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1953 Nov

Plastic Man 43

Plas and Woozy are headed into an area known as Vampire Valley. They have been called in to dispel the rumors that there is an actual vampire residing there. The rumors are spurred on by the fact that there have been many murders in recent months. While simply driving up to the house of the man who called them in they came across a body and a man dressed as a vampire was standing over it. Plas went for him, but had to leave in order to save Woozy’s life. Stopping in at, well it didn’t really say, by the sheriff was there and people were drinking beer…. Anyway he told them about the body up the road and told them they were F.B.I..

That night a lynch mob came by to attack the man with whom Plas was speaking. Since he was a count from Transylvania people naturally thought he was a vampire. To protect him Plas and Woozy decide to stay the night. When Plas left to patrol though, Woozy sneaked back into the kitchen. But he didn’t get his midnight snack as he ran into the count there. Scared he fled back to the room, pursued by the count.

Poor Woozy was even more frightened when the killer from the road flew in the window. The Count had got in through the barred door, and then the two were fighting over Woozy. As you might have guessed it hadn’t really been the count since Woozy met him in the kitchen, but Plastic Man. Having found this out the killer flys out the window again, where the mob still is. They shoot at him and the balloon that lifted him was hit. It was actually the man who was riling up the mob, who wanted to drive down the prices so he could by the uranium loaded land.


Plastic Man and Woozy are sent to bring back the leading expert on volcanoes from his work trip as there has been evidence that he is really working for the Reds. Well they head to the lab that has been set up and a being made of magma rises from the pool of lava nearby and is all “who dares invade the domain of the Lava King.” Quite bravely Plas asks the being if he knows where the scientist is, and is told he is in the pool, where Plas can look for him. Even being close to the lava beast is melting Plastic Man, and Woozy is as always no help. He fills his hands with air and windmills his arms, cooling the area and hardening the lava, which cracks off; revealing the scientist in a special suit.

Plas takes the plane he and Woozy came in on and stirs up the clouds, making snow on high, and then dropping a giant snowball in the volcano. Since it began to steam the scientist thought his volcano was about to erupt and ran for it, and hand full of snow, Plas cooled his hot head. Then they flew away with their prisoner.


Woozy Winks is set to return from vacation, and when he does he seems to have shed several pounds. But far more importantly there is a robbery going on, with a strange device that attracts rubber like a magnet does to metal. Quickly Plas and Woozy are sent down there. Obviously Plas has the same problem of being dragged to the rubber magnet, but he is able to pull a lamp post with him and wreck the machine. But in order to save Woozy-who had been drawn in by his new girdle- he had to let the would be thieves left.

Plastic Man’s boss promptly pulled him off the case, knowing this man and his machine were the most dangerous thing to his key crimefighter. That didn’t stop the crook from going after Plas, via Woozy, who he kidnapped. His feet go caught in one magnet, but rushing to save his friend his hands get caught on another. Or so it seemed. Truly he let some fake arms he made be trapped, while his real ones turned off the machine. The criminals ran for it, but were killed by the machine and Plas destroyed the other one, making it’s secret go to the grave.

Dc Comics · Golden Age


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This is the original Wildcat. Are you as tired as I am with those words, first and original? I mean obviously there are I haven’t mention a previous version have I? Anyway Ted Grant was a boxer, a good one to, and at the beginning of his story he is framed for a murder. He dresses up as the Wildcat to clear his name, but keeps donning the costume because he likes helping people.

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