Comic Books · Dc Comics · Golden Age

1953 Nov

Wonder Woman 62

Silly Crooks! In order to discover Wonder Woman’s secret identity they place shoes that very like hers in a window, proclaiming they had been found and WW could turn up any time to get them.What they didn’t take into account was that many people would give their eyeteeth for something their hero owned. As each girl entered the shop her picture was taken, and the flash scared them off before they could grab the shoes. First they went after a young actress, who wanted the shoes to help launch her career. They wiped her off the list when the real Wonder Woman saved the girl from their gunmen. The second girl was a reporter, who was lured to an airport by the promise of a story. As she was almost pulled into a jet Wonder Woman lassoed it and flipped the plane, while sealing the jet.

Well finally they went after Di. But, as she has done many times in the past she runs fast enough the are shooting at her after image, and she is able to save herself and prove to them that Diana Prince is not Wonder Woman. Then she explained she was able to follow and help the girls as the trap had been obvious. I thought so too, I mean wouldn’t she notice she hadn’t lost any shoes?


For once Diana is having a peaceful morning, when suddenly she gets a mental radio call. She finds it is her dear friends the leprechauns calling and swiftly soars to their side. When she arrives she finds most of the people sleeping. Only the king remained to explain. Their magic lamp had gone out, and should she fail to relight it the leprechauns would be helpless before their enemies.

As is wasn’t a normal lamp, it couldn’t be lit by normal means. She needed to catch the dust of Halley’s Comet, and have that burned with the heat of the sun. She goes first to Sol, and passes as close as she dares, swinging the lamp from her lasso into a solar flare. She then goes for the further object of her search. The Comet was out near Neptune, and she sent her plane after it faster than the speed of light. By the time she arrived though, the lamp as barely filled with the sun’s flame and so she needed to go into the comet’s tail herself. It was only the speed of her plane that kept her from being harmed as she stepped onto it’s wing to gather the dust.


Okay two things real quick Diana works for the military, but Wonder Woman also writes an advice column in a paper called the Daily Globe. Second, I think we are about to get our first retcon. In case you don’t know what that is, it is when the writers retroactively change something in a story, in this case the origin of Wonder Woman’s earrings. It used to be they were a gift from the Queen of Venus that would allow them to communicate. I guess we will be either not be seeing any more of that version of that species, or they will communicate via mental radio. She is written a letter asking to explain their origins and this is what she tells him.

During a tournament on Paradise Isle. To make sure that people will not assume favoritism WW makes each task almost impossible to do. Being bound from hand to foot for the high jump, for example. But the games are put to a halt due to the appearance of the Martians. (Yes they are from Mars, the planet, but they are the workers of Mars the God and are not the race we get to know later. Also I always laugh at the planes of the Amazons. Besides WW’s they are shaped like rubber ducks.) The god’s men shoot down the planes with their polar rays, there for freezing the pilots. Frozen though ¬†she was Wonder Woman used her breath to steer her plane. She sped it fast enough to defrost herself via friction, but while she was gone her mother was captured.

She allows herself to be tied with the lasso, only to find the Duke of Deception (who was leading the attack) had not caught Hippolyta after all. They place her in a tube and begin to pump the air from it, as they know she can’t survive that. Then they send the pod into space. She took gold from her tiara and made earrings, and then pushed them against her bracelet to pressure the ferric oxide into them. This somehow let her breath while she wears them??? Does she breath through her ears? She frees herself and stops the Duke but really?????