, the crooks headed to the man’s workshop.

They knew that if the cops thought Superboy was on their trail they wouldn’t interfere, and so the puppeteer and his creation were put to use holding back the cops while the crooks escaped. Clark wasn’t going to be gone forever though, and when he sees the papers, he hurries back to investigate. While looking for the fake he sees the man practicing his act, and the pleas for help he had sneaked into it. So Superboy flies in, saves the man, and heads to the crime that was about to begin. He briefly pretends to be the fake, and rounds up the fools who thought they could get away with criminal activities in Smallville.

Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Superboy 28

An  editor of some magazine decides that they are going to run a story about the luckiest people. There were a number whose lives had been unlikely saved, or else discovered riches, but none seemed more lucky than a boy in Smallville called Clark Kent. So the entire article became about him, the luckiest boy in the world. Of course you and I know that he’s not really that lucky (besides being found by the Kents) and he feels a bit bad about it since he can never tell the real stories of his ‘narrow escapes’.

On a whim on of his neighbors asked him to help him choose a place for a well, and another for him to find the money she had dropped. Of course he felt like he had  to help and soon his reputation was legendary. Soon things got big enough that he was forced to step in as Superboy. A man bought the right to use Clark’s name by donating a thousand dollars to Smallville’s charities. When Clark found out that his name was to be put on lucky tokens, that would do nothing and therefore swindle the people he knew he had to take it back somehow.

He planned to make it so that the man would not want his name anymore. So at the grand opening he walked under a ladder and broke a mirror and then but putting a tiny bit of his strength against a tree he was leaning on he was able to make it fall. As reporters were led through the factory, Clark made sure to reveal flaws in the factory with his ‘unluckiness’. Then Clark pulled his final bit of lucklessness. He stood atop the dam and as he planted his feet firmly the dam kinda crumbled beneath him (It needed replacing anyway). As Clark ‘fell’ he changed and pulled some more acts to make it look as though his luck is truly gone.


A Conman (called Foxy) finds a group of scientists with a machine that one man claimed made rays stronger than Kryptonite. So Foxy stole the machine and called up the biggest names in crime, having them all be there in  the morning. In order to put Superboy on ice the crooks drop their stolen gold and jewels, as that is what the machine run on. Really he was just trying to steal the goods for his own, but as Superboy flys by to stop a brush fire the machine sends out a ray that knocks him out of the sky. He gets up, but is weakened by the blast. Foxy and the men he called before send out a plea for more fuel for the machine, to take SB out for good.

Worried the people of Smallville try to see how weakened he is, and Superboy tries desperatly to seem as strong as before. But the crooks had arrived and Foxy as ready to blast our young hero again. But he shows the crooks what he had been hiding before; that he truly was unharmed, and it was  a ruse to get as many criminals as possible to Smallville. He had overheard Foxy talking earlier, and already knew about the machine as it was to be used in an entertainment later on.


A new boy has moved to town and has taken a shine to Lana. Poor lad, she only has eyes for Superboy. He learns of her theory about Clark being SB, and sets out to disprove it, thinking she might gain an interest in him if she knew Clark was not the Kryptonian.  He sets it up so Clark to be at a dance with Lana when he is due across town as Superboy. But such a trick is easy enough to pull for him; he’s had enough practice. Using static electricity he blows a fuse at the dance and uses his super hearing and super ventriloquism to carry on a conversation with her in the dark.

Foiled the boy came up with another plan. He set up a record of cries for help to play when Clark and Lana would be in class. The record player was hidden in an area laden with lead, so he would be unable to see the trap. Clark escapes class by melting the cage a mouse was in, and after catching it, was told to get it out of there. He returned to class after finding the player, and Lana decided to prove once and for all his identity, by putting herself in danger. He overheard her plan and so to save her he stepped in front of a car as Clark, and faked an injury. With all his friends coming to see him, he has little to no chance to leave to tend to crimefighing duties. He uses his powers from his bed to do what he can while being watched.

But Superboy wasn’t showing up…. So Clark inflated a dummy of his other self and hurled it at a crook, while Lana was watching the thief. She saw Clark and ‘Superboy’ at the same time. And so the issue comes to an end, with Lana saying she still won’t go out with the boy, because she liked Clark for himself.