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Most often the first tag will be a year. There are two dates for comics as you might know. Publish date which is when the comic is done and it goes to the printer. People who have subscribed get it around this time. Then there is the cover date, which is usually about two months later, and when it is on shelves. For dc/marvel I keep to the cover date, but many of the other publishers don’t make it quite as easy to find so it goes by a publisher by publisher basis.


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My Ships

So…. I’m trash? Here’s what I love. Added as I fall for the ship during the order. So I will not be putting down Spideytorch yet even though it is my OTP as neither character yet exists nor have they interacted.

Now there are levels of shipping, NOTP, I don’t care for it, eh, yes, and OTP. This list will have yes; written normally, OTP; in Bold, and NOTP with a strike. All incest or pedophilia fall under notp territory.

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